Liberal Democrats Party political broadcast

[Radio] The UK has voted to leave the European Union, by 52% to 48%. UKIP leader Nigel Farage celebrated the result declaring that “dawn was breaking on an independent nation.” Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to resign later this morning. [humming] The pound fell sharply as the referendum result became apparent and traders are bracing themselves for panic when the markets open Oh F… ootball news and England are confident of advancing to the next stage ahead of their upcoming European Championship game against Iceland. [Background radio news] Far right National Front leader Marine Le Pen has emerged as a front-runner for the French Presidency… …Experts are warning that the NHS will come under increasing pressure after Britain has left the European Union… [Radio] The new Prime Minister Theresa May has declared that “Brexit means Brexit”, opponents have criticised Mrs May for not setting out her plan for Britain’s new relationship with Europe and warned that leaving the European Single Market will cost jobs and… [Water running] The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has lost a vote of no confidence from his Parliamentary Party with 172 of his MPs voting against him… The government has been criticised over its reluctance to take in child refugees from Syria. Thousands of unaccompanied children fleeing conflict in the Middle East and now stranded in Europe [Background radio news] Labour’s Shadow Chancellor has described Brexit as a “great opportunity” Theresa May’s speech to her Party Conference has been described as the ‘clearest sign yet’ that she is pursuing a hard Brexit Donald Trump has been elected as the new President of the United States after beating rival Hillary Clinton. During the campaign Mr Trump said that he would ‘build a wall’… …health experts are warning the NHS and social care system face a winter crisis due to chronic underfunding… Do you get Déjà vu? I dunno… I’ll check the fridge! The Daily Mail’s front page says the judges in the case are “enemies of the people… Racist or religious abuses incidents recorded by police in England and Wales have risen dramatically since the European Referendum… Have you woken up too many times with that sinking feeling? Worried about the direction our country and our world is heading? If you’re fed up with a Conservative government embarking on a hard and divisive Brexit, if you’re fed up with a Labour Party more interested in fighting with itself than standing up to this government, then don’t shrug your shoulders don’t look the other way. Get involved. The Liberal Democrats are the real voice of opposition and the only party standing up for a Britain that is open, tolerant and united. Every day the Liberal Democrats are holding this government to account whether it’s on Brexit keeping our place in the single market or fighting against the underfunding in our NHS and social care and everyday people who believe what you believe are joining the Liberal Democrats. So join us. The fightback starts here.

  1. HA HA keep crying you fucking Libtard CUCKS.  Tim Farron's Wife's Boyfriend must me laughing and satisfying Tim's wife so fucking HARD!!!!!!!!!!  Your E.U New World Order is crumbling before you very FAGGOT eyes and your Puppet Master George (((OY VEY))) Soros can do nothing about it.  Keep the salt coming you sad LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!  signed SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You had your turn. Liberalism ruled supreme in this country and ruined it. You're not the fightback, we are. You are nothing but the last tormented cries of a failed ideology that the world is moving on from. The right wing is back bitches and this time we mean business.

  3. Lib dems in their current state are a mob of spineless morons. Lucky for us they were not in charge of fighter command during the Battle of Britain. They would have let Gerry bomb us with impunity because "Fritz has rights too".
    Vote leave won all you libtard anti English traitors. I voted leave. How can you love the corrupt EU which is a cancer. My European friends also want out. We don't dislike Europe just the EU. Return it to a common market and we would be happy. Ditch al this hideous freedom of movement crap which affects ordinary people and not the rich. How many immigrants or Syrian refugees are Farron and Cleggy looking after in one of their homes? NONE!

  4. Ah yes the liberal democrats, the "true party of business" that's just what we need

  5. Wow. The comments on this video really do highlight how badly David Cameron got it wrong.

    Don't do referendums, Mr. Cameron: people are idiots.

  6. If you are against everything the majority voted for; if you believe we should be controlled by a condescending bunch of posh liberals in London; if you want your country to be run by an unelected cabal in Brussels; and if you believe the majority of working people who are tired of being impoverished by liberal-globalist agenda policies are just racist cavemen…. then the Liberal Democrats is the party for you

  7. That's the kind of groundhog day I'd like to live in. Great news every morning. My version would improve slightly though, with Dim Farron saying hi to me, and me telling him to fuck off, then running him over.

  8. All good news from the radio then a liberal Demoprat spoke, Back to 5th place with this lot…Better still disband and leave the UK!

  9. ahahah just saw this on the bbc and thought it was a bbc ad until the end – shows how 'fair and impartial' the bbc is.

  10. This appeared on my TV tonight after the 6 oClock news. First time that i have seen it and it ticked all the right boxes for an advert for the Samaritans.
    The UK economy has been bolstered by the upsurge in therapy sessions for those middle class who voted Remain.
    Ironically these are also the same people who given the choice decide NOT to send their children to schools with high numbers of translators.
    The Libdem hypocrisy is comedic in it's content and delivery.

  11. No wonder this bitter little has-been of a party is steadily going down the drain. They were decimated at the polling booths in May 2015 and THEY'RE STILL NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE. And this piece of judgmental, patronising shite is only going to hasten their demise. Bring it on – the UK has no need for a party that prostitutes itself, and sells out its principles (if it has any of its own) for a bite of the 'power' cherry.

  12. All that over and over but NEVER telling what you ARE offering to the VOTER
    And not the platitudes of fresh air and stamping out the grammies

  13. open, tolerant….led by a leader who voted against gay marriage due to his religious beliefs….neither a liberal or a democrat. 8 MPs out of 650….yeah the SNP is more of an opposition. Tim is a joke, Paddy Ashdown must be seething that the party he led to success was destroyed by Nick and Tim "Anti-gay-marriage-but-still-liberal-honest" Farron. I'm a liberal and i find him toxic and hypocritical from a centrist liberal and democratic standpoint, MPs laugh when ever he stands to speak.

  14. 48% voted against Brexit. The British public were sold lies by Farage, Boris and Gove (£350m for the NHS). We need a referendum on the Brexit deal. LibDemFightback,

  15. what a actual pile of shit. waste of money, waste of there useless life's and a waste of my time.
    just go die. fucking politicians.

  16. This is filmed in Drayton Street in Stanmore Winchester. And trust me Drayton Street doesn't look like that at a normal time it's a shit hole

  17. Tim, I just wasted 3mins 40seconds of my life watching this drivel and I want them back, what are you going to do about it?

  18. I suppose actually mentioning any policies just isn't important? Just the same wet PC bollocks. When will the left stop being so gullible

  19. If you support open-mindedness, if you support tolerance and if you support an equal and fair playing field, then support the Liberal Democrats.

    If you want to bring up broken promises about tuition fees, the Liberal Democrats have learnt a valuable lesson and it would be far from the party's interest to break another promise. Tim Farron voted against the raise in tuition fees and overall comes across as a resilient man who is not prepared to give up on his views nor his support for liberty.

    To those saying the Liberal Democrats are trying to block brexit and go against what the people voted for, this is also false. Tim Farron opposes a "hard brexit" and, when Teresa May returns with the best possible terms and conditions of our exit from the EU that she can muster, he wishes for a second referendum to make sure the public are happy with these terms. That is democracy.

  20. If I lived in a beautiful home like that then I could afford the luxury of getting wound up about miscellaneous stuff that doesn't affect me.

  21. Thank you Lib Dems. I've finally realised the real victims in this society are high-income liberals living in multi million pound homes. It's intolerable that they have to hear the views of the common filth of this country on the radio before they drive off to their cushy office jobs.

  22. we don't want to open our borders like the EU , we don't want to invite the unwanted people in and tolerate them , and we don't want Brexit to be disrupted , and finally , we want you to fuck off and stop cucking the young people

  23. What a load of absolute crap!
    All it shows is completely different news stories (non apart from Brexit and the NHS the lib dems have actually said anything about before)

  24. This is quite frankly what I call crap. Seriously the same thing repeated over and over? I get the metaphorical message it's supposed to send but it doesn't make for good political broadcasting. Very boring to watch and to be truthful could not watch o half way..

  25. You have 3:40 to get across you message but you present some nonsense and give no reasons for vote for you for the first 2:40. Do you only have 1 minutes worth of views?

  26. Was a member of the Lib Dems up until recently. Such a shame to see them go down this route.
    There was a democratic voted and we need to abide by it. Fullstop.
    Now I feel compelled to vote tory, which is something I have never done before.

  27. Well, Brexit DOES mean Brexit. We voted for it, deal with it.
    I was against it in the first place, but we voted for it. So that's what we do. We should stand by our own actions.
    The eu is beneficial, but clearly not enough to satisfy our people. We should continue.
    🇬🇧+🇪🇺=it's complicated

  28. …What even is this, what are the LibDems claiming they're going to do about Trump? You just seem to be listing off things that may annoy your audience, then superimposing your party as the solution.

    This is what you did last time, remember how that turned out? When you set yourself up as solving grievances like, oh I don't know, student debt? Only to then immediately let down your voters on pretty much every area of significance; at the first sign of having to show a backbone to the Tories…

    I seriously cannot believe you are advertising yourself as standing up to anyone. You were in government, you were in a power share with the Tories and you couldn't hold them to account. That is why you were decimated in the 2015 election, because everyone was appalled by your inability to stand up for any of your promises. You couldn't be an opposition even when you were in the heart of power…

    And going on and on and on about Brexit, as if just over half of the voters you are trying to convince aren't going to be Brexit voters. As if there aren't Remainers who respect the democratic process and just want to get on with it, rather than throwing a perpetual tantrum.

    Wanting to remain part of the EU is the only strongly expressed view I do believe the LibDems have, because I can believe you want to be in charge; but not really in charge. I can believe you want to dilute your responsibilities as to the running of the country; by exporting them to Europe… Because god forbid the LibDems hold a strong position on anything, best have someone else hold that responsibility…

    You're the party of protest and videos like this demonstrate that. Simply a list of grievances, some of which don't even fall under our governments field of influence. Yes, if you were in government I'm sure there would be lots you could do about Trump and Le Pen…

    But this is what you do. You find things that annoy people and then promise to solve them, even though you've demonstrated you won't; even when you do manage to weasel your way into power. It's easy to make grand populist promises when you're a party of permanent opposition, but the moment you're in power and have to actually do things… well, then you have to contend with reality. Reality came crashing down in 2015 and now you're building your list of promises back up again, trying to cash in on the Brexit blues; amongst other things.

    I think people's memories aren't that short.

  29. thousands of child refugees? (where! all I saw was men)I will wake with a sinking feeling if this pratt tin farron wins (no chance)he's got no faith in the uk no understanding of what the British people want and won't be happy with any vote that don't go his way,he is weak and feeble stands no chance of getting into power and (creepy)

  30. Torie and Labour governments don't work. Fact! look what shit we are in now. I believe it is time for a change, a much much needed change. A change that will take us in a positive way and that is with the liberal Democrat's. They are not the party who starvs and underfunds sectors such as education, transport health care and more. They are not the party who would run this country like a dictatorship and would allow us the chance to have our say. I know it's time for a change, and that's with the lib dems.

  31. What I don't understand is that everyone takes digs at the lib dems stating we should except the result yet did nigel farage ever except being part of the EU? No he didn't so he made a party to change that. The Lib dems are no different so just shut all your hypocritical faces.

  32. God you brexit idiots are stupid. This advert isnt for you. Its for the millions- yes millions- who voted remain and have liberal ideals. They know that they could never get UKIP and right wing voters to be more open minded and liberal, they are targeting labour and tory remainers who felt let down by their parties- major cities, and like the whole of Scotland who voted to remain

  33. r u fucking kidding me. Your advertising on Youtube? I want to watch a vid and i'm subjected to your political bullshit?

  34. A wasted vote- will never win a majority or ever get the number of seats they got in 1997! Easy to make all sorts of promises when they know they will never get into power. The people voted for Brexit and all parties need to respect that decision and not delay or make false promises and block every attempt to get the best deal for Britain. This party needs to give up on main party politics.

  35. Yep but it's your party that chose to side with the conservatives after the hung parliament event. will never vote lib dems again

  36. For some implicit reason these days I always identify Liberal Democrats with the Jehovah Witnesses…
    Voted for them back in the days when I was a student when they pledged to cut student fees. Ended up having to fork out £5000 more… Not a very trust worthy party.

  37. They are now classified as endangered

  38. 3:30
    ''Don't forget, anyone that isn't us is an evil nazi and should be silenced by force or any means you deem necessary.
    Join us, to fight back against free speech, join us to destroy the country.''

  39. Loveless, soulless emptiness. Modern Britain led by the nihilistic post-modernists.
    Don't look to the political class for guidance. Look for the Truth.

  40. The Illiberal Undemocrats strike again. Yes, we get it, Britain is evil and weak, and the EU will protect us from our own pesky democracy.

  41. Please watch 'fail state' (it's about for profit schools scam) documentry.

    Let's never vote for any three or more terms house and two or more terms Senate members. Shame on all thugs who were involed in for profit education scams.

    No wonder thug trump calls media fake. Fake media bow to thugs like trump, politicians and corporations.

  42. Conservative Party YouTube Page: Comments disabled, Like:Dislike ratio censored and boring videos
    Liberal Democratic YouTube page: Comments enabled, like:Dislike ratio visible and interesting videos
    I think this says it all.

  43. look vote the why we like or repeat and repeat and repeat we are liberal we got a black woman and white man to act for us vote for us or we will ask again

  44. Two people who listen too mass media who are glass half empty types worry! NHS is overfunded give a man a fish he feeds himself give a man two fish he feeds his family give three and he wastes food that's the NHS over priced staff and equipment unnecessary operations and flawed practices leading to being sued and a Eu based beurocracy that has half the staff pushing paper same with all the services VOTE GLASS HALF FULL that's anyone but con lab lib

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