Microsoft China Event: Windows 10 China Government Edition

– Ni hao, hello. Thanks so much for being here today
at our Microsoft event in Shanghai. It is such an honor and privilege
to be here in China, the center place of so many of the world’s life-changing inventions. Inventions that empower each of us
to be more creative and productive everywhere
all around the world. I’m inspired to think that this is
where the abacus was invented, the first calculator. Where the first compass was
invented helping us find our way. Where paper and movable type
have provided an easier way for us all to communicate and share our creativity. At Microsoft, we are on a mission
to empower every person and every organization
on the planet to achieve more. I’m Terry Myerson, and I lead the Windows
and Devices team at Microsoft and I’m honored
to be here today to celebrate creativity
and innovation. The Windows Eco-system
is thriving around the world thanks to so many contributions
from right here in China. Silicon engineers, system’s engineers,
software developers, and so many amazing
technology partners. Everyday, our Chinese partners
in Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei are building
new devices and experiences that light up Windows
10 for customers all over the world. In fact, right now, my friend,
Richard Yu of Huawei is in Germany launching
the newest devices in the Windows 10 family. I wish him and Huawei good luck
and good fortune with their launch. Today, together, we’re inspiring
a generation of creators to do more, create more, and be more productive,
and have more fun. Now for more than two decades,
Microsoft has had the distinct honor to do work here in China learning and advancing
technology together. This reminds me of a saying that, “The best time
to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is today.” I am so grateful
that we planted our first trees
22 years ago here in China and I’m honored
to share our plans to do so again today. And this all starts with our work
with the government of China. For the last two years,
we have earnestly cooperating with the Chinese government on the security review
of Windows 10. We are pleased with the transparency
and the objectiveness of their review and we agree with
the outcome of the review and I’m very pleased to share that we have now developed
a version of Windows 10 specifically
for the Chinese government. [Applause] This monumental moment
has only been possible through our partnership
with the government and our joint
venture with CETC. The Chinese government
has the highest standards for security and trusts, the tools they choose to use for productivity and creativity must meet the highest
levels of quality. And this is why I’m in China today
to celebrate our journey and progress together. Please welcome Miss Beth Xu,
CEO of CMIT, the joint venture between CETC and Microsoft to share more about
our partnership. [Applause]
– Thank you, Terry. – Hi, Beth. Thank you for joining me. Now would you mind sharing with everybody here
more about our work together. – Absolutely. Do you mind if I speak in Chinese? – Oh, please do. – [Foreign] I share the information about our joint adventure
between CETC and Microsoft and also shared
our worked together to develop, advance, secure, and localize Windows
10 China Government Edition for Chinese
government customers. – That’s great, Beth. Can you share with everyone here, what’s coming next? – Absolutely. – [Foreign] Terry,
I share updates of our pilots. We are now working with customers
at three levels of the government. At the National level
with China custom, at the Regional level wtih EITC, Economic and Information Technology Committee of Huahei government. And at the State
Enterprise level with Weston. I’m also excited to announce that our partner,
Lenovo is going to be one of the first OEM’s to present Windows 10 Chinese Government Edition. – Thank you, Beth. Thank you CETC, and thank you Lenovo. It is such an honor to have your partnership
and we look forward to working with you and the Chinese government
to meet their needs. – Thank you. [Applause]

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  2. So all the data mined from this version stays in China I presume…make such for consumers where all the data mined stays on the consumers PC instead of being stolen by Microsoft.

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  8. MS needs to stop blocking comments on their other videos of WIN 10 so I can remind it what a piece of garbage their software is yet again. I have nowhere else to vent about win10 ruining my day for the 30th millionth time since launch…

    Today Win 10 decided passwords were too mainstream and said it will not let me log in. I hope AI takes over and whipe their @$$ with your micro$hit code. How can you do this the day my plane leaves and i need to print the ticket? HOW? .I.

  9. windows 10 Chinese government edition LOL
    Fcking use linux, most secure OS ever and unlike Microsoft Windows, the government does not need to worry about an American company helping its American national government hack the computer of its enemies during wars and rivalries.

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