Mothers-In-Law Play Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut

– Spread mayonnaise all over
your face like a mask and wear it for the rest of the game. – Not me. (groans) (Classical Music) – Hello. – Hey. What’s up. – Would you tell me your names? – Davion. – I’m Tai. – Jasmine. – Carmen. – And what are you two? – Fiancee? – Yeah. We’re engaged. Yeah we’re fiancees. So this is my mom-in-law to be. – Same. (laughs) – How are we gonna decide who goes first? – It’s Tai’s birthday so
I guess they can go first. (groans) (laughs) – Let your opponents give you a makeover. They have to make you as ugly as possible. – Are y’all… – Yeah I’m fine with it. You can’t make me ugly so (laughs) – Oh babe I’m sorry. – You look like a butterfly. – Who looks like a butterfly? – She looks like a butterfly. – You look like a oompa loompa. – Who looks like a oompa loompa? – You. And there you go. – Wow. – On a scale of one to ten,
how do you feel about it? – Based on how ugly it is it’s a ten. – How do you guys feel
about your makeover? – I don’t think you did me too bad. Thank you sir. – How did you guys meet? – We met through a mutual friend. – How soon did you guys fall
in love with each other. – It took a while, like years. – It took a while like
years, who says that? – Would you have dated him
regardless if he looked like this or not? – I fell in love with the
inside Tai and then the outside was just a bonus. – Oompa loompa. (laughs) – Get in the shower right now
with all your clothes on until you are sopping wet. – That means with my shoes on too? Can I take my shoes off at
least cause these expensive. – I’ll let you take your shoes off. – Imma do it. – [Tai] How y’all feeling right now. – Wet. – My socks feel really wet. – Get those waves wet. – On Tai’s pants so I’m not even mad. – I need another drink, I need to warm up. – Y’all cold? – Nope. I’m not even cold. – No you’re not even cold? – I’m cold blooded so. – Jasmine. How do you feel about Tai and
their engagement and do you think it was too fast? – I’ve never seen Davion as
happy as he is since he’s been with Tai. You think they’re too young? – No. I don’t think they’re too young. – Wait how old are you two? – We’re about 22, now. – Drinker. – Drink it. – Compete against your
opponents in a dance contest. If you lose you drink. – Do you need him to make a beat for you? – I could make a beat for you. – Yeah, let your mom make a beat go ahead. – No we’re not gonna use the beat. – Yeah we don’t need the beat. – Oh y’all can’t hit the
electric slide that’s not fair you didn’t make that up. (laughs) – No you have to make one. This was an original y’alls is copyright. No. No that don’t count. I beat y’all. – Tai, Jasmine you won. – Apologize to your mother
in-law to be for the worst thing you’ve ever done to them. – Do you have anything to apologize for? – Yeah. (laughs) – When I was living with you
you said no more dogs in the house and I went behind your
back and purchased some other dogs. I didn’t take into account
your feelings when I got her. I was only being selfish
and thinking about me. – You were pissed for a while? – I was. Just cause I was like
maybe he doesn’t respect me or he doesn’t care about
what I feel in my feelings. – What happened to the dog? – We still have the dog. – She’s adorable we
couldn’t say no to her. – Mom got attached that’s why. – I love dogs. – Do you forgive me? – I forgave you, yes. I have forgiven you. – You’re keeping us in this game. – Drink that. Go. – Who proposed to who? – I proposed to Tai. It was like okay who
was gonna propose first. – Was it a good proposal? – Yes. – It was cute. It was where we had our first date. And I brought both of
our families together. – You came in blindfolded. – Yeah he almost had me die on the steps. – See. – Wooh, get that. – Mom make him drink that. – I’ll drink the next one. – No make him drink that
because he hasn’t drank one yet. Wooh. Finish it. – Here Jesus would turn
your wine back into water. (all laugh) – He’d be like nevermind
you’re taking too long. (cheers) – Spread mayonnaise all over
your face like a mask and wear it for the rest of the game. – Not me. – What? – Yes. We get the mayonnaise it’s moisturizing. – It’s a moisturizer. – Where we gon do it? (groans) – This is real cute baby. – Okay I’m thinking turkey sandwich. Chicken salad. Egg salad. – Ohh, Tai. (laughs) – I’m done, I’m done. Let your fiancee shave a
design of their choosing into your head. Hell nah. Mom’s gonna drink it for me. – Mom’s doing all the
drinking you gotta take a sip. – My hair is my life. – Your hair will grow back. – You good that she probably
just lost because you don’t wanna do anything to your hair. – I will sleep at night… – You can sleep at night? – Yes, my hair is still intact. – I don’t know what’s
better make up or mayo. – Ohh. (airhorn) – Yeah, look at that. – Congratulations. You guys just played fear pong. – It’s fun. – It’s fun. – Yeah it was fun we learned
a lot about each other. – You get to weed out your real friends. – And you get to piss people off. – Go to
and get fucked up with your buddies okay? (clapping)

  1. People be going to the comment section immediately after clicking on the video to say "first". Is there a prize or something for the first viewer?😂😂😂

  2. Did anyone else think they were twins ( Before double checking the title / them introducing themselves ) ?? They have very similiar features

  3. I LOVE this couple! The way T mocks him is so adorable 😂😂😂

    They do look young but I think there’s more to their story and they should be featured.

  4. I wish I didn’t have to do this but my family puts me down everyday and they tell me
    I’m gonna be nothing in life so if you could subscribe to me I would appreciate it❤️

  5. The mom on the left is so sweet! At 6:19 when they lose, she apologizes despite her being the one who was doing all the drinking!

    The son in law should’ve been the one apologizing!

  6. Those are true mothers. Loving your child through their independence. Respecting young love. I really appreciate them ❤️

  7. the couple were in a previous Cut video, i believe it was the sperm donor video, and you get more of a backstory to them 🙂

  8. its really beautiful seeing black and latina mothers being so supportive and accepting of their trans and queer children! so happy for this family 🙂

  9. Are these guys straight or gay ? If they have sex then how it will be ? Is having a baby legit for them ? Eeeeeeww ugly weird flex but okay for them .

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