11 this is MMC ideology video presented by a Mozart oyster that's my email and I'm but ranked upon what is the mmm mmm is not a bank mmm does not collect your money mmm is not an online business or non an investment my name is a community where people help each other a man gives you a technical platform which elements or passed on worldwide to connect those who need help to those who ready to provide up for free brief history of mmm says my food is the founder leader of mmm social financial community the issue of mmm began back in 90s and I then in Moscow a corporate chief mmm was registered in 1999 1992 sorry mmm was really started as joint stock company in February 1994 it began to sell shares ever and keep on represent using central accounts okay the government on bank intervention King against mmm operation in 1994 when mmm or purchasing a central account mmm was survived into the line level in a new dimension which kept the money on the participant account directly and give 30 percent reward I mean Coppola was established in 2004 ante today mmm is spreading across the globe mmm ideology the modern world is bad it is human on fan hunters it is the poor that is working for the rich ordinary people just serve them as attendance we should move as poor people the rich become richer and the poor become for us the questions are let's get to the questions what lies behind the social welfare does one to poach what does the banker live better why does Bank a little better than what ask you why does work at a live better do they work other and for other bankers deceived people decided things were going to look at now my college continued the answer to this question is that the people are that are closer to the money our access to it and wrong money the way they like not only the federal government also the bankers the alternative to the above all jaws vanish Awards mmm mmm is the fair financial community developed by sergey mavrodi helps to fight on fair financial system the aim of mmm is to demolish on third world and achieve financial freedom IRA's mmm work mmm is a community of people providing each other financiai upon the principle of gratuity reciprocity and benevolence in mmm you don't have to make contract or pledge or property in mmm they are Nuland on odep – everything is very simple one participant asks for help another one helps the only thing that a momentum and firm its part aspires to be honest and kind to each other you asked for financial aid when you need it you give financial help when you are able to do it rusev mm mm mm what's Port Arthur prohibited we must not cheat the system by making dummy accounts all the participants should be more cautious and obedient enough to a baby mmm ideology which is up in each other and MMA ideology also states that the participant should participate only I will pitch only with just spare money but everyone mmm not before you can pass spiritual if I can benefit you have to pass with variation in the website which the requirement name email mobile number and password invites your referrer will guide our details you can get it from a referral or choose from the list in the website none now you can benefit our log in to your personal office which is pure set up your account details on your pillow you will see two big buttons provide our and get up next please pure which means personal account the benefit continues its include many mmm and coach passes ba who actively develop and popularized community I bonuses such as rubber nose Martina manager Bruno's were gaya which webinars Tempe said manager Bruno's 5% and it goes down like that below three percent one percent and goes down like that below now we look at the benefit of mmm which also include those benefits given up in previous chart thank you for listening appreciate you

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