Lessons Learned From the first Community Day in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

hey y'all I'm James right and welcome back to wizards news today I want to talk about Community Day there was a lot of fun to be had but there are a few lessons learned and I want to kind of go through those and talk about what Community Day was in general so let's take a look at this my community they was an absolute blast I had a ton of fun it was incredibly hot it got up to about 97 here with almost 100% humidity and for this area that is very very hot so everyone's gonna have a little bit different because it's held all around the world I had a few people saying I was really really cold when they were in the southern hemisphere uh-huh but it was it was a good day even with that it was a lot of fun we did do a lot in cars because there was air conditioning but there was a group of about six of us that just hung out in the shade with a little bit of a breeze and really enjoyed the time with other people and for me that's what community day is all about it's about getting to know other people I got I've never met these people before it was a good time just hang out and enjoy each other and especially we doing forretress challenges there's a great chance to get to know each other because there's a lot of strategy that has to go on a lot of communications of you know leave that pixi for me or I'll take the formal death eater and actually figuring out who can help each other and hey can you heal me and all those types of things I just make it very fun it's a lot different than Pogo where you're just going to ffff Chat Chat Chat so this is this is a great way to get to know people and the the community aspect two challenges were absolutely phenomenal I know a lot of people went out to sponsored malls and so you get to hang out in the air-conditioning but then in sponsored malls there's a lot more that's going on a lot of people had a really good spawns so that brings me the topic of spawn zone some people said they had amazing spots and some people really didn't at all and so you really have to find the right spot for it you're looking for those hot spots where a lot of spawns come up I like to go to parking lots if there's a lot of spawns there but you're not going to run into as many people playing so there's that balance do you want to do community in which case you probably I want to go to the parks or the regular places where there's a lot of ends around but if you're actually out there for spawns then you're probably gonna want to go to place where there aren't a minions and it's more just absolute spawns some people saw almost nothing and some people saw a lot and so you really had to find that that hot spot and if you don't find it then you probably have to move on to some other place this is actually from bit south made one of the guys and our local group submitted this and oh I think I'm going there next time now if you're all about XP you're just gonna be one of you focusing on grinding spawns during these because they are everywhere and you can really get a lot really fast especially with the three times brew for your brilliant brain elixir this is that's what you want to be doing but for Community Day I wanted to do more challenges so I spent about two-thirds of the time doing fortresses with friends and then about one third of the time grinding fountain bowls and walking around and getting those I found that to be an absolute ton of fun and getting to know people and meeting and and actually playing around doing fortresses with a group of people is an incredibly fun experience it's maybe not you know the best for XP and that type of thing but it is very enjoyable and we got addicted and this is one of the things we're just like okay we're doing less when we're doing this one and sometimes we go and do a really hard level and then sometimes we just do the level 4 and try and get formidable Pixies and Death Eaters it was it was a very good experience for the five of us that were actually out in the shade I got all ten of my formerly well Death Eaters three of the people on the group got all of their former little Pixies that they needed I also got to complete the assignment of three Wizarding challenges with three friends and that completed the SOS task force so I have gone through the entire SOS task force can't finish that out if you'd like to see a video on all the steps involved in that let me know maybe I'll run through that as well and then of course another day another level up so this was a very big success for me now other people out there had other ideas on some people were out for completing the registries and getting the stamps and I've had a few a few people complain about because they were expecting to see more of the rare items and that wasn't quite the way community they work you would see the same levels of items it's just with Hogwarts of school you saw a lot more Hogwarts School pop up but you're still gonna be seeing a lot more of the students and not as many bugger cabinets and that's what a lot of people were really going forwards getting all those bugger cabinets and you did find those occasionally and once you get through enough Hogwarts schools traces you you would come across them but you're not gonna see a lot of the rare things you're just gonna see them in the normal ratios just with more focusing on the Hogwarts schools in this case for those climbing up the XP tree and just focusing on leveling up you can just focus on found and actually talked to one guy who hit a hundred thousand XP in the three hours just focusing on found holes it was almost 35,000 an hour and did an amazing job so that was that I might actually go back and try that sometime although I kinda like focusing on the community that's another thing that a lot of people to get to know other people out there and and build relationships so that when you need to go do group fortresses you have people you can talk to and do those group fortresses some people were all about the group fortresses that was the entire reason for Community Day and that they would come out and work with other people and have that that enjoyment of bouncing off of each other in the fortress and and working together to accomplish the task an incredible amount of fun if you are the type of person who is looking to get rare founda balls then your best bet is using dark detectors and we had three ends that set up with dark detectors and we regularly had red flares popping up and I think we did about a dozen or so with red flares in the the three hours because we had dark detectors on three ends around so all of that being said what did I learn in this community today what am I going to do differently next time that really depends on what my goal is I do like the aspect of community day and getting out and getting to meet people and so I think that's gonna be my main focus is right off the bat is I'm just going to find people that I can get together with and do some fortresses that's very enjoyable and a great way to spend the time but after an hour or two of that I think I'm going to be focusing on the rare found holes so I'm probably going to find a place with three or four Inns that I can load up on dark detectors and just walk around that I find that with three or four Inns I can load up the dark detectors and just walk around them and never run out of traces as long as I as long as you keep moving they will keep popping up though I might find one of these honey holes and go hang out there because that doesn't look like a lot of fun again we keep coming back to one of the interesting things about Wizards unite is there is no one way to play the game there is no one goal everyone has a different thing that they're hunting and you really have to play the game as to what you want to do are you looking for completing your registries are you looking for leveling up and getting your XP are you looking for climbing the skill tree each of those are going to require a different task and community day is a great way to actually do all three of them or for some of any one particular tasks you don't have to be forced into just doing fortresses or just getting found apples or just meeting people you get to have your fun and the way you want to have it and that's what makes this a fantastic game is because there is no right way to play it after all this fun I am really looking forward to the next community day this was an absolute blast and in my book a complete success very very well done and thank you for putting this together Niantic this was this is fun so I'd love to hear your thoughts down below what did you find enjoyable what did you learn from this or what will you do differently next time I'd love to hear that as well as well as if you as well if you liked the video please like comment share subscribe ring the bell do all those fun things that really helps out the channel and thank you for that so I think that's about it for now and until next time have a magical day look a community frog maybe he has something special inside let's see uh the real Raven claw uh yeah I've got a few of her but I always like getting that one any you can get this one if you come see me in an event see then just in time we all wrapped up and ran back to the car and yeah this happened so I guess I'm not going to get any more b-roll

  1. I miss the gangster days of ingress. Blowing up people’s stuff and getting into fist fights and being paranoid.

  2. Yesterday was my wedding day and where I was there was not one spawn all day long, def not too upset because I got married!!!! But I was like guess the statute of secrecy isn’t threatened here lol

  3. My community day started at 10am unexpectedly so I could only grinned foundables, found one McGonnagle, a bit disappointing but level up as well. Live and learn. Bangkok Auror level 31.

  4. Level 20 over here, I had a lot off fun with my ungle who is playing the game to. But we used our dark detectors 3 on each house. We didn’t really know what was going on , because the spawns around the dark detectors were barely even there. Later on the day I found out that in my area there was this message that the “weather conditions were dangerous and the spawns were lower” There was barely even rain and it was a beautiful day! So that dissapointed me alot.

  5. It was fun and I almost got 2 levels from the xp grind (Level 28). My complaints are that there were not nearly enough severe spawns. We were playing in a minivan so we went everywhere very slowly. Didn't see a single severe. They need to turn that way up. The second complaint is more of a critique. We need tasks to complete for CD rewards (preferably red books as reward but anything is fine). Tasks make for more fun and rewards. That's my two cents.

  6. Only saw 2 other players. No fortress close by. Put 3 dark detectors in an inn, stayed there for an hour, saw zero flared spawns. Sure, caught lots, and managed to hit level 29, but overall was disappointed by this community day. Keep up the good work.

  7. I enjoyed community day but I was frustrated because I would get the same foundables over and over. I was thinking that we would get rare or higher foundables. Unfortunately our group was myself and one other person. 😓 And since I'm in Texas we had to play inside. But know that I know how it works I think next time will be better.

  8. meh, the heat here was a factor. "Feels like 110" I cleared about 40K experience sitting on 3 inns and just doing every foundable that popped for the better part of 2 hours.

  9. My question would be if community day is not about getting those high level foundables and filling in the registry, what or when is the time? 😰😰

  10. Such a mixed bag! I had fun but didn't meet anyone so not much community. I only had a few high spawns and was able to prestige a page and go up one level. Yay for lvl21! How do you find spawn hotspots?

  11. Fortress battles with friends was the highlight for me. The strategy, planning, who will fight what, hexing your teammates' opponents, healing your teammates. I had so much fun.

  12. I didn't get to meet anyone but even in my area, which is fairly rural, a ton of spawns kept popping up and I found some new ones, like Professor Flitwick. Also found a couple of training fortresses, which I thought was really cool.

  13. Level 26 here – Had quite a few dark detectors going for CD and didn't see any severe or emergency foundables, and really nothing different (as far as level of foundable) from everyday play (except for common Hogwarts everywhere). Gave up after 2 hours of grinding. I think if you want rare foundables then it is better to take the car next time so you can cover a much greater distance to find the rare foundables, though I don't think that's what they are aiming for here. I had a much more successful CD in Pogo today where shiny's are much more evenly dispersed.
    I think the dark detectors need to be able to pull in more uncommon foundables better, the Dawdle draught needs to better retain the foundable and the likelihood of catching when you cast a masterfull spell needs increasing. Currently, I see a lot more luck and less skill is required and I would prefer it more skill-based.

  14. Well, I was working so I just did foundables for a while. Good thing is that I work at a hotspot or should I say the reverse, the fact that I work in a 🏭 makes that a good candidate for a hotspot. Anyhow, I went up to lv 20 wujuu. Would’ve loved to grind fortresses but I couldn’t.

  15. Only found 1 new wizard, and He's not even a player from the area. The others in the group didn't show, weren't on chat. So it was a pretty regular 3 hour grind. Did get to try a few new chamber levels. Overall, it was a bust for me. Maybe next time. I do think the extreme heat kept people away.

  16. I didn't have the opportunity this time to do fortresses, so I am looking forward to next CD for that. This time around I just drove around and worked on foundables and was able to level up almost 2x's.
    I think we may be in same part of the midwest, it was very hot where I am and then the rain! Much nicer out today.

  17. I missed it it was 107 degrees out where I was. Wasn't going to risk my life. I wish a community day actually lasted a 24 hour day. Cause at 7 Pm it was 75. I could have gone out than

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