Mapping The Swamp Discussion on Fox Business (2018)

30,000 federal workers are earning nearly $200,000 dollars a year, That’s more than three times what the average private sector worker makes. So John you say it’s time for taxpayers to demand that we clean up this costly swamp. Yeah this is terrible for taxpayers because every dollar the federal government spends is more control over the economy. But it’s also bad for federal workers. Working for the federal government is about doing a job that never involves being fired, and so you lack the stresses and strains that cause you to evolve. And also it’s supposed to be about sacrificial public service, this is not about sacrifice. Capri there’s nothing sacrificial about making $200,000 a year. And by the way it’s not only compared to the private sector, you know how many governors make that much? Zero! Zero governors make as much as almost 30,000 federal employees. It is pretty incredible, and look any time the tax dollars are at stake the american people deserve answers and transparency on how those dollars are being spent. But we do have to remember that in order to attract quality individuals within the government. You know at the end of the day people need to make money. They need to earn a living, and in places like Washington DC the cost of living is incredibly high. And what I really think we need to look at is what are these positions that are getting this kind of money? Do they warrant that kind of money? I mean is it the head of an agency that has hundreds of employees that are answering to an individual? Or is it something that is obscure that may be a position that need to be eliminated? Again we have to remember if we want government to act like business it needs to be as competitive as business in order to get that kind of talent to come into the government. Yeah but E Mac it’s not just the top, cream of the crop federal workers that are getting payed that much. Days off, average federal workers days off it comes up to 43 days off. That’s eight and a half weeks of paid time off, you don’t get that anywhere in the private sector! Are we talking about France here or are we talking about the US? Just kidding. You know I think eight years ago I may have said something about trickled down government. Our government is way too big. There are too many people working there doing nothing. And the people who have the time off David. Doesn’t even count the people sitting on their couches working for the federal government at home! Working from home on union duties full time. I mean that a big problem too. Steve I know we need to get the best people working in the public sector. But the same time even when we do, and pay them all this much money the public sector doesn’t seem to work or act well does it? Of course not David because there’s no market discipline when your in private sector and you do that kind of behavior. You go out of business so all of the reforms they put in, “Oh were gonna run it like a business.” Won’t work because there’s not that pressure. By the way each year they evaluate federal employees. And if you don’t give them the highest rating you have a union fight. And so there’s no accountability. And rich bonuses we haven’t talked about bonuses $350 million dollars a year in bonuses to federal workers. And that included people like Lois Learner who was focusing on all the conservative political groups she could. Well I think the issue is you can’t fire the mediocre ones or the crappy ones. But you know when it comes to cyber security, and issues like the we probably should be paying more to attract the kind of talent that would otherwise go to amazon or google. Sabrina, i’m so sorry we only have ten seconds go ahead quickly. Steve took the words out of my mouth, I actually don’t want people with great talent leaving the private sector to go to the public sector there’s no market there. We’re never going to actually behave this way. Alright good way to button it up thank you very much.

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