1. It's Nearly a Year since! God Bless Free Zimbabwe from Australian 🇦🇺🇿🇼🇦🇺🇿🇼🇦🇺🇿🇼🇦🇺🇿🇼🇦🇺🇿🇼🇦🇺🇿🇼🇦🇺🇿🇼🇦🇺🇿🇼

  2. Why do I get the feeling that all those claiming in the YouTube comments to be Scandinavian or citizen of non-English European countries are Americans…

  3. Sorry to spoil your party but little will change at this moment. This will be a false dawn. Munangagwa is the least qualified person to enact meaningful reform in Zimbabwe, in govt or even in ZANU-of. This generation of leaders cannot be separated from their sordid pasts and years of misrule. If Mnagagwa is such a decent and honourable man; why did he not part ways with Mugabe 20-25 years ago. Why did he not go public about the mismanagement and corruption that was rampant in the party and in government for so long. Because he was part and parcel of the problem. He profited and gained a share of those missing billions. Now we are told; let bygones be bygones. He does not want to answer any of the difficult questions about what happened in Gukurahundi, 15 billion of diamond revenues unaccounted for. Scandal after scandal after scandal.No inquiries, no investigations, no resignations. Nobody arrested or tried. And Zimbabweans think this is ok. 37 years of misrule and you have normalised the abnormal. That’s how traumatised and humiliated Zimbabweans are. Do you know what you could have built for the people of Zimbabwe with 15 billion dollars? Remember not long ago Zimbabwe was earmarked to be Africa’s economic miracle, the African South Korea. So well educated was it’s population:You could have built world class universities- a proper automotive sector, an aeronautical sector; you could be building cars and planes instead of exporting raw materials for them. Even your diamonds. You just dig them up and sell them. Stupid. None of the upstream diamond related industries have taken root in Zimbabwe: sorting, cutting, Drill bits. If you have gemstone quality diamonds acquire or found a chain of jewellery stores in you target markets; use a Sovereign wealth fund- that’s what the Qataris do- and then control you supply chain from raw material to final product

  4. Why white people are so interested on Zimbabwe? They fought and killed their own British fathers and oncles, they are proud of 04 July because taxes and some economical reasons but yet they are against people that stand up against the worse: colonization, dehumanization, expropriation, exploitation, humiliations … These are big words but it doesnt matter for blacks, sad!
    They have to go back, sooner or later. You can live white them without having segregated society, they build for their own benefits, you just going to happen to live there. I rather live free than fed in injustice

  5. Many africans are strange because the problems In your countries was not engineered by africans. Darkness came to Africa with forin powers a long time ago and they are still there and its not easy to operate in the dark and do everything correctly.

  6. um….how could she possible 'not' see Mugabe's end?? He is in his 90's and she is like in her 30's lol….he's not going to live that much longer

  7. Zimbabweans are a bunch of soft cock pussies for letting that prick fuck their country up as badly as he did…

  8. I know one day the people of Zimbabwe will take light in the day time to look for Mugabe to say O father Mugabe we love and all that you did was for the good of the people of Zimbabwe by then it will be too late.
    I am saying this because what happened to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana is what just took place in Zimbabwe and what happened to Qaddafi in Libya is what happened to Mugabe. History repeated it self in various countries around the world

  9. What is wrong with Zimbabwe people He is a great leader very fullish ,silly people .you have to respect your president .he is a great leader like Nelson Mandela!!!

  10. @Ablaikhan Bennett. Leave Zimbabwe to us Zimbabweans. We do not need your negativity. Yes sisi Vimbai. We will stand together again against any leader who toys around with us like we are nothing.

  11. Funny that a nil-country, a zero country, a country on a continent that NEVER will develope, never achieve anything ever, and will be in thousant times thousant years as corrupt and poor as it is today, is so joyfull?
    Even after trilions of dollar injections and the missionaring the last 400 years?
    Waist of everything…..
    Of course it is a continent where the Mandela effect is erased in the fastest olympic speed if it was a sport.
    Mandela, a great nationalist, a great populist, a great socialist, could NEVER beat corrupt money.
    And the false happiness that the successor of Robert is proven even worse then Robert himself…..
    The greates con-men always have the most smooth talks, but look first at ones actions from the past……
    The next dissappintment is in produktion….good luck in this African zerostate……the African brainwashing of all the peoples on political condukted educations, schools and university’s WORKS, and they now “buy” ANY thing………

  12. It's always beautiful to see actual people having good emotions toward their country, this is something everyone wants to watch and delight with…this is BBC, after all! BBC knows how to do television (Internet television in this case) and media overall, I am brazilian and I am sure Rede Globo TV network learned a lot of the trade from BBC, masters of media, but unfortunately, as far as I know, Zimbabwe's situation solution goes much further than simply ousting one dictator in favor of another (or others). I'm not even assured that democracy would be the real solution for them, because not all democracies are fully functional and corruption can be equally rampant inside a democratic system, in my country I have actual examples of how an (even apparently fully functional) democratic system can acomodate corruption of all sorts. Zimbabwe needs to put in charge people who love their country and their people and have genuine will to change it all for the better empowering its people, offering good education standards for everyone and not just elites, then whichever adjustements or changes their government system go through will tend to be for the better and democracy will appear just as a natural consequence and will be seen as a requirement for a more diverse and more politically empowered people, but in better terms than the current. I wish the best for this people. I apologize for my bad english and good luck, Zimbabwe!

  13. we have our Mugabe…however, we're lucky to hv the royal family, the oppositions and still alot of good govt servant to prevent total collapse of the country. we still have the "guy" in power….so not too much comments

  14. The average IQ in sub-Saharan Africa is 68:
    Is it a stretch to conclude that a massive group of functionally retarded people cannot possibly govern themselves? This was common knowledge in 1980 but now you have a 37 year sample to analyze. Down deep, you know I’m right.

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