Matthews: Republican Party Now Controlled By President Donald Trump | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. WTF is wrong with republicans? They used to think of themselves as patriots. how can they follow this mussolini wannabe and renounce american principles? WTF?

  2. This is pure propaganda.Since MSNBC has been covering up real stories you might what to watch a real story.

  3. After losing the culture war and ineffectively fighting progression for the last 50 years, the Republican party finally snapped and made raving lunatic like Trump the new face of their party, a person who embodies the spitefulness, arrogance, greed, and ineptness of the party that they've tried to hide for the last few decades.

  4. Do you really expect to be believed after things like this: Bullsh*t 'Russian Collusion' Narrative Collapses
    Paul Joseph Watson, Subscribed 1M, Published on Oct 26, 2017 '

  5. Donald Trump, the guy who hasn't even received his Presidential 'learners permit' yet ("We're all learning politics, right"), is controlling the Republican Party? What could possibly go wrong?

  6. PODESTA GROUP NOW FOREIGN AGENTS FOR RUSSIA: Lobbied for Uranium One and Pro Putin Ukrainian Firm

  7. And the Republican Party is winning all over America with trump, they are getting their tax cuts and defunding all the social programs that help working people. I don't like them but the democrats are in worst shape than ever.

  8. nothing on Hillary colluding with Russia? wow msnbc report the news, report who payed for the trump colluding with Russia report that Hillary is behind it

  9. Corker and Flake tried standing up to Trump. They are both being primaried and are so far behind in the polls that they decided to retire rather than take the beating. Of course Republicans are falling in line, they just saw two of their own get obliterated.

  10. For all of fantasist Trump's innumerable faults perhaps the most dangerous is his fatalism with nuclear war – he is like a moth hovering over the flame .. ..and the GOP let him out of their dark box .. ..

  11. Hence my avatar, painted months ago to express my fear for where America is headed: a pod-born mockery of patritotism and democracy.

  12. Matthews in a man of steel-from the neck up.Watching him and the delusional liberal media self implode on a daily basis in highly amusing. Liberals have only have 86 months of Trump or 31,645 more days of restless days and sleepless nights. Hilarious.

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