Making Winter Shelters for Community Cats!

Hey everybody, I'm here at Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C. with my friend Erin. Erin works with all of the community cats in Washington, D.C. She manages a huge program that saves the lives of all of the feral and community cats. [Erin:] Yes, that is true. [Hannah:] So, it has been freezing in D.C. lately, and the other day, Erin and I were texting, and we were like, maybe we can get a bunch of people to come make winter shelters. [Erin:] So, we are gathering hopefully a lot of people today to make uh winter shelters for community cats outside. Community cats can live outside. They're very well adapted to outdoor life, but having somebody watching up with them and feeding them and then providing winter shelter like this means that we can certainly improve their quality of life. And we're getting a lot of phone calls asking about what to do, people who may be new to taking care of community cats as of 2017, and this is their first winter with it, and they don't know what to do, and they think, "Oh, I should call and you guys should pick them up and take them to the shelter." So making these outdoor shelters for them is what we can offer them and give them away for free to anybody who needs them, and we're not bringing those cats into the shelter facility where they don't want to be. So we can do this for those people and those cats. [Hannah:] So the shelters that we're making today start out with an 18-gallon plastic tub just like this. And then inside, They're insulated with Mylar. So you can get it at Home Depot, and it is reflective of the cat's body heat. So you can just tape this onto the inside of it. On the sides and on the bottom we put styrofoam sheets for extra insulation, and then cover that in the Mylar. What we do here is cut a 6 inch by 6 inch hole that the cat can go in, and this one has a flap on it so that the cat can go in there and then there's no wind resistance. Sometimes the cats will accept a flap, sometimes not. It really depends on the cat. Another important thing is making sure that the hole is sufficiently up off the ground. Think about rain and snow. You don't want any of that to be able to come in on the bottom here. So you want them to kind of hop up into it. Then you just put some straw inside of here. You want to make sure that you're using straw and not hay, because it's nice and dry for them. You just put your lid on, and this is where… the cats can spend their winters and be nice and warm. [Hannah:] The door is so cool. I like the Kitten Lady sticker. This is awesome! [Andrew:] Good job guys! [Woman:] That's awesome. [Hannah:] Cats can and do live very good lives outdoors. I think a lot of people are surprised by that? Like they picture that cats on the streets have these like really sad lives. [Erin:] Yes. [Hannah:] And if you work with community cats or feral cats, you know that that's just not the case. Most of the time, these cats have, really good lives um and (Yeah) can live very successfully, but there's always ways we can improve their quality of life, just like for pet cats. We can improve their quality of life. Of course, another essential component of working with community cats is making sure that they are sterilized. The number one source of kittens in shelters is from these outdoor community cats, so we have got to get on the streets and get trapping and get those cats sterilized. So get on Google and find out if you have a Trap-Neuter-Return program in your community, and you can get involved by volunteering to trap cats, foster little kittens, and make winter shelters just like these Humane Rescue Alliance needed winter shelters, and I think we did it! [Andrew:] Wooo!
[Hannah:] Cat! *Outro* Video End

  1. There's a small handful of community cats in my neighborhood, and one of them is actually comfortable enough with my family to come inside the house when he gets too cold, but these are great for the other cats who are more feral

  2. How many cats would you say each of those home-made shelters provides for? Is it one cat per shelter? Or will a few stay in one at a time? There's a group of about 7 feral cats in my neighborhood, and I'd like to build a shelter for them for the winter. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Wonderful work you're doing! My only concern is that many people put two doors in so the cat can escape if something comes inside after them. What is your thoughts on this?

  4. So much gret info. Had no clue I could help homeless cats. Or about their ears being clipped to show they have been fixed. Love that a couple of shelters could do so much. I've always felt helpless as my income is so small and being disabled. But you have such great info and I feel empowered to help now. Should I get some friends together to make shelters and we place them in strategic safe places or take them to shelters or both?

  5. Kitten lady youre awesome! I actually built 4 really good ones for some strays this winter. I even crawled beneath a house to get them placed in the right spots. Cats are cool. We should all be helping these guys out. Shes setting a good example.

  6. Hello. I feed street cats. I’m saving and collecting things to make them houses and is a good idea summon people to help. I would like to do it to finish fast and help them.

  7. One very cold winter years ago, I helped a neighborhood cat who I used to feed. I tried bringing him inside the house, but my cat wasn't having it. So I used two cardboard boxes, one smaller than the other, with pink fiberglass insulation between them. I put an automobile caged trouble light with a 5 watt bulb inside, and it was warm enough inside to keep his water dish from freezing. I put the shelter on my porch out of the wind. He loved it. I found him a forever home in the spring.

  8. Too many wild animals like raccoons and etc so instead I rescued a feral kitten and tamed it. He is in his forever home now. Apparently his mother either was killed or left him. Either way he's in his forever home and is now a loved and spoiled furbaby.

  9. Thank you I was able to get most everything I needed at Walmart. Tomorrow I will get some straw and I forgot to put styrofoam on my list but can get that tomorrow as well.

  10. Congratulaions for your great work. I am building my first cat shelter, and love the idea of the mylar. I didn't think of that. Keep up the great work.

  11. Do lots of feral cats live more in metropolitan areas rather than suburbs? I ask because I've always lived in the suburbs and have never seen feral cats. I see cats outside a lot, but just assume they are someone's pet. Feral cats i assume are more skiddish and dirty looking than a pet and maybe underweight.

  12. Where do you recommend putting those cat shelters? I'm looking to make a couple for my neighborhood in Chicago but not sure where is best to put them?

  13. Thank you for being a hero to all cats. You're an amazing woman and I wish you all the help you need to continue your mission. I will be helping out in what I can in our neighborhood.

  14. I don't see how they have "really good lives" when they don't know where their next meal is coming from, there is no medical care when they need it, predators and HUMANS can end their lives easily..and do. And yes, it's freezing outside. What about the kittens……

  15. Free mice ➡ (hilarious)

    I have been using my old dog BRANDY'S large Vari kennels top and the bottom half each help make a great shelter I have covered up the outside with tarps,bubble wrap and sheets of plastic they get blankets inside and either dried leaves or grass underneath for extra insulation and a wind breaker doorway and of course I leave out dry cat food & un-frozen water all yr round it never snows here but I still like to make sure they have a dry warm shelter to go-to Iam going to block off acess underneath my house because Iam guessing that a PEPE LaPue has been cutting the cheese under MY house

  16. There are sibling kittens that pretty much live in my yard , their mom had them and the just stay question is should I make one shelter for each or just one?

  17. Wow! Spectacular! Also…… Damn those 2 girls are HOT! Any sexier we would need to hose them down. Wonder if the tattered woman and her friend bent over that table they set up, for the community to take a little look see!???

  18. i went on holiday i was walking outside and two adult cats came up to me and started to rub on me they were very used to humans for feral cats another one was all over me he came into my villa and slept with me XD he/she was adorable and so friendly

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