(inspirational music) – For students who are
considering coming to law school, you have to start with why. Coming to law school just
because it’s something, you feel like, “Well, it’s
the next step of college,” that’s a loser way to approach law school. Coming to law school because, “I wanna make money.” Okay… That’s a good idea, but
we all wanna make money. What are you gonna do that’s
going to enrich your life, that’s going make you a better person, that’s going to allow you to
make this world a better place? And lawyers don’t generally
get involved in that level of ideological thinking or idealism, but it really comes down to you have a responsibility
to the profession, you have a responsibility to the law. So what are you gonna do
to make the law better? What are you gonna do
to make society better? What are you gonna do to
make thing works better for all of the people? People come to law school
that come here with a plan that… “I want to do x.” It rarely works out like that. Law school surprises. X is probably when you take the classes and when you actually
start doing the work, X is probably kind of
boring when you really get down into it. But if you come to law
school with the idea of, “I wanna make myself better, “I wanna make myself interested, “I wanna do interesting things “and I’m open to doing
cool and interesting work “in the future that allows me “to help people solve their problems “and make a little money on the side,” that’s what really is
the start of a good plan for your business and
for your legal career. That business plan, that idea of, “I have to be able to sell my knowledge “and sell my expertise
for value to provide “additional value for people
that will solve their problems “in the future,” that’s what
really makes a great lawyer and that’s what makes a great law student. Someone who comes in
here with this idea of, “I gotta be great later on,
what am I gonna do today” “to make myself a better person tomorrow?” (inspiring music)

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