Liberal Law Prof Says Nancy Pelosi Destroyed Her Own Case For Impeachment

George Washington University law professor
Jonathan Turley has emerged as a real voice of reason during the impeachment debacle. He is a liberal, but he has consistently called
out the Democrats for their hypocrisy and mishandling of the entire affair. Now he is calling Pelosi’s bluff. FOX News reports: Jonathan Turley: Pelosi ‘played into’
McConnell’s hands, ‘destroyed’ her own case for impeachment Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley
laid out a sweeping indictment of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., arguing that her impeachment
strategy backfired and gave Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the upper hand. “The delay now seems largely driven by a
desire to preserve the image of Pelosi as a master strategist despite a blunder of the
first order,” Turley wrote in a column titled, “Pelosi’s Blunder: How the House Destroyed
its Own Case for Impeachment.” His comments came as Pelosi prepared to transmit
articles of impeachment to the Senate, roughly a month after the House approved them. She initially withheld them in an apparent
attempt to draw concessions from McConnell. On Wednesday she announced the seven lawmakers
who will serve as impeachment managers to prosecute the case against the president at
his Senate trial. “There was no reason why Senate Majority
Leader Mitch McConnell would make concessions to get an impeachment that he loathed,”
Turley wrote.

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