Matt Whitaker: Dems are the party of ‘big city, coastal elites’

  1. Who wants Constitution of President USA🇺🇸?
    So Bernie Democrat's want NO Constitution and mix aliens constitution with illegal immigration around world making their own united states-united nation's with universal medicare green deal and cutting off fossil's and wearing hanuman🐒 vyayam🏋🏾 shaall exercise🤼🏻 jhangas supports🏇🏾 bottoms!

  2. Nancy pookie bear grudge against the rules and the people of America she knows her back and day's is coming to an end that bostful bragmouth over confidence plastic face and body with Botox injections can't done Na ok Nancy you're not blowing flowing glowing you have lots your Beautiful Sheen and the people want more glossy gloss over them not Emonshion.

  3. Socialism/Communism was created by Evil Lucifer worshipping Illuminati to enslave mankind. It has killed over 100 million people, it abolishes all spiritual practices to dam souls. Evil is as evil does.

  4. If Pelosi put 1/10 the Energy into “Cleaning Up the Streets of San Francisco”, as she does in “Tearing Down Pres Trump”, SF would be great again (WBGA)!!!

    Conditions in SF Are Where the “Real Crime” lives! She must be held accountable for this! She is their elected official!

  5. You know the demonrats are scared of Matt Whitaker. Appoint him to a special counsel and let this man off the chain.. let him viciously and without mercy tear into the demonrats and blow the whole shebang open.

  6. Nancy Pelosi together with the presidential candidates are not a leader, are vicious harmful viruses that is an intricate part of the deep state. Like a bad infection they should be eradicated from the American political scene as soon as possible. Only then will the Democrat party stand a chance to heal itself.

  7. The rule of law ? They jumped Flynn but Comey, Brennan, Hillary all committed obvious felonies ( in Comey's case, admitted to them ) & crickets. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

  8. America: take back the House; fill the Senate and, for Heaven’s sake, show your support for President Trump, and get him back into the White House, because he’s fighting for you every, single day! KAG 2020, and God bless America and President Trump!

  9. What utter hypocracy from the Marxist DemonicRats! These lying Jackals are lawless. For example: Hillary Jezebel Clinton should be in a prison cell. John Brennan should be executed for Treason. Barack Hussein Obamanation should be sitting in a prison cell., Etc., Etc

  10. People have to understand that the ONLY way this crap will stop is if the people deliver to Trump both the House AND the Semate – and President deserves at LEAST that much. LANDSLIDE 2020!

  11. After my short break in commenting:
    Matt Whitaker: "They have no desire to serve the people of America. They are the party of a big city, coastal elites"

    I know hard to believe, but the big city coastal elites are also the people of America (about half of them). However apart from that, the Dems should really focus some more on the less educated ones in middle America, where the Republicans and Fox News sacrifice all of their attention.

    Also very important that stemming from the American electoral system (College etc.) – i.e. its imbalance toward small state Republicans – the most valuable candidate against Trump is the one who can address the people in middle America and not who wins in California, New York etc. which are big, containing a lot of people, but only single states, and can result in winning the popular vote but losing the election (as too many times already). So look out for the popular Democratic candidates in small 'red' states.

    And a little about Impeachment 2.0:
    Let us make a short comparison between the British (i.e. the origin) and the American 'Parliament' aka Congress. Both are Bicameral Legislatures which was basically the same at the beginning. It has also pros and cons, while bicameral legislatures theoretically enforce an effective system of checks and balances preventing the enactment of laws unfairly impacting or favoring certain factions of the government or the people, but its procedures in which both chambers must approve legislation often result in complications slowing or blocking the passage of important laws.

    Thereby, dividing Congress into two chambers, with the positive vote of both required to approve legislation was intended to be a natural extension of the framers' concept of separation of powers to prevent tyranny (of the factions), however here comes the twist in the story where the parties (something like 'official' factions) completely messed up this concept and made legislature almost impossible and 100% political, and basically also the tyranny of the governing party, while the original idea was the exact opposite. In the beginning both the Senate and House of Lords (upper chambers) had unelected members (i.e. by the people) and the laws needed the approval of both chambers with positive vote. The British have earlier realized the problem with that system, than the Americans, so they tried to solve it like this:

    The UK solution: They kept the unelected members of the House of Lords, but apart from debating legislation, and having power to amend or reject bills, their power to reject a bill passed by the House of Commons is severely restricted. Basically the British made them almost useless and unnecessary.

    The US solution: While from 1789 to 1913 senators were elected by state legislatures, beginning with the 1914 general election, all U.S. senators have been chosen by direct popular election, so Americans made the requirement for Senators to be elected by the people. However, to become an elected official in the US is only possible through affiliation to one of the two parties, therefore during periods when the House and Senate are controlled by different political parties, legislation is almost impossible and when the House and Senate are controlled by the same political party, it becomes tyrannical, for all intents and purposes a dictatorship.

    Solution (the one and only): Abolition of parties (as for almost anything). Familiar? At least if you don't want to make Senators like the noble Lords in UK i.e. an unnecessary annoyance. However even in that case – just like in the UK Commons – you still have parties in the House creating the same mess still, but in a two party system such as the US one, where you only have to simply win to be also the majority (even by one single person) and therefore become a dictator. Consequently the two party system is the worst of all worlds.

    That's all for now as some food for thought.

    P.S.: Also impeachment 2.0 seems like rather a necessity than a simple decision, which means a lot of work in the House.

  12. It's time to wake up and unite together to save our Country. As an American NOT a Democrat or a Republican but as an AMERICAN let's stick together and vote these radical socialist/globalist corrupt people out of office!!! Let's take our beloved Country back and out of their power grabbing hands.. The United States of America belongs to "We The People" not to the globalists.

  13. From this side pond it's DISGUSTING what's happening over in the U.S. THEY should not call themselves the Democratic party, It should be the VENDETTA PARTY. It's like Labour over here, they just don't learn….!!!!!

  14. Love watching Matt ! He actually looked like he was having fun at the house oversight ! I was laughing at how he messed with them !

  15. Isn't it strange how they all want to talk about the constitution, make you wonder if any of them have ever read it.

  16. Democratic radicals. They are nothing more than enablers, creating the new age of “I’m untitled”, “I deserve”, “I’m owed”, whether I work for it or not, and we’ve allowed it to happen. It’s time to stop Socialistic ideas from infiltrating this country. When I see ppl, putting their lazy children on a mental health disability check, so they can receive a check on them until they are 18, when they are perfectly able to work, but I fought for 3 years, with 3 different debilitating diseases, I know we are in very serious trouble. Sadly, I had already put into the system for 38 years.

  17. It's pretty obvious their only chance to win is to come through on a long shot impeachment. Desperation makes people do ridiculously stupid things.

  18. Democrats talking about the rule of law, is a joke. They got behind Hillary, when just the fact that she deleted e-mails that were subpoenaed, is an actual crime, unlike what Trump was even accused of. Give me a break.

  19. What really makes America great is all the men and women who go to work day after day to support their families. They are having to listen to their values belittled, their faith mocked. And being told their too ignorant to know how to vote. I can never vote democratic again

  20. Somebody stop that woman 😂 🖕crazy 🖕 Nancy 🖕 pelosi 🖕she's at it again somebody's got to stop her she's a lunatic 😭

  21. Pelosi and her nefarious gang have converted to a permanent and perpetual pressure group who have lost their way and their purpose.

  22. A bunch of senile elders who have all lost their mental glue. These self proclaimed elitists need to disappear. They are all completely out of touch, and greed and vengeance rules their roost!!!

  23. I hope that the people vote in the Republicans for the house So that we can start putting some of these people in jail that are part of the deep state.

  24. Their just trying to stop things because of the crimes they have commited.But they are going down.It's coming and they cannot stop it!Thank you President Trump and all who are helping him God Bless America!

  25. yeah, them…and foreign(largely illegal) peasants who all want a free ride…which is my main source of contempt. i can deal with the elites, they are just individuals. its the congealing masses of hive-minded, non-American biological material that sets off my alarm bells…

  26. Who could possibly care what Matt Whitaker thinks about anything? FoxNews is just trying to get mileage out of a talking head they hired years ago on retainer. Yawn.

  27. Yeah why don’t they care about their states that are sinking in oblivion in poverty, crime and pooping and homelessness in the streets. Amazing that any sane person would vote for a democrat! They have done nothing!!

  28. Nancy Pelosi you are a threat to our democracy and you need to retire and let our Country heal, let the Dems do their thing
    Without you being involved! Go find your boy friend Bob Mueller!

  29. Comrad Bernie Sanders knows all about Intimidating his party members, no one with a knowledge of history would want to have a Socialist program to ruin USA like Venezuela

  30. Demoncraps specialize in being pathological liars, embezzling taxpayers money and massive voter fraud. This is what Demoncraps do, this is who they are.

  31. Do nothing Dems don’t care about this country .. They are all evil .. The lord needs to take her home ..They just steal from Americans

  32. The Democrats are in big trouble. Idiots from top to bottom, all the candidates are turds, and they simply don’t get it that Americans hate them. TRUMP 2020!!!!

  33. DEMS do nothing but say crap about the president! Thats all they have Bernie who spends lots of time spewing crap about millionaires but is one talks crap about climate change but will take a private jet where wants to go Warren OMG… look at all the lies she has been caught in she should be ASHAMED but shes not and then theres Bidin that all that needs to be said! TRUMP 2020!

  34. Looky there one socialists and one stupid idiot and female Democrat will never get the to be the president all they're showing is there hatred for Donald Trump and you guys still allow them on your news station

  35. Only people that will vote for these traitor of American values are people that want free stuff. Give me, Give me people.

  36. Ripper Pelosi, NastyPelosi the Ripper. Nasty Nancy or the Ripper.Nipper. She looked like she had been nipping. Nasty Nancy and Crooked Hilary need to go to the Forrest and get lost. I pray for you nasty Nancy 😇

  37. Normally i don't give a crap who wins the presidency, but after all this, i got to wonder, wt the hell was
    these peoples intent, if they HAD got elected?? Kinda worrisome. j.

  38. The Left will keep going…until and unless we VOTE THEM OUT, and thus get them away from the microphones. They are wasting everyone’s time and the taxpayers’ money with insatiable thirst for power.

  39. I wish I could post a picture of what real life is like…you would see people at my job…we wonder how we will make all our bills on time…we work hard. NANCY THE RIPPER has no idea of the heart of America. She is in a rich persons bubble and she looks crazy as h*ll everytime I see her in the news. Senile. Hormone issue? I gotta get back to work…unlike you doing nothing for people like me. Thats why everyone here likes trump. He gives us hope unlike Nancy who is fighting to keep everything the same. We need change.

  40. Look…..quit talking about voting base and bullcrap……trump is choking thier foreign wallet, they have to do this, and keep doing it……thier riches will dry up forever.

  41. How could any prayerful human respect a man in position of power who questions and belittles others faith and prayers, let alone tolerate that behavior from a president of a nation born from the concept of freedom of religion?
    Can we please get this Kindergarten-like, Vindictive,  Whiney Bully Liar Con Artist marketeer, who always plays the victim role, out of the White House. Americans deserve a president with integrity compassion and honor, who will abide by the rule of law, and respect all citizens of our nation, not just their followers.

  42. The only threat the President Trump is to them, never the American people. Corruption is open and draining and all the Dems can do is to slow it down as much as possible.

  43. Back in the day, you needed a stake in the game before you could play. Half these people wouldn’t be allowed to vote in the old system.

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