little putin explains why we need communism in america

what's up everybody its Jeremiah and welcome back to the channel today we're going to be looking at seanwes video we need communism and he's going to basically around why why here in America we need communism now without further ado let's get into the video hey pal singable here and I wanna make a video about why can't I stay after the time history went when it was founded we still need communist if you stop shaking around the camera so much I could probably stop getting swung across the room right now because apparently whatever this could shake the camera I get swung across the room so vote to get this kid stuff change like shaking the camera to stop killing me so let's get back into the video that was a shitty joke now no communism is the idea of a nation sharing the wealth and while some people call it distributing umm if I were to ever start a country's economy and US government wink wink wait 12 years you're not gonna have country in 12 years I'm sorry to break it to you unless you mean being bullied over the country I still doubt that you're not you know you know I can do it no no it's so crazy to say I'd probably make it like have these company like these buildings what you can put in money for other people to have your hard your hard work money I'm sorry I kept missing you your hard work money let's give it to a bunch of strangers I think probably not pay you back great idea kid I support it i peep it come on let's go bring communism to America for this you know kind of a share share now I know that all communist state you like this but still distributing is just as fine as sharing it well I'm not explaining why we need communism I'm just giving the difference between dish but getting because they technically are because hey a parent could make their child share a toy or something but there's a difference between sharing a toy and sharing your harder to hide worked money I can't even pronounce that there's a difference a toy is something you give to your child play with I understand that you spent money on that toy but money is a different you could spend it on groceries stuff you need like oh my god can this kid understand that I'm sorry to go so hard on this kid anyway now on to why we need communism like actually it's cold out here um I have two reasons one poor people we really can't have poor people poor people man like I understand I see poor person I yell them I yell it though to get out of my room or I'm gonna pop them with my nerf gun oh you see this is a joke but like whenever I see a poor people I see them on the street I whip out my favorite Glock 17 and just pop them because we need our radical ease poor people am i right am i right suitable I'm sure you agree with me it's not good for a bunch of for like a whole class of people to be poor people need money we can't just let people or be around just be homeless less because as they can't get jobs money is important so that's another reason we need communism and secondly some people might say oh you have welfare welfare just promotes raising people what does you buildings poor people hard worked money yes I said it this time they're hard worked money to some people so they probably won't pay them back where does that promote somebody doesn't need to work and I don't know I don't know but I'm pretty sure welfare especially down in the United States costs a bit of moolah so yeah all those morons saying that communism is the same as welfare you can go leave because you are just an absolute moron just look up the definition Jesus you don't have to go so hard I mean man like stop yelling at me you're hurting my feelings you don't have to tell your mom for this and you don't want me to tell your moms because she might delete minecraft off your phone like only God your entire reason for making this video right somebody stole your diamonds or something huh oh you see or you see somebody flexing their diamonds out there we need communism like oh my gosh don't go so hard of that I'm sorry about a little heated but one day it's the same as welfare I get really angry anyway yeah that's why we still need communism by communism please leave a like on this video or and subscribe unless this kid's gonna is gonna take over your country and force into communism hashtag Stalin you know what Stalin gang you know what I mean alright bye guys hope you guys enjoyed this

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