Love English Talks Brexit! Learn about Brexit and Political Vocabulary

Hi guys and welcome back to love English
talks so I’m Leila and I’m Sabra and today we are talking about a rather
controversial issue, we are indeed what does controversial mean?
Well controversial means people have a variety of different opinions it’s
something which can get people quite heated a little bit angry perhaps so
it’s basically something where arguments can happen if an issue is controversial
for example veganism is quite controversial and so is Donald Trump ooh
but we’re not talking about him today no and we’ll avoid ever talking about him
yes let’s never mention his name again but we are talking about a controversial
issue which is Brexit so despite being a controversial issue
it is an important topic to talk about to be aware of the various argument of
course vocabulary that’s right guys you’re going to be learning a lot of
political vocabulary in this lesson as well as learning a lot of different ways
to express your opinion but in a tactful way so tactful means polite it means a
kind of consideration, making something a bit sweeter in a way almost to sugarcoat something
so instead of saying to somebody well gosh you look awfully tired you could
say oh maybe you need to get a bit more sleep, you said that to me today! So to be tactful and this is
extremely important when it comes to Brexit because it has been very divisive
hasn’t it Leila, it’s been very divisive which means it’s it’s divided the
country essentially but I think not even the UK Europe the world
yeah to an extent, people have an opinion yeah they definitely do so today guys we’re
going to be covering the main issues of Brexit, how it happened where we
are now what your view might be if you’re either leave or remain and we’re
also going to be sharing a couple of our opinions as well but in a tactful way so whether you are pro or remain we would
love you to subscribe make sure you do subscribe and of course share your
opinions below what do you think of Brexit how crazy are our politicians
not us it’s the politicians for the most part right so I think it is important
that you get a cup of tea if you want to have a cup of tea or coffee with love
English but first I’m going to tell you why the European Union was set up was
established so essentially after the Second World War we realized that in
Europe we had a few issues we did indeed and the European Union was established
first of all as the EEC mmm-hmm very good Leila
I’m right okay but it was really designed to connect all the countries together
economically and to avoid a country any country ever becoming too dominant
and essentially instigating starting a war and it kind of developed from there it
grew and now we are at 28 members these well are soon to be 27 you think and
essentially we are linked by European law free trade free movements all of
these different things that bring a lot of benefits but have also brought a lot
of issues and things people are not happy about that’s correct yeah also
we are connected by the customs union so tax and vat that is all regulated in a
similar way which of course makes free trade a lot easier so what happened in
UK politics was a particular group of the Conservative Party for a long time
have been skeptical about our relationship with Europe
and about us being a member of the EU they haven’t necessarily seen the
benefits in fact we’ve been really quite negative about us being a member of the
EU the pro Brexit conservatives for Britain group of Tory MPs helped to
terrify David Cameron into having a referendum after that referendum they
regrouped as the European research group and so they have been calling for a long
time to have a referendum now what is a referendum?
it is a public vote where the public are given a yes or no answer on a big issue
for example ours was stay in the European Union or
not and this happened in June 2016 and as you probably know we voted to leave
it was a very narrow yeah about 52 49 52 to 48 point something yeah yeah it was
yeah it was a very close margin but it was enough yes it was and it did
come as a shock to Great Britain to be honest it did come as quite a shock and
to us yeah but this is what the country voted for now guys we are going to talk a
little bit about some of the views you might have if you are pro remain so
pro staying in the European Union or if you are pro leave but before we do that
we’ll talk a little bit about where we are now where are we now it changes on a daily
basis essentially Teresa may couldn’t do it Boris Johnson hasn’t been able to do
it and no one seems to be able to get to the government to agree on a deal
Boris Johnson mainly seems be doing this styling his hair well whenever our opinion might be
of the politicians no one is able to get an agreement to agree to a deal there has been talk of a No Deal Brexit which would mean we crash out of the EU
which is probably as bad as it sounds yeah so you’ll hear a lot these terms
being used obviously which obviously most people feel that a deal would be better The EU’s view is that no deal will hurt you more than it will hurt us and they
point to plenty of studies to back that up but a deal needs to be agreed now
because Mr.Boris Johnson has being successful what is happening now
Sabrah what is about to happen right okay so we have a couple of possible options
so now we’re going to have a general election because basically the deal the
withdrawal agreement that Boris Johnson brought from the EU was accepted by
Parliament but not enough to be able to push it through and this is mainly
because there are two parties which are very against Brexit in our Parliament
one are called the Liberal Democrats and they want to cancel brexit the first
task is clear we must stop breaks it so that is going to be very interesting but
probably doubtful that they’ll have enough votes to be able to do that but the other thing which is extremely
controversial is the Irish border situation so quick history lesson guys
Southern Ireland the Republic of Ireland is of course in the EU Northern Ireland
is part of the United Kingdom and of course therefore they will be leaving
the EU with us however the New Deal that Boris Johnson negotiated because we
don’t want to have a hard border in Ireland dividing Ireland this has been a
major issue what’s it been called Leila it’s talking they’re talking about the
Irish back stop yes so basically how do you when you divide a country in that
way how do you create a customs border ensure that people are not bringing a
cross and in a European wine and not paying tax that’s the first thing I
would think look yeah and chocolate how do you manage that and also of course there would be a
cost to it so that’s been a major major issue particularly because of the
Irish history of course Island there was huge problems with the IRA a ‘terrorist’
group (for Irish independence) and after the Good Friday Agreement which was the peace agreement things
are being calm in Ireland and we definitely want to keep it that way but
if we have a hard border in northern Ireland there’s a risk which that we
might stir things up again in Ireland which we really don’t want that’s a nice
phrasal verb there to stir up to stir up trouble to create
problems yes so we really don’t want that so it’s it’s been a very
challenging thing for politicians to negotiate and they’re still stuck on it
so what’s happening Leila what are they doing? Because they’re stuck at the
moment they’re in gridlock really what are they doing so the idea behind having
another election, and one before Christmas so you’ll be doing your Christmas shopping buying your Christmas cards and also voting yeah is to essentially give Boris Johnson
he’s be hoping he’ll win the votes um he’ll have a majority and he’ll be able
to put through his deal it will give him essentially more powers yeah get Brexit done
let’s get brexit done let’s get Brexit done let’s get
Brexit done but we don’t know if he’s going to get
all the votes and this election it’s obviously going to be about Brexit so
whatever the outcome is if for example it’s more labour which is the left-wing
party Liberal Democrat we will probably go back to the people and get another
referendum do you think you should have another referendum so guys another
referendum would be to go back to the people and say do you still want to leave
the EU I think the idea of the second referendum would be to tell them exactly
the terms of the deal and then people are voting with new awareness and yeah
and knowledge of what the impact of Brexit is, or they can say after everything they’ve learned we
don’t want to leave yeah and what do I think? I definitely think we should
another second referendum I think that during the campaign for leave and remain
I don’t think the leave campaign were completely honest about all the fact
that they gave to the public I don’t think had any idea how difficult it
would be to leave the EU but I’m a bit biased because I am pro remain I would
like to be a part of the single markets I think it’s great to have a peacekeeping
body like the EU so I am Pro remain but at the same time I think the people
deserve after seeing how difficult it is to leave the EU and the Irish issue I
think we should have a choice to say okay I’ve got the full picture now I
still wanna leave or actually I changed my mind and I want to stay, I’m not convinced
no no see very divisive yeah I’m actually Pro remain or as some people
may say a remoaner, mixing moan and remain together moan meaning complain and
we’re not remoaners because we don’t complain about it and even though I
voted to remain I think a second referendum to cause more problems it
could cause you know because you’re going to have people there are still so
many people that feel passionately we should leave yeah and if you then have
another vote and whichever way it goes I think it could cause more more arguments
more controversy more issues and I also think that when you have a referendum
vote that it is democracy in action essentially so no matter the percentage
I think if you take that away then are you weakening democracy but do you think
the leave campaign was fair ? I think maybe both sides were awful I think I think the
people were not properly informed that’s true that way the argument to have a
second referendum we weren’t properly informed and both sides did terrible
campaigning so we’re being very opinionated now maybe you disagree
with us fine so if you look now at some of the views for why someone might
believe we should leave and why someone might believe they should remain so Leila
do you want to do leave or remain are you a more a Boris or you more Jeremy Corbyn
i think hopefully neither nor Teresa May umm neither okay so um you go what do
you feel more comfortable? I can talk about leave, that makes sense, yeah so basically
one of the reasons why people voted to leave was because they feel that Europe
is anti-democratic and it takes away some of our powers
to make our own laws within our government here because obviously we
have to follow some some big uniform European laws which are the same for
everybody which takes away our our right to control our own democracy, sovereignty
yeah our sovereignty, well done Leila look at me with the vocab so that’s a big issue for people and they
believed as Leila said that it’s expensive but we don’t get enough say
we pay all this money to not get enough say the other issue was a little bit more
controversial because it was around immigration so one of the four freedoms
that the EU is that we have the freedom to really movement it’s called
freedom of movement and basically it’s that if I want to go and live in Greece
or Spain or sunny Italy I can and I don’t need a passport yeah I could just
go, well I need a passport to get there but you know I don’t need
kind of visa or anything like that, you can work exactly anyone can also come from Europe
many of those 28 countries can come and work in the UK now because Britain is a
little bit more economically stable we have had a huge amount of immigration
and this to a certain extent has put more pressure on services school
infrastructure infrastructure housing and so some people have been a
little bit uncomfortable with that however there is a positive side of
immigration of course which Leila will cover in her remain talk but those are
probably the biggest issues would you agree Leila I think those are definitely
they’re kind of the key ones yeah there’s more to it than that obviously
but they only could be here a whole hour talking about I’m sure you don’t want to
spend an hour of your life hearing about the problem of the UK so with remain the people that wanted to
stay obviously the biggest thing was the fact that we were able to have free
movement that we could go and work and live in different countries and whilst
immigration has been an issue one thing you’ll notice if you ever come to the UK
or I need any kind of health care service is that our hospitals are full
of amazing nurses doctors from other countries yeah the European Union and
beyond so if you take the foreign workers out of the UK you’re not left
with many workers and these are skilled people professionals paying taxes into
the UK and they have so much you know they’re adding a lot of value to it to
the country and to our system so that’s a very valid reason for us to stay and
of course in terms of being linked economically and having the free market
free trade it’s essential because basically in the UK we don’t grow any
fruit and vegetables we grow very little we have like one month where we
have some nice asparagus August where we have got some strawberries and then
otherwise we would be eating potatoes all the time British food if you’ve been
to the UK you know that we already eat a lot and we don’t need to be eating more
so we important a lot of produce vegetables wine because you know our
climate doesn’t allow for us to produce that much and we like exotic things we do
we’ve got used to this wide array of things available to us like Belgian
chocolates Swiss cheese, oh my goodness could you imagine no Belgian chocolates so I think those are the key issues
people wanting to remain but also I think there is a sense of where you want
to be part of a community that together so we are stronger that to
have the European Union as an ally in terms of you know military advantages
yeah not that I ever want to go to war but otherwise we’re essentially we’re with
America and that’s all we’ve got pretty much yeah incidentally guys did you know that
Boris Johnson his surname is Johnson in American English it means male genitalia and in
British English Trump is slang for fart to expel wind, to pass wind and I think really
that is probably the most poetic we’re gonna get today yes guys it’s
fitting that their names should have these second meanings
they’re quite fitting to those people as well indeed, oh we are very
opinionated now you guys you’re either gonna like what we’re saying or dislike it go
for it comment I think Sabrah and I both agree on one thing that you do have to
listen to the other side’s opinion yeah um I’ve spoken to people that wanted to
leave and a lot of them have given us some very good reasons why we should
leave they think for actually long term we’d be able to make our own trade deals
mm-hmm we could potentially be a stronger economy and having that that
power that control back potentially could mean that we can kind of yeah make our own
way and make decisions that we couldn’t before and make trade deals with the
other countries that we couldn’t before they think we’re quite trapped I mean that
is the big thing about the Brexit campaign their slogan so they’re kind of
keywords or key promise was take back control so control of the border control
of democracy control of our trade and as but as I said before whilst I see that I do think
it’s going to take quite a long time to build up trade deals and I think you
know we we want a lot of the products that Europe has Europe wants the
products that we have for example things to do with technology and training
services, engineering there are lots of things that we export as well and so to
me it makes sense to barter with your neighbour to do trade with your neighbour
know, closest neighbour yeah I mean we’re potentially going to
make deals with Australia but imagine the import it will take a long time and the costs we’re going to be eating
kangaroo burgers apparently it is good meat no good for you, no Leila you can’t eat a kangaroo they are too cute
one of my reasons for voting remain was I think it’s better to be inside and
make a difference and make change from within yeah because when we’re outside
then you have no control and you have no influence yeah
even not being part of the European Union we will still be influenced by
them yeah and I do think it does need to reform the EU does need good word reform
so development changes yeah but I think as Leila said we’re better to do
that inside it rather than out of it but guys you might think we’re a bit biased
you know you know Italian boyfriend husband! Maybe i have an Italian boyfriend on the side, or maybe I will get a Spanish boyfriend, Leila you are terrible yeah I do think about to a certain
extent I see the leave sides point of view but we still disagree yeah we still
disagree but guys we would love to know your opinions on this how is this reported
in your countries we know we’ve got lots of Europeans watching us lots of
Italians Spanish Greeks do tell us what you think do you want Britain to stay
within the EU and us to all stay friends or are you fed up with us do you want to
get rid of us and all of this back and forth with Brexit becauseI bet Europe I
bet they’re feeling a bit sick of us the amount of money that’s been spent we have got a flextention l love this I tell you with politics loads
a new words lots of vocabulary so this extension so basically it’s you can
leave whenever you actually get there so you know my children might be
negotiating Brexit oh my goodness probably that will probably be the case
well anyway guys we would love to know your opinions as Leila said before let’s
get a bit of a dialogue going on this let’s get a bit of a conversation going
below in the comments but remember to express your opinion in a manner that is
polite thank you so much for watching me and of course keep watching this
space what’s gonna happen with the Uk yes who’s going to be voted for in the
next election in December December the 12th yeah will there be another
referendum? Will we ever leave? yeah watch this space thank you for watching bye bye
hi guys and welcome back what am I saying?

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  8. 1. To cause controversy – something which causes a variety of opinions and issues

    2. Controversial – something that causes people to have many different opinions (and sometimes arguments)

    3. Tactful – having or showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues.

    4. Divisive – tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people.

    5. A referendum – a general vote by the public on a single political question

    6. A Eurosceptic – a person who is sceptical (unsure) about the European Union

    7. Sceptical – not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.

    8. A close margin – a very close gap between percentages

    9. The withdrawal agreement – the agreement with the EU on which terms we leave and the relationship we will have

    10. To crash out – to leave the EU without a deal in a way that appears as a crash

    11. No deal Brexit – to leave the EU without a deal

    12. An election – a formal and organised choice by vote of a person for a political office or other position.

    13. A hard border – a border which is heavily regulated and divides the country

    14. The Irish backstop – Some kind of customs checks in Northern Ireland

    15. To stir up – to cause problems/ trouble

    16. In gridlock – in a situation where you are extremely stuck

    17. A peacekeeping body – an organisation which works to keep peace

    18. Biased – unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.

    19. To moan – to complain

    20. Brexiteers – slang for a person who is pro-Brexit

    21. Sovereignty – supreme power or authority.

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  39. Hi there L &S ..I am from India.After going through your immensely valuable lesson and all the opinions of my fellow viewers, I personally consider myself to be fortunate enough because you have considered us worthy of receiving your lesson.Thanks for discussing the most controversial topic in such a candid way.

  40. Hi! I do not usually comment but you are wonderful teachers and I really enjoyed Brexit them. I hope those political clowns fail the idea of Brexit.

  41. I think that Europe, could be a strong opportunity! It allows to be all its countries, a One big body able to has economic and financial exchanges but people and goods as well! The reciprocal exchange of minds, skills in different fields, such as in medicine, finance, economy, university, manufacturing etc, can definitely get a country improved e progressed enriching in each other's cultures! Obviously, I reckon because of the "Brexit", the current system of European laws, must be improved and changed ! This is my opinion about the topic! So, I am pro-remain. You're great Leila and Sabrah 😊👋

  42. As an Algerian learning english, I really interested in the political atmosphere in Britain, but my sisters Leia and Sabrah, thanks for the clarification given about the Irish backstop, this term was little bit perplexing me, but now " let's take back control" probrexit slogan😁.

  43. i can't speak Spanish, trying so hard in English and yet still living in reality while sleeping that i could be that guy a Spanish boyfriend for her.

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