Meadows slams Dems’ ‘urgency’ for impeachment: It’s been 26 days

  1. I don't believe that Democrats can win elections without cheating in some way or fabricating and Manufacturing a social programming vote machine.

  2. Dems have planned Trump impeachment since day 1 when he swore in. The 2 year Mueller investigation related the Russia collusion hoax led to insufficient evidence to prove any collusion or obstruction existed. And now in the Ukraine impeachment sham, Democrats’ witnesses presented only their opinions, NOT any solid or tangible evidence to charge the President with any crime. Charging someone without any crime is illegal. You cannot be convicted of a crime without evidence. Impeaching a president who commits NO crime is unconstitutional. Democrats are desperate. We the American people voted for Trump, he's our president. We'll fight tooth and nail to protect Trump because he has not done any thing wrong.

  3. president trump committed no crime !!!!!!!! president trump not impeached !! will never be impeached 1! pigfloocies unconstitutional articles will be dead in the senate !!! president trump will be acquitted !!!exonerated !!!100mill trumplicans will reelect president trump 2020 magakag !!!!!!!

  4. The Democrats are not doing their jobs governing the state they represent, in the meantime they're spending millions of U.S. dollars on the investigation. Every day the impeachment hearings are held, it costs the U.S. $100,000 each day.
    They waited 3 years to start this process, because the Democrats thought Trump would fail.

    The Democrats are using the impeachment process, to get free media exposure. For their campaign, and at the same time get paid to attend the trials during impeachment process, instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do

  5. "DOESN'T JUSTICE EXIST ANYMORE??-The "House" should HAVE called up ALL those important Witnesses before they Impeached him–WHICH was their job!!"

  6. Impeached forever. Maybe she is hoping the senate will throw it out without a trial, making it null and void. Guess what she is really hoping for depends on what she thinks will cause the least amount of damage.

  7. The House needs to be limited by requiring a two thirds majority vote to impeach a president. Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler should be impeached for obstructing Congress and trying to overthrow a legally elected president of the USA. Drain the Swamp.

  8. Why do democrats HATE the president SO MUCH? Can anyone articulate why Trump is supposedly so bad? Why are most (not all, but MOST) democrats so stupid? If you’re a liberal or leftist, pls put your “Orange Man Bad” comments below! (This should be good…)

  9. I Hope the senate holds the articles until after the election .. Up yours Nancy … just say we are waiting for witnesses to be found and subpoena'd

  10. Pelosi needs to be impeached for abuse of power over this whole sham, it’s ridiculous to vote for impeachment with no crime.

  11. The Democrats and the MSM have destroyed the "brand" of a Constitutional Democratic Republic … at least the American version!

  12. This isn't hate Trump, it's attack on the office. Their hit list: 1st amendment, 2nd amendment,-electoral college presidential war powers- impeachment process-legal asylum laws- property ownership rights-and more! It's a complete overthrow of our legit form of gov, the complete destruction of the united states constitution and bill of rights! Republicans have to see what is happening but don't call it out. WHY IS THAT? DOJ is so far not holding treasonous demons accountable! Wake up, stand up or give up and go play with Joe bidens leg!

  13. Only need 4 Republicans and your dumpster trump is out, the longer she holds them the more real Republicans see the big picture of the corruption in this all white house of shame

  14. The urgency is to ensure it done before the next election.. That's why they couldn't wait for court rulings for a few months, making it seem it was abnormally long.. this leads to people thinking the process was rigged by the admin..

    Not many remember that the previous impeachments took years.. alot of Americans don't know their own history that's why it so easy to manipulate them thru mass media manipulation..

  15. She/they wanted to rush it through to have it coincide with the IG Horowitz report televised before congress revealing the corruption in the FBI along with the Democrats. They knew it was wrong and unconstitutional, but they needed to control the news cycle that week and the only thing they had big enough was the phoney impeachment charade. They must have got wind of the IG report findings and set in motion the FAKE "whistle blower" story. They were desperate to control the news narrative and try and keep folks away from the IIG's revelations. News cycle manipulation in all it's deceptive glory

  16. I have news for you Pelosi, the Impeachment process is not Basketball, the Senate has the final Constitutional decision.

  17. Look how the republicans are secretly keeping Biden or his son from having to testify. These fukers act like they are protecting Trump but really dont want the corruption they are ALL involved in being heard in a trial. There is a judge right there that can pronounce anyone guilty on the spot for any crime.

  18. darlings.. another “HYSTERICAL “.. white man clutching his “PEARLS”.. Laura Ingram should run for President.. she is so smart..

  19. William Barr has given the green light to Saudi Arabians to possess child pronography in the United States that's right child pronography its a okay with William Barr no charges will be brought against the Saudis possessing child pornography

  20. The word "impeach" is all the TDS SORE LOSER HYPOCRITE dems were seeking. They'll hold that like a Trophy now forever. But it's not a 1st place Trophy….It's just a (rigged) "participation" Trophy.

  21. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should be brought up on treasonous charges for organizing a coup against our government and president. That goes along with call me brennon and all the rest.I think there's a million other people just like me to feel the same way that I talk to consistently on social media

  22. There has to be arrests this country can't take anymore of this behavior from the Democrats destroying our government and our way of life they need to be put in a dark deep cell or executed for treason and starting a coup against the government.

  23. If members of Congress want witnesses Do the witnesses they want to find out the impeachment or allegations thrown in the air by opponents of the president, what witnesses do they want to substantiate or disprove the congressional interference charge in a court that has not been adjudicated by the president? And what witnesses do they want to establish or disprove the ruling that Biden did everything legally and the president knew and tried to criminalize him? To this day there has not been A comprehensive inquiry into this conduct so please request an inquiry about Biden and then open your mouth


  25. The American people Pelosi hate the you are trying to ERASE OUR VOTES FOR FOR FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BE OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!! You are CUJO evil. We see you foaming at the mouth!

  26. Nancy Pelosi was dragging the Articles of Impeachment, because she fears that her son Paul Pelosi Jr. could be subpoenaed in an expanded investigation on Ukraine corruption after the Obama Administration joined George Soros in the Ukraine regime change and the colossal corruption that ensued using the US Foreign Aid program as the main source of their "slush funds". Remember, there is around $40 billion in aid to Ukraine that has not been fully accounted for.

  27. Democrats are disgusting, they are everything our American system is not. Their tyranny of guilty to proven innocent should of landed them in jail, their schemes of mafia style playing is a disgrace, they are familiar of another country not this American country, they have crossed the line and have abused, manipulated, played our American system like a joke, personally they should of all stepped down for the disgraceful show they put on and abuse of Kavanaugh, I'm still pissed about WHY that was permitted and the way it was handled, they went back (30 )years ago to dig up dirt on him, I could imagine what they have on the Republicans who will flip their vote. They are sickning criminals who's low life power describes their character.
    They will again be the cause of another civil war if it happens.

  28. I don't know American Law, but surely their must be repercussions which can get rid of pelosi and schiff and the rest who don't seem to have brains. SA

  29. Pelosi's "impeached forever" remarks are absurd! This is a Hail Mary pass AFTER the game has been lost! In the process, Democrats lost much respect from their voters, which is VERY DIFFICULT to get back at this point!!

  30. Martha could barely contain her rage as he nuked the argument for additional witnesses. She talked him down to get the Pelosi sound bite in and push the democrats narrative. She'll be claiming Hannity sexually harassed her in near election time like her buddy Megan Kelly.

  31. So 6 Republican senators still cant see what is so obvious? Why would anyone vote for people who cant see what's been going on….?

  32. I love how the left thinks they got this big win by impeaching trump. The right knows he’s not going anywhere so we really don’t care.

  33. I'm no lawyer but I thought you investigate a crime after it happens, the Democrats are investigating to find or makeup crimes.
    As of now, it is clear that they have only fabricated crimes and committed a few in the process.

  34. The democrats and their supporters are so filled with hate for the President it completely blinds themselves from the truth. it completely blinds them from morality. That’s why they will continue down this path of destruction for themselves and the country. It’s sad

  35. Impeachment is not a sham but why the democrats are dragging it out might be. Biden was leading so delaying it will tie up his opponents so they can't campaign, that's kinda backfiring because Biden is no longer in the lead, he's a gaffe machine and the less people hear from him, the better.

  36. Just remember one thing "The will of of 63 million American voters". This will now become a part for every presidential election. When the house is a different party for the president. I'll be glad when the Dems are booted from the house in 2020. Maybe they will learn… "Make them cry again. Trump 2020"

  37. Impeach? For what?
    Russia if you’re listening please help
    China should investigate Biden
    I went you to do us a favor

  38. This comments section is a golden example of everything wrong with society today. Deplorable right wing idiots whose combined cranial capacity cannot be seen even with a microscope…

  39. When these charges are acquitted by the Senate there will be other investigations and additional impeachments. Polosi said it hear. The reason is the Supreme Court. Ruth Bader Ginseng will be next to leave the bench I think she is hanging on just through the 2020 election. The fact is the Dems have nothing to run on. Corrupt Joe Biden, lets give it all away Sanders and Warren. The rest ? Not even sure what they are running on. Hi I'm Mike Bloomberg. I need to rebuild the nation? Really rebuild it into what. Going to be fun to watch when CNN and MSNBC say these words " We project that President Trump has be re-elected as President of the United States. "Make them cry again. Trump 2020"

  40. Hey fox why don’t you report on trump taking a billion dollar bribe from Saudi Arabia and how Russia is interfering in the election again by hacking Barisma just to help that orange blimp that is in the White House

  41. Trump was not impeached 🤣🤣🤣🤣He will be President again in 2020 Nancy and you will be hung for treason for all of america to watch!

  42. ALL I HAVE TO SAY NOW IS SEND IT!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣America is waiting for the real show to begin🤷🏻‍♂️

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