Mike Rowe talks 2020 Dems’ wealth tax plans, new book

  1. They'll just take Thier lives BUSINESS and do it overseas ..bunch of DUMBASS who think they can take from others who earned it..sounds like socialism n commie crap ..OH IT IS..GTFO ..LUV .IT.OR LEAVE ..IT

  2. So….Bernie, do you expect more of the last three giant corporations out of the six to donate money so you might shut your big mouth?

  3. I wonder how many of his fans started sending him hate mail after this… Mike us a great man, and continues to do great things. This should open many eyes if the just listen to him because they loved him for years before this. Much love to ya, Mike 👍

  4. Taxing wealth………… not income wealth………. that isn’t a tax, that’s theft. Wealthy people are wealthy because they possess skills and knowledge, they keep their wealth because they continue to learn how to keep it and earn more. Usually to earn more money wealthy people create a job for someone else, usually multiple people, to make more money. And wealthy people generally donate money, well because they can and sure there are some tax benefit as well.

    If you tax wealth, mark my words, the American economy will collapse. The wealthy will leave the country for another country that isn’t as harsh. This would generally mean the jobs would end as well. I don’t know about any of you but I always got a job someplace where someone wealthy owned the business. Never got hired by a poor person.

  5. ever notice how it's the rich dems who want to tax the living hell out of themselves and all the other rich folks? know why? because the rich dems already have a firewall set up with lawyers and accountants who will tell them how to structure the tax laws so that they don't hammer themselves. so typical.

  6. Bernie is a millionaire,why doesn't he give up his money and houses. He won't because he loves the wealth, hypocrisy at it's finest.

  7. We are given a fixed game to play. They cheat, steal, and make everybody else suffer. No real reciprocity. Natural law will kick in soon on these assholes, and they will deserve it.

  8. Let us look at the number of "dislikes" on this video, and thank those few who have desperately reached out from the monitor lit glow of their parents' basement in order to remind us that the clinical definition of brain dead sometimes includes the living.

  9. Taxing the wealthiest will make the wealthiest leave. Losing all the money you would make off of them and likely the millions of jobs they provide with them.

  10. I hear that we are creating more wealthy people today than we ever have. What I have learned is that those gaining wealth are willing to take risks that the average person in the US is not. Wealth occurs to those willing to take risks. Playing it safe is keeping you poor. We have too many who seek to live off entitlements. When over half of the voting population fall for that liberal argument, we are doomed.

  11. Watching Dirty Jobs..i can not be thankful Enough for so-called toxic Masculinity..thanks to all who do the jobs that keep us going!

  12. The comments are embarrassing and give a clear indication of the misleading conversation points being handed around like Maryann Faithful. Everyone that benefits from America should pay their taxes

  13. Money is expanded in the hands of billionaires…money is squandered when the government handles things…especially in the usa…look at moonbeam's high speed rail in Fresno ca…lol…let foreign governments do our infrastructure…

  14. How many think Bernie has a Medicare card? Or do you think he Payed for his heart surgery by writing a check? Do you think Bernie has health care ins.? I bet you he doesn't!

  15. End the Fed, return to the Gold Std, repeal the 16th, eliminate lobbyists, eliminate monopoly protections for big pharma and the medical industry, and once again bar lawyers from mass media advertising. Making those changes will resolve the majority of the wealth disparity. The Fed funnels wealth to the 1% (via Banks and counterfeit currency), Income and property taxes funnel wealth to the 1% (via lobbyists, the Military Industrial Complex and other government contractors), the medical and insurance industries funnel the rest.

  16. Actually these wealthy will not pay any personal tax. They put their homes, cars, planes, whatever and their company owns it. They will pay themselves very little, but they have all the afore mentioned paid for by the corporation. You incorporate yourself.

  17. Jack wagon Sanders acts like Gates and Bezos and Zuckerberg et al just was given fortunes out of nowhere for nothing and he and his ilk should decide who gets what….perfect from a guy who never created anything or even ran a successful hot dog stand….who ever buys his crap, you are free to live where his types have already crushed the hopes and dreams of the multitude. Just remember, him and his kind will never live the way they will force you to. Cherrie O.

  18. Mike Rowe is great. What a set of pipes on him too. The best narrator that you can hear on any television show. Maybe that is why I watch a lot of the Science channel.

  19. Every communist movement started in cities and led to ever increasing taxation to the point where farmers were not allowed to keep the money needed to continue feeding the millions. History takes no prisoners, excessive taxation kills nations. As one nation passed laws to rein in greedy landlords there was soon no housing available at any price.Leaving home for a weekend you could return to find someone living in your home.

  20. Bernie Sanders is fighting for the average american, and he is authentic human being. He is the only one with guts to fight the establishment that is why they are scared.

  21. Do these people honestly think that Injun Liz is gonna spend the money more prudently than the billionaires that earned it in the first place?
    Just because Elon Musk has 10 billion dollars or so, doesn't mean he is spending all on himself. He is reinvesting it in car companies and rocket launches. Creating all kinds of jobs and wealth.

  22. Ignorant people get up to their ankles in feces in a cesspool of their own design decide they have to move, (that is smart), what is Dumb is them bringing the Cesspool with them to there new location… WHY?
    Why do the ignorant and those that do not learn gather and call themselves Democrats?
    California has an abundance of Natural Resources, Natural Beauty (Best Month of my life was my Honeymoon in California)
    They used to call California the Golden State for a reason… now it is the Feces State for a reason
    Californians have exported failure for so many years, When I was young in the 60's I remember "Don't Californicate Oregon"
    Then… they did it to Oregon and did it to Washington as well and yet they will tell you that you are stupid and they are superior.
    California is still the Golden State, once all the losers leave and you avoid the big Cities
    If I could afford the Taxes I would move back… (Never gonna happen) at best I can visit, (just sneak in and sneak out) California is a Beautiful State
    Kinda ticked that Oregon and Washington didn't just find a cure and just implement it

  23. I don’t understand why anybody would still be living in California, it’s time to go somewhere else, anywhere else.

  24. How funny to hear bernie talk about poor people living on the street when he own multiple mansions and is a millionaire

  25. Guess what happens when you tell the top 400 richest people you want 97pct of their income they will disappear and then there will be no taxes or jobs from them at all they will go to another country

  26. I just heard that Mike Rowe believe that people rather take free money then work. there was also disused the "way of taxing the rich about 97%, in order to support the poor". This is worst then socialism, when you had certain level of earning, and here is a sample: $500000.00 / year paying taxes from it 20%, but for all above that earning: paying 80%. As result: people try to earn no more then $500000.00, and took long vacations, letting other people to work in that time. Was this good idea or not? I don't know for sure, but make tiny senses,if gives also other avenues, but 97% taxation is just not only utopia, but is totally wrong.
    On other hand: I believe that most people love to work in areas they enjoy, and if they are working in their beloved fields of expertise: it became actually: healthy happiness!
    What else (apart from work) in life can bring individual healthy happiness? WHAT? Some said: eating, traveling, entertainments, heaving family and kids, fame, money, etc., but what can be better then everyday: healthy happiness.I think that spiritual-love is: healthy happiness? What about you? What you think about VALUE OF LIFE GIFT?

  27. If any of these psychos succeeded in being elected, the wealthiest people would simply ship it all to offshore accounts or find myriad ways to protect their money. Nice dream, but no way in hell could it work, but I believe they know that. It's like that horror Joy Behar recommended–make big promises to get elected and then throw 'em all out the window and then do what you always intended anyway.

  28. Bernie you are ridiculous. What makes you think it’s fair for people who live in a free enterprise, capitalist nation like the USA, the land of opportunity, to demand equal distribution of resources between the rich and poor? Why not educate the poor on how to do better? Your ludicrous philosophy of making the rich pay their fair share, puts the onus on people who had no fault in putting people into poverty (unless they were paying poor wages to “the help” and made them work under unreasonable conditions). If I have a stack of bricks handed down by my father and a wheelbarrow to haul them, but the guy standing next to me doesn’t have any inherited bricks yet still the freedom to push in a wheelbarrow just like mine, why should I feel guilty over my inheritance or having more bricks than he? If he can get more bricks as well as I? But you would say that I should share my bricks and ignore the fact that I worked hard to maintain and increase them, while he also could work hard to increase his but would rather encroach on my bricks bc the government enables him to do so. That is preposterous Senator. It’s a whiney and childish way to do business. You need to re-evaluate your approach or shut your pie hole you crazy liberal socialist.

  29. The problem with taxing the super rich is they've built their empires on functioning without taxes, so guess what happens when a company employs thousands or millions of jobs due to no taxes and suddenly has to pay 50% or more of all it's funds to the government?

    The government gets super rich and the company goes under massive reconstruction to adjust to the change, suddenly the super aren't as rich but most of their employee's have been sacked to compensate for the lack of money they're now getting in.

    And worse now all those sacked workers want both jobs and money, and who has it, the government, and the company if it survives the sudden change of cash flow, is working at a much lower efficiency rate so the taxes they pay is far less than that first knock when they got taxed initially.

    All their workers paid for taxed goods, so a massive piece of the population buys less, so that tax revenue takes a hit too.

    So now the government is slowly losing money through taxes as these big companies start going bust, the influx of unemployment sky rockets, and the government can't support them all.

    So then rioting starts all over the country and guess who's the person they want to give a piece of their mind and fists? The president, Bernie for an old "wise" man, sure is stupid asf regarding the consequences of his plan.

    Raising the minimum wage for wealthier companies is his best bet for not rocking the boat too much.

  30. What people forget is that these millionaires also employs thousands of people and they paying taxes. They are part of making America great by opening jobs and Opportunities to Individual, also they donate millions!
    🇺🇸TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 (KMAG)

  31. Rob from the rich and give to the poor. Hmm sounds like robin Hood. But doesn't that sound like socialism? The operative word is Rob. If you don't understand that you need to educate yourself because the public school system has not educated you, it has indoctrinated you.

  32. Sanders talks about the homeless, how about taking the billions that we send to other countries and fix our problems!!! The politicians won’t do that because they won’t get their kickbacks!!!

  33. Do they not realize that unless you’re living in your car, you can’t live off of a thousand dollars a month. The reason Yang is suggesting a thousand dollars rather than two or three thousand is you can’t live off of a thousand dollars a month. To anybody that hasn’t listened to Yang just sit aside 30 minutes of your day and hear him out, but I would have to agree that every other democratic candidate is a complete idiot. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and as long as you have what’s best for the American people in mind, you should be respected.

  34. It’s not their money. When I was little there was a childish thing we said to each other “Beggars don’t receive”. It wasn’t mean it was true. You have to earn your own way or suffer. 🔥

  35. Yep, first they take part of your income, now they'll just take what you have. Sure, it's only the richest :/ They can afford it! They're greedy. That's how income taxes started, dummies. Then it spread down to all of us (unless you're on welfare I suppose). This will be the same, unless you trust politicians in the government to not want more of our money.

  36. i know lazy people, but i know very hard working people too. i think it's pretty much a gaussian distribution when dealing with work ethics.

  37. A wealth tax will just be more $ for government…Talk about The Federal Reserve and our debt based "money"and inflation…Talk about the real problem.

  38. Bernie, Pocahontas, and all those millionaire Democrat politicians can start paying me directly. Set the example.

  39. If Pelosi, Schiff and Maxine start working for Americans in their own districts we can eliminate 25% of the homeless in America.

  40. If you made millions honestly and don’t wanna share that’s between you and God. Gov’t needs to stay out. They should super tax only things the mega rich can buy like they do with cigarettes cause of addiction.

  41. The polls don't mean anything because anyone can take a poll and the questions are often designed to get the answers desired by the people who commission the polls.

  42. Mike Rowe, I was such a huge fan of yours during your entire series, but I cant agree with your political views at all. For example, regarding what you said here, Im sure you could have lived off of whatever money you have now for the rest of your life at either a comfortable or modest level, and yet you wrote a book. Why did you write that book? Same with other people Mike. They want more. If they are capable of it, they will go for it. Some people who arent capable of much more wont be productive, but then again, it could keep some out of prison, and encarceration costs taxpayers $30k/year vs $12K/year just to let them play video games and smoke pot. It might make you angry to think of people doing that, but do you want to keep paying excessive taxes for encarceration? We have by far the highest rate of encarceration in the world, and a huge part of it has to be that we dont give struggling people enough of a break. Ok, that aside, this $1k/month would be an enormous boom to small business and technological development because right now there are tons of people who have great ideas, ambition and potential ability that just cant get to work on their calling because they are barely making ends meat working 2 jobs right now. I dont have the data (Yang DOES), but my guess is that technological advanaces and boons would hit our country and economy at 10x the pace that they do right now. Think about what essentially all of us have very easy access to right now; the internet (nearly unlimited information and knowledge), Amazon (nearly any tool or supply can be shipped to your doorstep). 3D printers, people can ship out from their home if they are producing a product at, etc. 10x might be very conservative. So if a significant number of more people are sitting at home playing video games, gardening, working on artwork or music for pleasure only, etc, BUT the economy is growing so fast that we all benefit, we are healthier, life expectancy raises, net happiness is higher, lower number of people in jail, etc. WHO CARES MAN??? I mean I get the first instinct to think that if given the choice you would just sit on your butt and do nothing, but thats a contradiction man, you wrote a book, didnt you? Are you going to do nothing for the rest of your life now? Why do you assume that almost no one else has ambition but you? I love you bro, bigtime fan, but give this a think cuz ya.

  43. They don’t even want to pay us minimum wage to actually work, and morons think they will get paid to do nothing! Yeah until they eliminate you

  44. Bin sitting in his chair in the bill for 39 thousand years why didn't he do this then. So bill gates got it right he will pay 100 billion a year in tax there is no way to pay for Medicare for all free Colledge with just Elizabeth warrens tax the rich

  45. Interesting🤔 the 1k a month for people over 18 is to simulate the economy in the place live. Most people with a 9-5 are going to spending going out movies ect. since the trickle down effect has not worked. These large companies have not given bigger raises it has given these companies to purchase back stocks. Also mid class got 5 bump ? Which mid class is that ?

  46. So, my husband and I make about $75,000 gross every year. Approximately. It's still a hard road for us because of course we have a lot of bills but it's obviously a decent amount here in Texas. I wish we earned more…. So what these socialist presidential candidates are saying, is that the more money you make the more you will be taxed? And that the wealthy should distribute their money to the poor? This makes me not want to work harder, not want to make any more money, this would make me never want to strive to be a wealthy person. Why? Because I know a wealthy person will be forced to take care of my family and I. So what is the point of going to school or being a lucrative businessman, if your money is going to have to be used to pay for someone who refuse to finish school, have five babies by the age of 25, or just lay around and live with their parents for the rest of their lives?

  47. Bernie said everyone should get a min of $15/hr. Funny thing about Bernie is that he complained when he had to pay $15/hr wage to his campaign workers. Good for everybody else but not for Bernie. His comment was, "where is this money going to come from?", so he cut campaign workers hours.

    If Bernie made more than $100k on a book, then he should pay ~90% tax on everything over the $100k. Why should Bernie get to keep 5 million dollars just for a book? $100k would be plenty for Bernie to make just for doing a book. Most people don't make $100k, the $4.9 million remainder over the first 100k should be given to people making less than 50k.

    But I bet Bernie would not agree with that. Bernie is for only giving away other people's money, not Bernie's money!

    That's how socialism works, the people in power give away (or take away) everyone else's money but not their own money.

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