1. Corker is by far one of the most despicable foulest traitors to the people of Tennessee and to the USA in History! Blackburn has my vote for sure!

  2. WE LOVE YOU MARSHA TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT GOD BLESS YOU 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I wouldn’t put a lot of weight in the polls. They only poll in Shelby County (Memphis) and Davidson County (Nashville), like all other polling they think these areas speak for the rest of the State. In our Primaries 600,000 +turned out to vote Marsha Blackburn and only 348,000 turned out on the Phil Bredesen . That was state wide voting, it won’t change that much come November. Phil Bredesen will be just just as bad as Corker if not worse. District 5 (Nashville) and District 9 (Memphis) is the only blue hot spots across Tennessee, the other 7 districts are bright red.

  4. Let's see if there are any Democrats that hold justice above their Party solidarity and do what is right and vote for Kavanaugh. Casting a bipartisan vote in favor of Judge Kavanaugh would actually esteem that Party member above the power-hungry in their midst whose egos are so large that they aspire to run for the highest office in the land. The entire Party is being played by these power brokers and if they are too gullible to see through it, they should not be in public office.

  5. CNN on the scene… watch as CNN's amazing sleuthing abilities as they bring you the scoop on the "Kavanaugh Ice-Throwing Scandal":

  6. I really hope she wins. If Conservatives turn out, the republicans could pick up this seat, N. Dakota-Heitkamp is voting against Kavenaugh, Missouri, McCaskill is an idiot, Indiana and maybe a couple others like Montana. Should pick up a seat in Montana. Those people are 2nd Amendment conservatives.

  7. It doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, brown, or yellow or whether you’re male, female, or something in between; if you are against illegal immigration and pro-life, you’re racist and sexist.

  8. neville sukul
    neville sukul
    5 minutes ago (edited)
    All in all the Demorats wanted a Demorat instead of a conservative. Pocahontas is on the warpath. Last nite she built a bond fire and jumping around it like a grasshopper chanting. When she was asked what is she saying in the chanting, she said, 'I ent know'. Please do not forget she is a full blood native INJUN. Don't you think she is a disgrace and an insult to real native Indians? What a phony bitch. She claimed that Chief Crazy Horse was her Grand Father (that is how she got the name 'War'-ren because she is crazy as shit; Chief Sitting Bull was her Great Grand Father. Her real full name is Elizabeth Warrior Crazy Shitting Bull. Stand next to her and u will agree with me – she smells like cow manure.

  9. Just when you think these leftist creatures cant get any lower, bingo they slink a little lower. They are terrified that they wont be able to abort lives anymore. Kapernick is their hero as they try to destroy mr. Kavenaugh. One of them says America is not that great and they rally around him as they destroy mr. Kavenaughs family. They say dont call ms13 animals they are human beings as they call Americans for Mr. Trump deplorables. Whats wrong with this picture? Where did these people come from? How did it come to this? Our enemies are laughing their asses off watching this circus. United we stand, divided we fall. Watch out. Even now 10 people gave this a thumbs down. Thats 10 people that I described above. Shamefull.

  10. @grin and bear it Any turnover though wouldn't include Blackburn since she is simply trying to protect a current GOP Senate seat.

  11. As a Rep man 2 things I love about having Rep women in politics,, 1. is those women give a VOICE for other Reps women that are sadly left out. Also to TEACH the Left that Reps men do NOT hate women!!! GO GO GO Marsha!!!!!!!

  12. I'm a Southern person and her accent sounds a lot like a British person trying to impersonate a Southerner. It genuinely freaks me out. And I'm a conservative btw so don't claim I'm just saying this because I'm one of those looney demonrats..

  13. not only democrats in senate, also republicans are leaning towards accepting money from democrats. america should have corruption watch or more corruption investigation journalist to expose these people

  14. Marsha Blackburn is a good and smart woman! I pray that she wins this race for the people of Tennessee and America! May God hold her up as the winner for the people!!


  16. Dems are evil swampers. BUT Trump is forcing the GOP to stand up and wake up and join him to save America. See how Lindsay and Cruz and others are finally joining. FINALLY!!!

  17. Get out there and Vote the Dem Out… If you want to got your Country Back VOTE. God Bless America and Keep Her Safe.

  18. Make the Senate Functional again!! with Marsha. Thank you President Trump for working hard and supporting Marsha. Character Assassination of Kauvanaugh!!! well said

  19. I love Marsha Blackburn! I’m like Trump though. We should be winning every race by a landslide. Just how many liberal leaches on the taxpayers are there in this country? OMG. Too many. Too many single issue morons!!! Buck up and grow up.

  20. Look like some democrats edited Marsha Blackburn WIKIPEDIA page with the intent of harming her, just check it out

  21. "Hey I'm Marsha Blackburn, I'd like to take some tens of millions of special interest money and buy TV ads designed to make you feel scared so you'll be duped into voting for me. I have literally done nothing with my time in Washington but would still like my reward."

  22. Project Veritas recently exposed the true nature of the deception of Phil Bredesen as to his real leanings.
    Although Marsha Blackburn emphatically supported the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh from day one. Bredesen lied when he said that he would have voted for Kavanaugh's confirmation. Bredesen's staff specifically said that there was NO WAY that Bredesen would have departed from the thrust of the Democrat Party and voted for Kavanaugh's confirmation! The NRA knows Bredesen's hate of our 2nd Amendment gun rights and your right to defend your home. God bless Marsha Blackburn for her years of solid America first votes. America does not need another Chuck Schumer in the senate!

  23. I wonder if Marsha Blackburn had any men in her life that disappeared under suspicious circumstances. She seems like the kind of woman that would sell her husband's car and all his belongings after he's only been missing for 12 hours.

  24. Nope. Can't vote for a pro Putin corrupt politician like Blackburn. We need patriots like Bredesen. Bredesen is a good moderate for the Senate.

  25. Headlines: "Blackburn soars in the polls after taytay endorsement."

    Now she's up by 14 pts. Nice try Tay. The Dems should try getting Miley to swing in on her wrecking ball and endorse Bredesen. Tennesse regard Taylor and Cyrus as traitors to America. For them to think Tennesse voters would follow them over the cliff is just an indication of how brain dead and delusional they have become.

  26. All the Republicans in red states need to show up. The liberals you previously elected do not represent you or your values

  27. I'm going to vote for her tomorrow during early voting. I don't like her(net neutrality, opioid crisis, etc), but we really can't have another "Schumer puppet" in the Senate. She's lucky the democrats have gone completely insane. She'll win Tennessee.

  28. Marsha Blackburn a hero who fought a corrupt Government who tried to use extortion to pass a state income tax. and won, I was on the battlefield with Rev. Bob Lee protecting the People of Tennessee. Bredesen will support pedophiles, child trafficking, killing babies. They want the News World Order that Obama tried to ushe in, our guns and constitution stopped him. That is why Bredeson and the other Democrats want to ban guns and change the constitution. put you under control of UN AGENDA 21, the EU TPP. A vote for a democrats is a vote for the destruction of America, once it happens it is no turning it back, The NWO will take your wealth and transfer it to poor countries. They can take your home, your car, your 401k, selling baby body parts, Trump needs Marsha Blackburn to help him drain the swamp. bring back jobs, stop the child trafficking and the Pedophile rings run by Hillary and Obama. They worship at the satanic temple on Pedophile Island, Mueller protects them. as well as Schumer, Pelosi who has been having sex with Mueller for 13 yrs. stop being a puppet for the left they are evil

  29. Intellectually, Marsha isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer and I have my problems with her Bible Belt mentality, but she's a reliable vote for border security and immigration and labor law enforcement. I'm a one-issue voter there because every other social and fiscal problem gets worse if that one isn't addressed.

  30. Project Veritas has EXPOSED the Dem candidate; he's been telling Volunteer State voters that he'd support Kavanaugh but the video footage makes it clear that he's lying.

  31. Neo-Nazi Republican Party and trump are to blame. The same for the bombing attempts. The same for the school shootings. The same for the anthrax attacks in the early 2000s.

    There was a 23 republican that threaten to kill kids in a Tennessee school that was arrested inn Kentucky no long ago. He had lots of ammo and Kevlar vest.

    Folks Harry Truman had a saying "the Buck stops here" . Trump and the GOP doesn't take responsibility for anything.

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