Let's RUMBLE: Social Democracy Vs. Anarcho-Communism

  1. I agree with Sam personally. I believe there will always be those who exploit power. I think it's more practical to strive for a system that acknowledges this and strives to keep it in check.

  2. I see her point.
    Capital left with any degree of control will always have to be kept from re-seizing power.
    Edit: A resurgence of labor might help, but automation is a problem there.
    I think we have to find other ways to take back control over the system.

  3. if social democracy takes a hold hardly anyone will want a revolution. communism is not feasible.

  4. Good talk. Anarcho communism is the future in my view. Especially with the advent of AI. People will look at our current system as we look at monarchies and feudalism today. As civilization advances the hierarchies that define our current system will dissolve.

  5. Sam knows anarcho communism is the right way but won’t say cause he’s scared of being labeled that

  6. Feudalism has been largely stomped out on the global political spectrum at this point.
    The same can be done to capitalism.

  7. What happened in Russia was not Anarcho Communism. What happened was Totaliterian Dictatorship that enforced fully state controlled capitalism. Completely different!

  8. In short, the problem of capitalism is actually our ancient biological need to establish dominance in an hierarchy to prioritize survival and reproductive needs. Technology choices also matter, as they shape the forms of the optimum efficiency of scale of organizations and their consequent hierarchies. Some hierarchies are inevitable. We can get addicted to the dopamine response of moving up whatever ladder is around.

  9. Human behavior is largely influenced by economic/social conditions. We need to create a system that gives everyone economic and political power. We can change conditions of society over time with education to have a gradual effect over economic and social conditions. But it probably won't happen without some violence as the capitalists try to destroy that change.

  10. I had not heard anybody suggest that only citizens of the country with the reserve currency should get the benefits of socialism. Wouldn’t other countries just adopt the same currency? Does a currency remain the reserve currency if the political system it supports changes? Aren’t there moral problems with exploiting reserve currency in this way?

  11. These are just two slightly different forms of collectivism dukeing it out. Maybe it's just because I'm an outsider looking in, but it's hilarious to watch two ideologies that are more fundamentally similar then different, without their followers realizing it, railing against each other.
    Also, "Anacho-communism" is a contradiction in terms. If a society forces communism on any individuals it's not anarchy, you're just calling your government by a different term. And if society doesn't force communism on individuals, if we are free to associate with whomever we wish voluntarily as per Anarchy, then it's not communism, you're just calling free-market economics by another name.
    It can't be both.
    "Social Democracy", self-redundancy of the terminology aside since all democracies are necessarily social, is a slightly more well thought out form of collectivism, which isn't saying much, in that it proposes to force socialism on the individual via mob rule. I mean, that's still evil and irrational, but at least it's not a direct contradiction in terms like "anacho-communism" is.

  12. Jamie makes a solid case here. The anarchist historians and anthropologists like Noam Chomsky and David Graeber make such a strong case that the alienation of capitalism didn't always exist and doesn't have to continue to exist. We can weaken these systems of alienation by not introducing them in the first place. Direct consensus democracy, Democratic Confederalism, social ecology, eliminating money and instead using mutual aid, etc.

  13. We must establish a an-comm system because of our nature towards exploitation not inspite of it sam jeez

  14. I think anarchism would be stable if it we're widely adopted: if all resources are shared freely, there really isn't any incentive to hoard them. If someone tried to establish voluntary capitalism, no one would buy something that they can get for free, and no one would work for a wage if they didn't need to to survive. Of course anarchism could be crushed by force, but that's true of any society.

  15. Minarchism with a universal basic income is the best system anarchism is unstable and printing money devalues currency and high tax's causes divestment

  16. Sam, if you live to 2040, there is according to most scientists investigating life extension and anti-aging research, a 50% chance that you will healthfully live to see an infinite timeline. So you might be around a lot longer than you think.

  17. Space gay communism? Like actual gay? I'm gay? Will I be invited? Are the gays invited to the communism?

  18. Well I am a stirnerist-illegalist-crypto-anarchist. All I know is that through the deregulation of the internet, a social and economic revolution can be born that can encourage individualism and anarchistic sentiments leading to the emancipation of the working class through the cryptographical attack on corporatism, capitalism, and totalitarianism as a whole. Where the individual becomes anonymous and is no longer effected by the dogmatism of state morality and moralistic ideas that are ultimately meaningless. Where intellectual prowess is valued and used as a tool for the enforcement of the union of egoists. A society where the individual basks in fluidity and the fulfillment of the self above all else, delegitimizing all hierarchy. A state of anarchy that allows humans to ascend beyond concrete identities and ideas. Think of it as post modernist agorist crypto anarchism with an illegalist and egoist basis. Anarcho-communism is too collectivist and dogmatic for me. So is social democracy. Although, I'm sure my ideology is about as popular as mutualism.

  19. Fully automated luxury gay space communism, therefore your argument is invalid. Q.E.D. The woman who cannot be seen wins this argument. And I am a democratic socialist myself, but, her invisible presence and word stylings won me over, the same way the invisible presence and word stylings of God win over Christians.

  20. Anarcho-communism: A system that is like putty and is collectively shaped by everyone that considers themself a participant of society. Literally anything can happen, if it turns out something doesn't work then the people of the Anarcho-communist society can change it right away, there's no authority figure that gate keeps. It's such a free society that if it somehow turns out people don't like it then they can reshape it into something totally different, without the need for revolution.

    Social democracy: Thoughts of a social democrat "we gotta keep capitalism because I've been fed so much propaganda that I actually believe it's human nature to screw each other over for resources, even when there's no scarcity. I also have this wet dream of becoming rich some day, so that I can play oppressor, like all those other sociopathic kids up there in the 1%. I'll show people how smart and hard working that I hopelessly think I am."

  21. Social democracy is just welfare capitalism, it is just putting a band aid on a stab wound. BTW why didn't you shown the girl talking?

  22. Anyway, if we are to accept that some individuals in society feel the need to "dominate and exploit", should we give them the ability to do that? Does their pathological desires outweigh the rest of societys needs? The Right to Work vs. The Right to Well Being? The tensions created by capitalism are really not good and I'm pretty sure most anarchists know that a post-capitalist system won't be 100% perfect (all though pretty damn near close). As an anarchist, I do believe that a libertarian socialist system MUST respect people's individuality and individual rights. Even communities in Revolutionary Catalonia allowed for there to be individualist thought.

  23. His criticism of Anarcho-Communism is that there isn't a system of wealth accumulation? Huh… why not try Anarcho-Collectivism my boy?

    But hey, also… the capitalist class is by no means natural. They have gained there wealth through exploitation and inheritance. I think that excessive propaganda campaigns by capitalists and the state have convinced a large part of the population that this system is natural. Capitalism came by violent force and humans are inheritly social beings. We have a cooperative nature, the kind of greed and competition that capitalism fosters is only going to destroy us.

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