Maddow: Tanking Russia Economy Inspired Meddling In Trump Election | MSNBC

  1. Even president Putin is laughing at the fake news media and the rabid radicalized socialists democrats. Lol !
    The impeachment gimmick is the last hoax before the 2020 elections.

  2. Congratulations on your second week in a roll at being number One Bestseller. I just got your book looking forward to reading it. You are the best at explaining things. I know you said you wouldn't do another book but you really should! Two weeks in a row is Awesome! I think people understand how well you put information in an easy-to-understand format. Keep up the Good work we need the truth, not the fake news form a Fake balloon baby bone spur!

    Sad so Sad love

  3. Get up to date with current news. Report on something else…he’s already exposed all the lies from the fake media. Trump is like ten steps ahead of you folks there at MSNBC and he’s ready for more.

  4. It’s a fact ( Politico article 2017 right after election) that the DNC and Ukraine together were meddling in the US election AGAINST Trump- fact

  5. Russia's economy is small because of the oligarchs. The fact that there's said to be almost 100 of them being billionares that they along with Putin have withheld so much money from their people because Putin wants to restore Soviet influence.

  6. You Yanks lost the Second Cold War. Putin is laughing at you . Russia is laughing at you and world is laughing at you. Your country needs a new name ; United Stupids Of America is fitting.

  7. Having read through some of these comments, especially the one where it says his hair is awesome, I know this young man is having fake comments on his stuff…I mean that geo fro, on top of that giraffe neck is not what a young man on the news should be wearing.

  8. @AM
    Do you think any part of this SDNY GiuLiariAni matter was part of the redacted cases that Mueller left behind?

  9. True Americans use to ask why has the Russian traitor Trump has not been impeached already? We are still wondering WHEN??



  12. You can bet Russia is going to do EVERYTHING it can to get Trump elected again. If it's anyone else Russia can expect some sort of retaliation.

  13. in the second world war no enemy was hated by American soldiers like Tokyo Rose. She was the radio voice of Japanese fascism that played tunes for the soldiers and harassed them with propaganda. Raw dirt dishonest propaganda like you watch on MSNBC is the litmus test for intelligence and Intelligent patriotism Nothing like MSNBC has ever been foisted on a free people in history. Rachale Maddow is America's very own Toyko Rose. Litteraly nothing she is saying is true. Eat it up .

  14. "What do you do MORE or LESS of?"
    What ever happened to TRMS Puppet Theater?
    The declining number of puppets on the show has been extremely disappointing.🤓

  15. Trump is a High-Level Russian Covert Operative successfully inserted as the US President by Vladimir Putin. Trump is a Traitor and works for Putin. All his moves are guided by his Russian Masters (KGB/FSB). All Trump's actions are Pro-Russia, Anti-America.

  16. MSNBC is the biggest pack of Globalist corrupt liars there is! I hope after the 2020 elections this crew is run out of town. This is the filthy voice of the Deep State.👎👎👎

  17. Putin needs a stake thru his heart…but chances are there is no heart, just dust in there. The dust of all the decent unaware russian citizens he has screwed over…ya know, like bombing his own people to seem like a hero as he goes mock looking for who did it

  18. I think 99% of the commentators on here will not be happy till we are in a full blown large scale war with Russia. It will be Trumps fault then… LOL.


  20. So Rachel, you want the President impeached (due to bad judgement), but former VP Biden is not held accountable for what you accuse the President of? VP Biden is on video explaining what he did. Why the bias Rachel?

  21. Between now and the actual impeachment (assuming there will be) trump will have done two or three more things that virtually everyone will find unbelievable.

  22. Trump's being impeached and he's throwing himself a rally in Texas tonight. GOP has no other candidate for 2020 other than this failed reprobate that belongs at the end of a rope. WTF?

  23. The Title is wrong. How about 'Tanking American Reality Inspired Russia Meddling Hype'?
    How much did Russia actually influence the American election?
    As much as America affected the Brazil and Ukraine elections?
    (British) Cambridge Analytica influenced the 2016 election more.

  24. You sick crazy fks! Stfu! Unbelievable!!! America rocks! This attitude is Cancer! Shame! Don’t like him? VOTE. Have some self respect, have a little patriotic attitude. Anyone that still thinks Trump isn’t helping America you’re just stupid 😎

  25. Soooo funny that they shamelessly promote and market Rachael Maddow’s book. All the news channels in the USA are biased in their opinions and storylines whatever political stripe they promote. 24 hour news stations should take as much blame as any in helping ruin the American empire

  26. It won't be funny when nobody can afford to buy any luxuries.
    The economy is already on a downturn, because of the tariffs.
    Soon no one will have money for new cellphones, cars, appliances, clothes.
    Then comes mortgages & rent, food, electric, etc.
    We will all be struggling while they buy up our debt, our homes, our land.
    He's already done it to small farms & land where they build for profit prisons.
    I've watched it happen in my city.
    Vote for the Democrat, or don't vote, but if you vote for Trump, it's your fault when we are speaking Russian run by communists.

  27. Let's not forget that Mickey just admitted that trump and company were also trying to get the Ukraine to "discover" (produce) a computer with the DNC data on it, so that his puppeteer Putin can be cleared of all charges of fixing the 2016 election. Remember that? trump is covering for Putin!!

  28. Lmao the whole world is laughing at the demo-Rats ,and btw President doesn't need Demo-Rat permission to broker. A cease fire ,or anything else .Trump Pence 2020

  29. "BREAKING NEWS !!!
    Donald Trump has welcomed the news that he no longer has to worry about what he and his supporters will use for brains if KFC needs the cabbages for coleslaw.
    A new product on the hair care market, Control GX "the shampoo with brains" will provide a satisfactory alternative."

    Not sure that will solve Trump's problem as he may not have enough hair left on his head to get any benefit from it….

  30. Listening to her makes it easy to understand, why even the liberal-leaning NYT does not allow journalists to appear on her show anymore*** . She is an unreflecting, highly partisan spin doctor and a far cry from any true investigative & balanced journalism. She never revisits or explains past errors or misjudgments. ***"The relationship between the New York Times and MSNBC has reportedly become tense after the Times decided not to allow reporters to appear on 'The Rachel Maddow Show'."

  31. Putin makes jokes. also he speaks English just fine. lets see, what else do i know about Putin the person. he is not as super tall as i thought. and he is very well educated, especially on technology and the potentials, compared to current US lawmakers the gap is Einstein vs Trump average person.

  32. I am totally digging watching the game. The media/dems cartel are cats and President Trump has a giant laser pointer. He whips it across the floor and the House dems chase it like mad. Meanwhile the media cats like Richard Maddow keep telling a fable that has no basis in reality. Millions of Americans honestly believe that Trump talked like a mob boss on the phone with the Ukranian Prez. And many more millions of Americans are still chasing that Russia, Russia, Russia laser across their tv screens. President Tyrannosaurus Trump having a party. Enjoy.

  33. Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall;
    All the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't put Trumpty together again.

  34. I’ve felt so powerless against this horrible administration, so seeing military folks like McRaven and Mattis, as well as career envoys, start to stand up to these frackin’ criminals and enablers is VERY inspirational!! Thank god!!

  35. Alright, so Trump has signed tough new sanctions into law**, he delivered lethal weapons to Ukraine (Obama didn't), he bombed Russian-ally Assad for his use of chemical weapons (Obama didn't) but for Maddow he is still a Russian stooge and Barack – 'tell Wladimir I have more flexibility after the election' – Obama is her unchallanged hero. Go figure.

  36. There's a stench coming from America that visitors need to know about. It's the smell of hypocrisy and it's indistinguishable from the smell of skunk. If Obama or any Democrat was seeking help in the form of contributions, bribes or withholding aid from foreign countries for political gain, Trump supporters would line up in the 1000's to protest and demand immediate impeachment. It demonstrates that some Americans can't be trusted in a Democracy. So, if your planning a visit to America, hold your nose and don't breath.

  37. The Hypocrisy is dripping all the things they accuse Russia of doing they do the same but on a much bigger scale… hail the parasitic Imperialists propaganda machine!

  38. Meddle joke. What did the US do to Ukraine in 2014, Libya in 2011, Iraq in 2003, Honduras in 2009, Brazil in 2016, Argentina in 2015? Meddle what? We voted. End of story.

  39. Speaking on this Administration and how Black People continue to be disrespected by the Asian Community. The Presidents knows that the Asians have taken their Highness way too far in our Communities. How dare all these Black People buy all the Asians hair and beauty products when they can contribute billions of dollars to the Black Communities. The Black Community have Al Sharpton speaking to millions of Black People about how crazy they look making very prejudice People millionaires. These People are very unkind. I have an Asian that does not respect what Black People have contributed to their lifestyles. She feels like since we give all of our money to the Asians with hair and other products. The Asians Race and name is more valuable on land than Black People. This President should have did an immediate serious, urgent reality check years ago. Many of these other Races are rich because of Black People. Not poor because of Black People. How can we not own our own homes and Businesses if we made the Asians and other Races rich. We were told in Schools to have cleaned and did most of the inventions back in slavery to make the White People wealthy and happy. The hair is a known factor for the Asian Race incomes. We supported all of the Hispanics through gangs and other crazed methods. I don't see how Black People can ever be considered the inferior Race for making all of these Races rich. That is to keep making the other Races rich while we are poor. I don't think so. Other Races have our Race confused. I don't respect discriminatory minds like that. No One came to the Asians broke. They came every two to one month to the Asian Businesses to purchase hair and other beauty supplies. We have not earned disrespect from any of them. How dare they look down on us as if they are the ones that are believable to be Owners over Black People. If we can hustle up hair money, eyebrow money, eyelashes money, toes and fingers money. We can own something. Obviously all of our billionaires of dollars on hair proves just how much money we can contribute to the Asian economy. I am sick of the Asians downplaying our contributions. We have earned relief over and over again.

  40. Yes, yes, Rachel, so true, stupid, stupid, Russia :)) "Attacking" poor you the way it did in 2016 :)) Yes, as a way to get rid of the USA Sanctions, yes!!!!
    Wait, though, and "to stop USA sanctions" they used an official "troll factory" which CNN had instantly located, ID''ed, and for which US had imposed MORE sanctions for? Hmmm..
    By the way, Rachel, were ALL those endless SANCTIONS against RUSSIA successful? Is it's very very very very very very small economy "in shambles"? Or did it somehow manage to create the MOST ADVANCE supersonic nuclear weaponry in a world? Oh, yes, yes, i forgot, those aren't real, just cartoons, just Putin's bluff, yes, yes, but of course! Wonder why USA's Generals have such LONG LONG LONG LONG faces lately though? :))

    But RACHEL, u so right about that moron, that traitor Trump though, what a corrupted parrot! Withholding "military aid for Ukraine"!! Yet those lovely Democrats who were NOT withholding that "aid" – could u just, u know, by sheer "investigative' chance, show us ONE particular project Ukraine used these money for? By the way, Rachel, is Ukraine in a STATE of WAR with ANY other country? Did it DECLARE a WAR with RF? Does it still have diplomatic relations with RF? Can you find ONE satellite image showing Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine? ONE photograph showing "regular Russian Army" in Eastern Ukraine? If you cannot, can u then please explain how i it even possible, that in an era when EVERYONE has a cellphone with camera, not a single poor, oppressed, violated, overtaken and occupied Ukrainian citizen took such a photo? Russia DENIES that it has any of its regular army in Easter Ukraine, yet it ADMITS fully to being in CRIMEA: Question: Why is there NO WAR of any kind, no military action at all, in CRIMEA, yet there is fighting in Eastern Ukraine? WHOM then Ukrainian Army is fighting there? Are u suggesting that America has been arming Ukraine, a country with OFFICIALLY accepted NAZI ideology, to fight a CIVIL war? An ARMY FORCE against its own citizens? Isn't that considered to be a WAR CRIME? Fighting your own citizens, just because they refused to accept the ILLEGAL, military coup, fueled by Ukrainian Nationalism (long time supporters and collaborates of Nazi Germany, real SADISTS, only ever fought with CIVILIAN population!), and refused to bow down to HITLER'S worshipers?

    Wow, Rachel, looks like YOU and some other liberal, "democratic" SCUM will soon have to answer for exonerating WAR CRIMINALS, ay-way-hey.. :))

    Afraid it was your LAST bestseller u wrote outside, next one will be from JAIL!!! 🙂

  41. Madder is a nut case. You must be too if you use her as reference. She is so ignorant with no credibility for facts. She makes things up out of her head, spreads gossip and creates it. People take them as fact. She just learned Russia has no economy. That has been fact forever. The whole country is ice most of the year. Impeachment is a waste of tax payer money just as the Russian probe was. It is too bad she never sees good in anything. Obama was probably the worse president ever with Carter second place. She should see all facts and take her funnel vision glasses off.

  42. It is time to vote Democrat. The wealthy progressives of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and in the corporate sector must start putting their money where their mouths are and pay livable wages and start paying their fair share taxes. The multimillionaire executives of companies like ABC, MSNBC, CNN, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. have gotten rich by paying themselves fat salaries while throwing mere survival wages to their employees who in the coming recession will be living in the streets because they never made enough to save substantially. If the corporate bums won’t rein in their greed voluntarily, laws must be pass to ensure they do so, and so preserve the American way of life which is now in jeopardy. The Republicans won't do it; the new Democrat party will. Warren for president!

  43. I’ll get the book. I’ll also start watching her again. Her dramatic and at times self important style irritated me and I couldn’t watch her. Now I see how well informed she is.

  44. Rachel my dear, you are a the most intelligent person in this nation right now, your book will kick DTRump in the "BALLS"

  45. lol i love watching this channel and when it folds i can laugh even harder from all the tards on it being out of work for awhile Atleast 4 more yrs!

  46. Haven't you Schmoynkises ruined Russia enough? Stop Race-baiting us, Esther. This isn't Fiddler 2: Tzeitel's revenge.

  47. Thanks, Counselor Melber. Great segment, and hats off to Dr. Maddow!
    You mentioned Tillerson. Something to remember:
    He was awarded Russia’s highest honor for a civilian foreign national – that’s a matter of record!

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