1. Dean Cain worst superman ever. Cheap looking costumes an boots that got worse as the seasons went along. Next to Reeve at the time they had the 2nd best Gerard Christopher but let him go. Plus he had the best costume at the time even better than Chris Reeve.

  2. You can tell a lot of money went into that Pilot! All the special fx really looked great for early 90s television. If they carried on with that and got better and more comic accurate villains, I reckon it would have had the same run as Smallville.

  3. I loved Terri in the original series with hair cut and sexy clothes, I wanted her so much to be my girlfriend at he time, now just a pipe dream.

  4. when they fly in the window in the medium shot, theres a brown frame above the window. In the Wide shot theres no brown above that window. I know the actors are on wires…. but they hide them well, how to get them through the window frame?

  5. Too bad they didn't use more villians from the comics in the series. I say the same thing with Smallville. Glad that in both series, Lois figures out who clark is.

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