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hi my name's Phil of Wang a part of the channel Wang food productions we've done so many different types of content I'm really proud of the show that we just did this past year called yappi which you know we actually tried pitching the traditional way and we realized you know why are we waiting for the green light when we can just go do this ourselves so we green lit it ourselves and we self produced his self funded it one thing that I really love about our fans is that we have a very wide range we have actually half male half female fans so that is really something that we're really proud of a lot of our fans are Asian American and we're really proud that we can create content that resonates with them and be something that they look up to if they can't see it on the big screen very often they can see it on YouTube I think the best thing about the YouTube community and the fans you create through your channel is the fact that the viewers feel more connected to you and your work than just a movie that you go watch in the movie theater or even a TV show that you pass by one of the great thing about YouTube is that it allows a creator to be flexible if they choose to you know so for us we know that we want to you know make films and we've done series you know full-on multi episodic shows but sometimes it's also nice to just reach our same audience with a three-minute sketch or a short film if I could tell a brand one thing they need to know about YouTube it would be what are you waiting for there's a huge audience here they're highly engaged the content that people are watching rivals and supersedes a lot of the content that you see on TV and I just feel like a lot of people don't understand that YouTube is a place with professionals and really really talented people people are always asking me like oh do you guys just want to go full Hollywood and I tell them no no matter what we do YouTube is always going to be a really really important part and that's because that's where everyone is watching that's where we can yeah just reach more people but just like that

  1. More people should watch Wong Fu because they're not a "personality" driven channel like most YouTubers. They make scripted content with good quality and have been in the forefront of positive Asian-American representation in the media since they started.

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