Meet the Bronx Republican who’s challenging Ocasio-Cortez

  1. This woman will work for the Bronx, unlike AOC who is working for her own pocketbook as part of Soros' stable.

  2. This woman is going to have a lot of ammunition to fry OAC. I’m waiting for the punch line to this GND, I’ve always thought it was a joke. I knew the Dumocrats would want it because of the price tag. They will use this price tag to fill their pockets because keeping track of that much money will be hard to say the least and that’s what the criminal organization called the Dumocrats want.

  3. Ever notice how democrats are always shaking their hands and fingers around. Bet if you tie their hands behind their back, they couldn’t talk.

  4. Ruth, start getting funding for your campaign. And hire someone to help you be more assertive. AOC is a moron but she has a loud mouth that grabs attention. Probably learned it from screaming to patrons over the music blasting in the bar. You have a great message. Just be more vocal and confident.

  5. We know Ruth is a great choice to replace occasional cortex but the PEOPLE of the BRONX need to wake up and oust aoc,

  6. Praying that this lady gets elected, omgosh my eyes are not accosted as they would for ocrasio snowflake from New York but shes as pure as NY snow. She looks like a donkey when showing all her teeth and gums.

  7. I don't like AOC, however it's the state of NY that would be responsible for getting Amazon. AOC is a US Representative not a state representative. She had zero power in her state, she represents her district in Washington. So this woman is just as bad making false promises. Maybe someone will come along that isn't going to lie to challenge AOC.

  8. How and why are extremists like A.O.C ever getting jobs like this in the first place people is A.O.C and her friends really the people we want standing up and speaking for the rest of us come in people

  9. The Universities are pumping out stupid Baristas who will vote for complete Idiots. So get used to the comings and goings of Idiots like AOC.

  10. its always so cringy hearing AOC talk about climate change causing illnesses when there is 0 scientific evidence to support her claim, just her feelings that she is right.

    If we are going to do something about climate change it needs to be something REALISTIC and based on what is real, not on what people feel about it.

    As it is it is difficult to tell if we even NEED to do anything about climate change because the issue is so highly political now. Still better safe than sorry and besides once AOC said that "I'm trying and your not, so until you do it, im the boss", so here is how i would try and fix it. instead of wasting billions of dollars on wind and solar which is currently unsustainable on its own, or unrealistic proposals like the green new deal, how about we gradually start replacing fossil fuel based energy production with nuclear.

    Nuclear is the only energy source we have where so long as the waste material is disposed of correctly that there is zero to very minimal enviromental impact. The minimal impact comes from the manufacturing of the plants and their maintenance parts, not from production of energy as 100% of the waste materials can be safely contained and stored. and nuclear can meet our energy needs + we have enough thorium (an alternate nuclear fuel to uranium) to power the whole Earth for the next 1000 years.

    Just don't build the reactors in places prone to natural disasters + keep them properly maintained and it is the best energy option. Oh, and if that isn't enough to fix the climate for you, why don't we just plant more trees too? like, ALOT more trees!

    PS. Idk if climate change needs to be addressed immediately, it might need to be but the science on it is murky. However there is NO scientific evidence supporting AOC's constant whining that climate change is causing people to die or that it is causing her consitituants health problems. The ideas that climate change is responsable for local storms and other slightly unusual weather is entirely unproven political nonsence used to make people support the climate change agenda out of fear – and their solution proposed is always waste more of tax payers money and more government control which on its own is enough to make me distrust those people.

  11. Firstly…..AOC is a bold faced LIAR!! She just makes up CHARGES and LIES…somebody has to scrutinize what she says and FACT CHECK her.

  12. Just because amazon walked away has nothing to do with her. You act as if the whole DNC jumps when she speaks. WE don't. This woman sounds very racist. she thinks that the bronx should have warehouse jobs There is nothing wrong with warehouse jobs in LIC but amazon should not have denied it and tried to make ppl think that they were going to be trained in coding and programming.They weren't. Those jobs are in the Hudson Yards.Amazon is known for bringing in their own ppl. But Cuomo just wanted them for sewers and what ever else they promised to build. Amazon should just pay their 125m in taxes and leave the bldg to the state where it belongs.Cuomo should have the money but he tried to be a progressive and pay for education and other programs. Now he has no money.We need a dem challenge to AOC

  13. Hey A.O.C. Your D A Y’S R. Numbered Lady Thank God U are a horrible mistake that needs to b rectified, New Yorkers are smart and how they let a person like AOC represent I have not a clue Time to set things right get some one who loves the country they represent Get Her Out!!!!

  14. AOC is a silly little girl that has NO idea what the implications of her stupid ideologies could cause to long standing Americans. SHe's a joke to the American political system. It saddens me to see all the press she seems to get. DIsgusting.

  15. The only reason AOC is there is to make a salary ($174k a year plus extras), she won't earn anywhere. She doesn't care about anything we can say or think about her.

  16. I don't have to see the video. Just get rid of AOC. Vote Republican. Democrats are the WORST THING for AMERICA. Did anyone see the mothership that these Democrats exited


  18. Personally, I am glad that I NEVER voted conservative Republican because they are pathetic and evil! I really cannot stand their agenda so much!

  19. Hey y'all, I just figured out how to tell if these far left Demon Rats are lying. It's easy!
    If their lips are moving, and words are coming out , they're LYING. 😁
    See how easy. Next time they're up for election, watch for that simple clue.

  20. Let's see. Average cost per home in America for SOCs retrofit under her insane Green New Deal: $619,000.00 LMAO. YEAH, sign me up for this. Send AOC or The Squad the bill.

  21. A person needs to be put into a position where they can earn more money. Higher income from working hard keeping your families together and taking personal responsibility. Not pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for your problems. Want to help the less fortunate put them into a position to succeed not more reliance on the government.

  22. There is NO QUESTION that AOS is DUMBER than a Box of Rocks! Judging what is coming out of Congress, I think that the voters can do much better that to vote for persons who do not have a CLUE as to what is going on.
    Just the term "Social Democrats" should be a HUGE RED FLAG. Get rid of SCUM like AOC and companions.

  23. Any other options? AOC needs to go but judging by this voice, there is no evidence of an opponent to replace the problem.

  24. Who are the morons who vote for this AOC nightmare, this woman in a pathetic ignorant fool people, get a clue you idiots, she is NUTS.

  25. Every one is trying to buy the biggest surf board they can to ride that big red tidal wave heading to Washington D.C. trump2020

  26. Take on the challenge to AOC. Be courages and bold like out president. Don't be afraid to say what you feel. State the truth. We'll vote for you.

  27. Get AOC out of there!!!!! Hopefully, she's not using air-conditioning, heated hair dryers, riding in a fueled car to go places. AOC show the American how it's done!!!!!

  28. I'm for the Bronx Republican – you will win!!!! She's playing off of LIES to the American poor people and who don't know the truth.

  29. AOC when has NY ever been worried about the people who want to you got NYC, NY,and Fed income tax. you are worried about the jobs for New Yorkers when who ever gets them jobs will taxed senseless like you want. Wake up and stop dreaming. Like most Democrats tax tax tax. Pay your own taxes and stop trying to tax other for working hard.

  30. We are forgetting that AOC was brought in to audition for the part of a congresswomen for the Democratic Party. Serious, look it up.

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