1. Zionist stooges Tommy and Katie Price both self declared Zionists. With Tommy formerly employed by Jews it's said. Loud about Muslims but both fail to mention it's the JEWS in Israel the Jew K and Jewmerica behind the wars for resources and territory for Israel that created the Muslim and Black refugee crisis. Do you hear Tommy or Katie call for a Palestinian State NO. Do you hear them call for an end to the wars started by Jews NO. Do you hear them call for the Jews to be tried for massacres and war crimes NO. Do you see them out the Jew for admitting their plan is to flood Europe with Muslims and Blacks. Seems their Jew masters are using them both to whip the public into a frenzy to divert your attention from the Jews absolute control over England. Ask Tommy if he knows where the 7 Billion in Libyan Gold went. Ask Tommy how many SAS troops were used to topple Libya and turn it into a failed state and terrorist stronghold. Ask Tommy how many British Troops are in Yemen supporting the Saudis and helping commit War Crimes. You won't hear it from the JBC JEWISH BROADCASTING COMPANY. Ask Tommy about why the Jew K is so keen to apply Sanctions to White Christian Russia. Time to treat Robinson and Price with caution seems they're both Agent Provocatuers for the Jew World Order and not to be trusted.
    Tommy Robinson is deceiving you.

  2. Zionist Jews Brag were behind the Muslim Invasion of Europe. Greater Israel needs expulsion of Arabs to work.
    Ethnic corruption the Zionists main tool.
    US General plan to ethnically cleanse Mid East for Israel's expansion.
    Jew's to deport all Africans to Europe.
    Israel, UN Reach Deal on Deportation of African Migrants to Europe – Reports
    Zionist Jews Brag were behind the Muslim Invasion of Europe. Greater Israel needs expulsion of Arabs to work.

    US General plan to ethnically cleanse Mid East for Israel's expansion.

    ADL War on White America.

    Greater Israel and Jew Crimes.
    #OrcPosting: Flabbergasted Meme CONFOUNDING the MSM

  3. Bi Ethnic Corruption the Zionists main Tool. Now Blocked
    Jewish anti European racist agenda & Foriegn Policy corruption.
    How the Deep State implements its Subversion of Society.

  4. Saw his name thought JEW title below RABBI. The Jews admit they intend to collapse the E JEW their plan to flood it with 3rd world blacks is in play as is their plan to remove all borders. He says tge right words to make you think he supports White Christians as a Rabbi it is his duty to preach hatred and the destruction of Christianity.

  5. we all represent some sort of minority. in attempting to satisfy the perceived majority (generally a cross section of London society) our two governing parties have gradually alienated every one of us.

  6. There is a lot of wisdom in these words, but when it comes to Brexit a word of caution is required. The UK is split between the Haves and the Have-Nots. But the Remain versus Leave divide is quite different. Look at the great advocates of the Leave: they are all millionaires, and they are close friends with the people who control the right-wing media, which have a firm grip on public opinion in the UK. And most of them are, or have been, under investigation for fraud and/or tax evasion! Do you really want to put your trust in these people for the future of the country? You can be damn sure that the Brexit fallout will no damage their prospects. On the contrary!!!

    The UK needs to address the social divide that has existed since the days of Thatcher. But the first step to do so is the ditch Brexit.

  7. Living up to his title of “Lord”. It isn’t 1860 anymore though, and the rigid feudal social hierarchy England once had was overrun by free market capitalism. His peers, his ancestors, and likely he, got rich on the social destruction brought on by the Industrial Revolution. Wishing generations of people hadn’t been killed, or permanently traumatised and “individualised” by an economic system he benefitted from isn’t an answer to the political problems of Brexit. At best he is only describing the historical and innate characteristic of the English people to survive the stupidity of their rulers antics, and any foreign organisation that threatens them. In short, there is no crisis, this is simply the way things have always gone in the United Kingdom.

  8. French revolution, Russian, the glorious revolution. In all three, who got back into the country? This guy knows.

  9. The reporter asks what have we done to get the current crop of politicians.🤔 we have had people like her who defend them.

  10. I notice that the interviewer subscribes to the lazy, unexamined belief that "populism" is automatically bad. Why? The alternative is "eltism" which, by definition, is greedy, grasping, exclusive and self-serving.

  11. Today's politicians are too political, as well as Today's Destabilizers are way too blatant, open and self centered, without shame yet still preaches how morality should look like. wtf

  12. Today's "community leaders" are too political. I used to enjoy this guy's Thought For The Day sermons. But then he got into politics with his "Rivers Of Blood" libel on Corbyn.

    The "New Antisemitism" campaign propounded by Sacks aims exactly at denying the voices of Corbyn and the left. So much for Sacks respect for democracy.

  13. Exactly. Without democracy, we barely exist. No matter which way the vote went, it should be respected. The people have to know they can change a government if that government loses its way.

  14. This what nationalists have right : you need a pre-political bound and post-political safety net in order to alleviate the violence of partisan politics and that of economic competition.

    A shared cultural landscape both fosters cooperation in labor, consent to the collectivisation of social risks and the ability to engage in fruitful political deliberation.
    Without this symbolic common ground, you have mercenary elites and derelict plebeians, ideological factions fighting for mutual extermination and general free-for-all individualism.

    Lord Sacks is able to see that because Jews are a great example of that kind of symbolic order. They spend their yeshiva time loudly disagreeing with each other but in the end, they all come together during festivals or banquets. The nations should really learn from the purely secular lessons of Judaism as an anthropological equilibrium.

  15. The arrogance of the globalist elites that call the working class racist and bigoted mosoganist pigs. Is the pproblem along with the socialist mind virus of the BBC that is eating away at British identity and a failed political class that only represent,s the Globalist and Migrants and calls all British history racists and celebrates the Destruction of the white working class with Diversity and multiculturalism is apparently the answer to all of man kinds problems. All this is being done to usher in the Mass migration of muslims to lower the wages and birth rates of the people the real do hate and that's the white working class thay wish to replace. Thay think Nationalism coruesd all the wars this not true. The elites did it. And thay blame the people. The very poeple that protects the culture thay supposedly rule over.

  16. I have to agree with this gentleman,As much as I feel that the Lords should be done away with and a elected upper house should be installed,I do blame the MSM for much of Britains woes

  17. Interviewer can't hide her disdain for brexit .
    She's far left pro post modernism , a person eager to extinguish the light in enlighyment

  18. "We are part of the same team, and malice towards none and Charity for ALL"? That must be how a woman like myself who worked damn hard straight from school a 40 hour week job for minimum age only(no child benefits or working tax credits) and paying All my meagre wages away in high illegal Poll and Council taxes for the right to No Family life of my own, was given the Charitable Sanctioned Jobseekers Allowance of £33.00 a week(£4.70 a day for 6 months) to live off of after working full-time for over 20 years, which really Fucked up my once good Heath and now I have a chronic health condition. Some CHARITY!!!!! Also "Today's politicians are too political"? What is the point of politics if those who preach it, do not practice what they preach! As Brecht rightly states, "The worst illiterate is the political illiterate…..he doesn't know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions.The imbecile doesn't know that from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies".

  19. It's not the people that are separatists, but the elitists that destroying and turning Europe into another Russia.

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