LSE Student Video diary: Jack’s Welcome week experience

Hi guys my name is Jack, and I’m a fresher at LSE. I study sociology. So first up on the list is Welcome week which is the equivalent of other unis’ freshers. You can a buy wristband either before you arrive at LSE or when you get here so you get free entry to five clubs, and they put on special events such as Battle of the Halls which was held at Fabric Personally I quite enjoyed freshers’ week because firstly, I like going out and secondly, it was a good way to meet people that aren’t in your Halls. So as far as moving in goes, it is stressful, like realistically. It wasn’t like a bad day or anything. It just takes a long time to get here if you live outside of London. And then you’re frantically outside trying to move all your stuff in Pretty much everyone’s in the same boat on that day, so I just made sure I said hello to everyone I met My one tip for preparation will be start packing early and then cut down because I know that I actually packed really early, and then I was able to chop stuff out that I didn’t really need. The committee for Carr-Saunders sorted out a group chat on Facebook so we were kind of able to discuss how much to bring, what we needed, what we didn’t need. Online there’s a table which says do you need… pillows and stuff like that so that’s quite a good thing to look at. Since being here I’ve been to a sofa concert, which is like a living room gig so you see three artists, and it’s just for £10 so that was really good. I also got tickets for TQD, which is like a drum and bass act and they were pretty local. I’ve also met up with friends, so I went to a play with my friend called Mancie and Also for TQD two of my friends from home came up. So I think that’s another reason, I haven’t really been home sick because I’ve had friends up. As far as like campus goes, it’s about half an hour walk from my Halls, which is good. It means that you can walk and you don’t have to pay for extra transport which kinds of leads me onto how expensive London is. It really depends where you go so don’t listen to people who try and put you off. Personally I found lectures really interesting but I have I had to get used to writing or typing really quickly. Lot of lecturers will use contemporary examples, and they’re pretty good to use in essays so you have to try and grab those because they’re not going to be on the PowerPoint. In comparison to what I was expecting it has been a lot more intense I thought it’s going to be much more like a gradual, you know ease you into reading and writing but it’s quite full-on. I’ll give you like an example in another video of how much reading there is for sociology but I know that sociology is quite a reading heavy subject. And just lastly you do get used to London very quickly so at first it kind of felt surreal and a bit overwhelming But literally after even after the first few days or at least the first week it starts to feel a bit more normal, so now I’m just gonna play my friends responses to a few questions and I hope this is giving you a bit of insight into the first week or first few weeks of LSE life. What’s your name, and what do you study? I’m Richard, I study finance I’m from Carr-Saunders hall, first year. What was moving in like? Moving in was kind of, like you know… Adapting to new environment is always like kind of hard, but for a lot of people it’s the first time leaving their families but I went to boarding school so I found it relatively easier than most people. And what about just living in London? How have you found that? I find it great actually I mean. I think a lot of people think that LSE isn’t, like, that sociable But I think people here are pretty sociable you know. You’ve just got to get out of your shell Will you be joining any societies or anything like that? Yeah I’m planning on joining the investment society. Do you get to do networking events and stuff like that? I would do definitely. You don’t even need to be in the societies to get networking because like our intranet (LSE Careers Service and departmental events) we have all the networking events or like, career presentations all you’ve got to click in and just book in classes on how do I write a CV, a cover letter and all that. I had three classes: one on CV, one on cover letter, one on getting application forms ready and I’m only here for like… I’ve only been here for… four weeks. My name is Ollie Harrison. I study law and I’m originally from near Bath. So what is the workload like in the first few weeks? It’s a lot…it’s not unmanageable. You know it’s designed for first years so it’s not out of your reach, but you do have to kind of set time aside to do it. You can’t just go out drinking and then recover all day. You do need to settle down and just crack on. I love London…London is great, like, my town is so small. There’s like one club, very little going on so I mean I love the bustle of London. But it’s quite strange how busy London is, how there’s always something going on. I do quite miss being able to just walk down the middle of the road yeah, everywhere, I go like and not be hit by a bus. Obviously I miss my parents and stuff. I’m missing seeing my old mates, but I get such an unbelievable opportunity to come to London. I’m Elliot, I’m from Lincolnshire, and I study Government and Economics. I’m Owen, I study Geography with Economics and I’m from Stratford-upon-Avon, Midlands. First of all, are you having a good time? We are three weeks or four weeks in now. Yeah. How’s it going? We’ve just had free pizza, so that was fantastic. Yeah, it’s been a good experience so far. We’re just getting settled in really and getting used to the work.
How is the workload? There’s a lot of work. You know compared to other unis, like where they don’t do anything the first year, but it’s rewarding right? Yeah, I think it is. You get your money’s worth here I’d say. You do get your money’s worth. Yeah. Yeah, especially got a lot of reading especially on my course, but it’s not something which is necessarily unmanageable at this point… or that you have to do it. You are joking right? I’m obviously joking – do your reading kids.

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