Local government to encourage reading through new ideas

‘Reading more’ is usually on the top of most
people’s “to-do list.” Now, local governments here in Korea are coming
up with novel ideas to make that goal a little more attainable for those of us with busy
lives. Park Se-young has the details. This subway car looks more like a library
or a bookstore. This “Book Train” is open to passengers riding
the Gyeongui-Jungang Line of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. Home to Korea’s leading publishing hub, the
city of Paju stocked the train with around 500 books and e-books. It also hosts various book-related events. “The design is new and surprising, and brings
us closer to books.” At this subway station, passengers can search
for their desired book and request its delivery. And this unique vending machine on the subway
platform provides waiting passengers with literature excerpts. From famous poems to short stories, people
can get a taste of about a thousand works for free. “I like that the machine’s recommendations
get me interested in literary works, encouraging me to find and read the books later.” The local government’s efforts to promote
reading continue to receive positive feedback from residents. Park Se-young, Arirang News.

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