Most Support Impeaching, Removing From Office: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. You know if(Mr Grab'em)was acting more like a real President he probably would get a better grade,but sence he act:s Nut he:ll be treated like a Nut.

  2. Speaker Pelosi needs to just hold the vote now, she has the votes for impeachment, then when it goes to the senate for the trial to remove him it will fail and we can move on from this back to the election!

    Also, it is obvious people are out to get Trump given everything he has said and done, but also he has done this to himself……. every time he opens his mouth he just makes things worse for himself which is why these polls are looking worse for him. Trumps strategy of hitting hard back and doubling down has always worked until now….

  3. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit have chosen Trump for 2 Full Terms and NO ONE AND NOTHING CAN OR WILL STOP IT!

    Psalms CH. 64:

    Prayer for Deliverance from Secret Enemies.

    For the choir director. A Psalm of David.

    1Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint;

    Preserve my life from dread of the enemy.

    2Hide me from the secret counsel of evildoers,

    From the tumult of those who do iniquity,

    3Who have sharpened their tongue like a sword.

    They aimed bitter speech as their arrow,

    4To shoot from concealment at the blameless;

    Suddenly they shoot at him, and do not fear.

    5They hold fast to themselves an evil purpose;

    They talk of laying snares secretly;

    They say, “Who can see them?”

    6They devise injustices, saying,

    “We are ready with a well-conceived plot”;

    For the inward thought and the heart of a man are deep.

    7But God will shoot at them with an arrow;

    Suddenly they will be wounded.

    8So they will make him stumble;

    Their own tongue is against them;

    All who see them will shake the head.

    9Then all men will fear,

    And they will declare the work of God,

    And will consider what He has done.

    10The righteous man will be glad in the LORD and will take refuge in Him;

    And all the upright in heart will glory.

  4. Over HALF of the DEMOCRATS DISAPPROVE of Impeachment of President Trump. True Fact! MS DNC are despetate LIARS crapping down both legs! LIARS INSTIGATORS ZERO FACT LYING FAKE MEDIA!

  5. What is happening in Syria is insane! Didn’t the president say that if Turkey invaded Syria he would destroy their economy….what happened to that! The next president is going to have a huge mess to clean up depending on what happens in the next year!

  6. Not only should he be impeached, he should be investigated for treason. If He's found all in with Putin he must be publicly hanged.

  7. Well, at least he's finally moving up in the polls! He's waited almost 3 years for it, but he's finally above the 50% mark. And every Republican should go down with him!

  8. Who are the people who are being asked these questions in the 'polls' because I don't know of a single individual who claims to have taken part in these polls.

  9. A Couple of enablers who helped put this SOB in our White House and now expecting to come out of the unfolding.., no, enveloping death and destruction with no blood on their hands. Thanks, bunches, Joe and Mika!

  10. Four years ago Kieth Olbermann was warning us about Trump's mental and emotional unfitness. You can't say you weren't warned!!

  11. STFU a joe let Mika speak you are a bully and a thug to this intelligent women every day, NOT a good visual even for a white ,male
    republican 🤬🤬🤬

  12. Wow it took the 🍊 to abandon the Kurds to make some the re(pubic)ans finally wake up & realize that this rat is wrong all the way around!

  13. Of course people are "out to get" Trump! Thank God! Just like people were out to get Richard Nixon or Spiro Agnew. That should be no surprise. It's because they know Trump has no business being in any government office, much less POTUS. Now if the poll asked respondents if they thought people were unfairly out to get Trump, then that's a different matter. I suppose that's what was assumed in the question. IOW, "out to get" is an amateurish question to start with.

    And again, I have to say I'm not at all excited about these numbers. They indicate that we have a large population of Americans who don't give a crap about crime, corruption, lies, incompetence, budget deficit, Putin-enabling, and the systematic destruction of nearly every major bi-partisan achievement, protection, treaty, and alliance our government has created. Trump will be gone one day, but these increasingly amoral, cultish, ignorant, hateful troglodytes will still be here, spewing their diseased thinking and ridiculous conspiracy theories on the internet and Fox, and doing things like voting, serving on juries, and having children.

  14. When Obama made fun of trump at the correspondence dinner, he had zero belief that trump could/would ever be president…because he absolutely underestimated the stupidity of the American people. Some may say it's counterproductive to be so blatantly honest…but these ignorant people brought this unfit man into power and will keep him in power if at all possible despite everything/anything. They absolutely can't be reasoned with and showing them "respect" makes absolutely no difference. It's time to call them what they are….Incredibly ignorant.

    It's important to note that Trump's tax cut for the wealthy was wholeheartedly supported by the GOP and was the largest in history…Buffet admitted that he made 27 billion on the tax cut. Trump said to a group of CEO's the day it passed..quote: "You just got a lot richer" to which they all chuckled. They didn't give raises or hire more, nope, they just bought bigger yachts and islands. The economy and unemployment have stayed on the same trajectory they were on under Obama–if anything the drop in unemployment slowed under Trump. 

    So, not only do trump supporters adore his ruthless bully tactics, and believe all of his lies, they continue to vote for republicans who are in direct opposition to their best interests—believing the incessant lying by the GOP about trickle down economics which is an obscene lie that only makes the richest much richer, and the rest of us much poorer…and they enable the pharma and insurance companies to make obscene profits and keep health care unaffordable for most of us. Republicans not only enable these things but they work full-time to insure that this horrid corruption continues. And of course they spew anti-climate change lies so that oil companies can rake in their profits, while the rest of us will suffer immeasurably.

    All we can do is try to wake up these zombie American voters, and also do whatever is possible to insure that republicans (along with their gerrymandering and voter suppression) don't cheat to win the electoral college..because once again, even if the vast majority of voters vote Democratic, the republicans will win and stay in power. The electoral college must go…it is a lie that it's purpose is so voters are equally represented. It was founded in pure corruption, so that the slave states would have more power (numerous sources..Harvard, etc). Every vote must count equally regardless of where a person lives!!!

  15. These polls show that there are a lot of very stupid, toxic, fascists in the US that are so gullible and lacking in judgement that they can't tell simple right from wrong. Trump voters do not care one iota for this country or its laws. Trump is the symptom and the effect of the bigger underlying problem; the toxic, conspiracy prone, ignorant morons that were suckered by the Russians to elect the corrupt Trump.

  16. Thank you for saying this Joe. The Kurds were doing our work against ISIS for us. We should be grateful, and not enable Turkey to fight and murder them!

  17. Oh…now loser Lindsay Graham is speaking out! He is only trying save his own butt he is a disgusting human and I hope he never gets another vote! I hope that he is haunted for the rest of his life for his two faced-gutless action. God rest the soul John McCain and how he was really fooled by this supposed friend of loser a Lindsay Graham!

  18. Call me a Pollyanna but I still think Trump will resign. If he stays he's in for another year of pressure, criticism and ridicule. Even if he isn't removed from office he will be a lame duck. No way he wins next November. I'll bet most Republican Senators hope I'm right.

  19. I didnt trust the polls before the election I don't trust then now even Fox polls – haven fear Trey Goudy is here – THS STORE IS HERE

  20. This is typical when you have a coward friend that tells you he will back you up and when the moment comes he splits!!! this guy is not to be trusted with the nation's health and political decisions, he only cares about me myself and I and nothing more, he would probably sell out his country if it benefited him!!! its all about him and nothing more.

  21. Joe's so wrong. It's spelled out in the Constitution. A brain dead human could be president if they are 35 or over, American born, and won the electoral vote. That's it.

  22. He sold out Americans for all the money he and his family could get. Putin says you're through. Why did Putin say anything towards Trump? Sounds dirty. Better hurry with the impeachment, before he leads ISIS to us. Arrest the rest of them. All that hard work the FBI did, and he just undid their hard work in the last two years. What was the promise? And from who?

  23. 51% want him removed from office. That's really a bad sign for his 2020 campaign! If he doesn't get re-elected, he'll be getting a nice orange jumpsuit in short order!

    Trump's actions and comments regarding the Kurds and alliances in general can be explained by this article:

  24. What about the Electoral College that's the BS political apparatus that put the POS in office in the first place. FIX the problem don't criticize it, FiX the Problem. Come on JOE! It needs fixed!

  25. Trump is doing nothing different than he has been doing for 3 years, Everday we said, he is blatantly obstructing Justice and he still made it work for him and won. These polls show us exactly what woul happen in a foolish Impeachment. The Whole other side is United with Trump. This is all another Conspiracy theory to them. Mueller Exhonorated Trump

  26. Any vote that has 36% or 38% on 1 side means the 85% of that party still love Trump.Nothing that happems will change that( C’mon everyone knows that by Name). We need REGICIDE- Trump is their King- a new talking pt. Get behind the New York Prosecutor and Help him Indict Trump!The policy of Kings must be trashed

  27. Rudy's "naturalized" Euro henchmen have been test driving their US citizenship by breaking campaign finance laws and scoping out Ukranian government officials to create bogus investigations with shady Russian money in the background. Rudy sure looks like he is more than a passively observing lawyer, given his numerous contacts to further these activities.

  28. How can anyone believe anything this ridiculous station says.
    This is a comedy channel. Let’s look at these stories
    Trump can’t win
    Trump Russia
    Trump colluded
    Trump obstruction
    msnbc polls
    yep I believe everything these morons say
    Hahahahaha wow

  29. What has Trump done but to enhance is own desires for more money? He uses the American Treasury as his own bank account while the American people lose out on infrastructure. He makes deals with Turkey where he has 2 towers to sacrifice the Kurds just so he can distract from the impeachment inquiry. No wonder the American people are waking up to his immoral, unethical and corrupt ways to stay in power. Trump is NOT a king, as much as he would like to be – but he is close to being a dictator.

  30. Can you imagine any OTHER employee (because trump is an employee not king) having super dodgy friends, and photos of said dodgy friends, constantly in the news? And then flying into a rage when asked about it, instead of calmly explaining it.

  31. People are out to get Trump very good reasons. He's corrupt and racist and people are dying because of his decisions. If he is reelected America is officially done.

  32. I can’t believe that there are actually some people think that this behavior is somehow appropriate, it boggles my mind

  33. ima here to LMFAO at triggered trumpers with their Made in JHINA maggat panties all BUnched up… BHBAHBHABHA.. what a buncha' GOATFKERS!> bhbahbvahvbhava

  34. He should be fired . And those that supported him in power should go too. There are other republicans that you guys can elect!

  35. This guy keeps going on about terror groups, forgot to mention Turkey was initial landing and R&R spot from one side of Syria, Nato just watched them drive in from Iraq. Kerry on tape expressing his disappointment that they didn't finish off Syria. They are ALL Saudi Sunni Wahhabis, were Nato buddies and honorary ground troops in Libya. A very profitable and useful tool to blow up countries where Islam is present, been having a little trouble getting established in Venezuela. So blaming them all on Trump, and claiming NATO wants to eliminate them is a bit rich. Tulsi Gabbard wants to eliminate them and that's about it. This here…Terror snow job.

  36. This fake "whistle-blower" initiated impeachment inquiry is another phase of the WAR between Pres. Trump and the Patriots vs. the Democrats, the
    Deep State spies in the CIA, DNI, the Democrat supporting officials of the DOJ and FBI. It proves what Chuck Schumer once said that "if you mess
    up with the Intelligence Community, they have six ways till Sunday at getting back at you". Pres. Trump and the American Patriots should wage a
    campaign of revamping/reforming these ABC agencies from TOP to BOTTOM subjecting all of them to polygraph and other tests to determine their
    true allegiances. They are meant to work for the Executive Branch, not against it. Anyone found undermining the Executive Branch, which they are
    working for, should be considered a traitor and charged and prosecuted for TREASON.

  37. I never realised so many educated people could not pronounce "inquiry"! With all the crap now on its return journey to Trump the media will have to start getting it right.

    inquiry = INK.WIRE.EE

    Joe can do it!

    The best/worst, according to your own point of view, I have heard was on a main US TV news organisation, where a guy managed to say it as "INK.WOW.OREE"!!!!!. Even though it was laughably wrong, I have to express my admiration for managing to say that without swallowing his tongue.

  38. Now that sotero's CIA/FBI/MSM COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  39. hahahahaha these DeepFriedState MSM Swamp Polls are so funny! only a absolute FOOL believes these polls! Never again will I vote democratic thats a FACT! Trump has done everything I hoped Obama would do and more. PRISON REFORM!!!!!!!!!!! Best Pres EVER!!!!!! Right to Try Absoulutely amazing!!!! Go TRUMP 2020 the new republican party the same people that voted Obama in twice, yes thats us!

  40. All Republicans have blood on their hands already for keeping Trump in office this long. This was a foreseeable course of events to those who let themselves see truth.

  41. Public policy is not a matter of polls. Elected officials are supposed to be leaders, not nervous poll watchers. The cowardice in the corporate Democratic leadership is so great they all should be primaried out of office. Or perhaps it is not cowardice – but they are terrified their own corruption will be brought to light by progressives further down the road?

  42. Flabbergasted.. Latinos for Trump or Blacks for Trump or Veterans for Trump. Wake up people… He doesn't care about you or your family or anything. And Graham.. Praying isn't enough.

  43. Folks, look at how many Blacks have been killed by police, before Trump leaves many more folks will die, Trumps minions have not started but we should be looking a white Socialist differently. Remember Oklahoma, what one white male did who hated and adhered to White Socialist movement, we should suspect all white males and some white females, they do not want to see America successful under a diverse government. White males went to war once against the Constitution, but now, Senate and Supreme court are on the confederates side, we haven't seen anything yet, people are going to continue to die, Americans as well.

  44. Joe, you are right, Trump is what you say he is, but you are no different and your white privilege has blinded you to reality, you are as bad as Trump and Thank God Trump has exposed many whites to reality of Media and it's bias reporting. It's been fake a long time.

  45. trump is a FAKE potus, he's ILLIGETIMATE !!!!! There's no bottom to the barrel filth that this filthiest of a low life human aka trump drinks from daily!

  46. The next risk: allies will stop sharing intel with the US; Attacks on the US have been stopped by shared intel The allies are wondering whether they can trust the US with their most sensitive info. They have seen the worst side of Trump – he betrayed Kurdish allies and he betrayed US troops on the ground. If he is willing to sell out America, why would they trust him not to sell their intel.

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