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(sound) So what is the choice of the people? whom do they want to see as the next prime minister? Aye stop it!, switch off the T.V! Bro please let me see, elections are going on Do you even know the ‘E’ of the Election? ****** And you are not the only one A lot of guys like you are there in every corner Sir modi will win! Rahul gandhi will win!!! NO our modi will only win!! Auhhh!! Aeyhhhh! Rahul Gandhi will win! aye god kill me, kill me! they have 4-4 KT’s pending in their college exams their own future is still stuck! and they are worried about the country’s future! then some people will say See, studies don’t help! We will go in politics in change the country okay? so when did you change your underwear last time? that I don’t know Do you have a voter ID? No I don’t even have that! So get lost from here, get lost! people like you sit and smoke marijuana at home in election holidays! and you want to change the country! oh so is marijuana legalize? No there’s time now! (drinking sound) (music) And these ministers make a lot of promises during the elections time! choose me I will give you 1 lac rupees! choose me I will give you 10 lac rupees! I will wipe away corruption, and I poverty! And after election we come to know they didn’t wipe the poverty but the poor itself and made a shopping mall over there! we don’t even come to know when this politician’s promises becomes memories it has been said! say! that promises made during the elections and bold plumber’s motive entered in the house are never right! (sound) then comes this news channel the Indian news channels are no less than and Indian daily soaps you will get a tons of drama, emotional scene, scheme and comedy over here when this news channel guys were born the doctors had injected them with the injection of lie! hearing the truth only they get bird flu, swine flu, Anti-National flu, traitor flu they get all types of diseases as if there is no patriotic channel like them till now, till now means till now, not till now means till now, okay leave! I think if these news anchors come in award functions then it’s impossible for a actor to get a film fare or Oscar! lies and lies, lies and lies! in comparison to this lies I think Cersei’s promise to daenerys targaryen is for real so much lies this news channel guys say! when they die, even the god will resign hearing their lies control bro control (music) where ever you see people only say one thing, I will vote for modi i will vote for rahul, i will voter for this this! Aye idiotic A** people! when you go to vote in the poling booth you can’t vote the prime minister there! In our constitution a common man has no right to vote for a prime minister! on election days you go to vote the MP not the PM MP means member of parle-g bro not parle-g member of parliment yeah member of parliment! from our whole country 5.. 5.., 5.., 543 MP’s are selected in Lok sabha and for a political party to win it needs 272 MP’s And if any political party has no 272 MP’s selected then that party does s** with another party means alliance to it! then they choose a leader that magical man goes and becomes the prime minister so you don’t have to worry which prime minister will win! you think and decide which MP you will elect in your respective street when your street have pot holes so prime minister won’t come to fill the holes your MP will pass a law to the government and then he will fill the holes! and for this job he gets paid 3-4 lac rupees and where does this money comes from? from your pocket so this is your responsibility that you think before voting that our MP is not corrupted or a criminal And at least he is educated but no! our d*** idiotic people will one day before go to some MP’s house to eat biryani will put free petrol in the bullet and carry out a rally and will make him win then after winning that MP will become a Vampire who will suck your blood and take out all the biryani! and you will go and shout on the government if every citizen will vote a educated MP then only a good government will be formed so the over smart, educated people that say we won’t vote all the politicians are corrupted Aye! idiots because of you not voting corrupted politicians win! every common man has a right to choose the correct politician in this no political party can’t destroy anything of your’s If any political party or politician tries to bribe you that vote us we will bribe you! money doesn’t come in the air you have to spend blood and sweat to earn in and only a right government can use that money in a right way so if you get a holiday on elections so go and vote and choose the right MP who doesn’t has a voter ID, make one it is a small process, better than sitting at home and playing pubg or making TikTok at home do this work wow wow wow wow well said bro, let’s celebrate in this happiness bro neighbouring MP has organized a party will there be alcohol? yeah full on stock! then let’s go what are we waiting for? 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  1. क्या बात हे भाई बहोत खूब.
    ये भी बता दो भाई जाती के नाम पर वोट मत मांगो.
    ये साले भोस डीके लोग जाती के नाम पर emotional black mail करते हे

  2. दूसरी पाटीँ के साथ [गपागप] Sorry == गठबंधन 😋😋😂😂

  3. Bhai is election yahi bat mene apne gali ki aurton ko boli thi ki tum direct modi ko vote nahi de sakte per kise ke bheje me ye ghosti he nahi

  4. कौन सा नेता सही हैं कौन सा गलत कैसे पता चलेगा।

  5. घपा घप करती है तब ठीक है फिर मैं मिनिस्टर को बंद

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