Legends of the Old Republic: Rogue Contract (ENG subs)

*connecting to database *access granted *searching database Wanna have some fun? Fun. Right… *requested object is found Here’s your fifty grand. Or… there’s another fifty in it for you if you give it another go. That could get you both your kid AND your wife from the slavers, you know. That should be enough. Now get lost. That’s an… interesting toy you got there. Made it yourself? What, you wanna play? No. I’m here about a contract. Alright, I guess I have some time to kill Оh, that one. Booo-ring. I’ll double the bounty. Better buy yourself some new threads, old man. You know, you’re not the first bounty hunter who is too afraid to get in his way. And here I thought you were different from the others. That you’ve learned something in that Jedi temple of yours… …before they kicked you out. Now this guy, he’s no ordinary schmuck. He killed a member of the Dark Council, his own father… Come ooon, I see I piqued your curiosity! Half the kriffing galaxy is after him and he’s still alive… Not for long he isn’t. It’s just that I don’t feel like chasing him ‘round the whole blasted sector. He’s probably holed up in some freakin’ pile o’crap. Exactly Not your lucky day Well, darling, how’bout you show me your… cards, eh? BLEH! Lizard piss. Sweetheart, bring me someting stronger, willya… What the kriff are ya doin’ here, eh? You know what happens if they see us together? I got your message. Ah, great! Wonderful. There’s just this small problem. You got new information for me? Yes, yes, information. Like I said, one problem I sent you nothing at all. Did you see the ass I might have just scored there? BOOM! I got your message. Three hours ago. And my heart bleeds for you. But if sombody sent you a message in my name – these are YOUR problems. Nothing to do with me. I’m off to beer and babes. And who’s about to off you? None o’my business, you know. Buh-bye! Freeze! Drop your weapons! I said, drop your-… This one I need alive. Hey! That wasn’t the deal! That one – not so much. I’m glad you’ve received our signal, Darth… Deimos. Although I do have to say decoding it took us a whole 50 minutes. 47 47 That’s longer than usual. After that, though, sending a bogus message was a walk in the park, as was pulling a file on you. I must say, a most impressive, if somewhat tarnished, biography. Darth Deimos, the youngest contender for joining the Dark Council. Experimented on corpses of the sith and jedi. Discovered a way to transfer the knowledge and abilities of the dead to the living. Because of his acquired abilities managed to promptly become a powerful representative of the dark side. Took part in the assault on the Jedi Temple during the battle for Coruscant. Personally influenced the outcome of numerous battles. A hero of the Empire And to cap it all “Plotting a rebellion against the Emperor.” I almost wish THAT was true. What do you know about it? Ah so you ARE interested Well, my information comes at a price. My corporation requires able – the best – soldiers, and I’m not a fastidious person. We could both benefit from such an arrangement. Not interested. What a shame. I was trying to avoid it. It seems you mistook that for a proposal. Wrap him up, we’re running late.

  1. господи что я только что посмотрел!
    это сногсшибательно! где вы нашли этих актеров??? да они играют лучше чем любой актер роскинопрома!)))

  2. As in my opinion, the movie was good, but there are drawbacks. The plot is interesting and it can continue to develop. About the special effects, everything is also fine. The problem of this film is the contradiction in dates. For example the Battle of Coruscant and storm the Jedi temple was 19 years before the battle of Yavin. And Darth Deimos became the apprentice of Darth Phobos after the battle of Yavin, after 85 years, when he was about 20-25 years, hence the Darth Deimos was born in the year 65 after the battle of Yavin. And the description for the video says that the events all unfold over 3500 to the plot of the film.

  3. Как на мой взгляд, фильм получился хороший, но есть недочеты. Сюжет-интересный и его можно дальше развивать. Насчет спецэффектов, тоже все отлично. Вся проблема данного фильма-противоречие в датах. Например Битва при Корусанте и Штурм храма джедаев была за 19 лет до битвы при Явине. А сам Дарт Деймос стал учеником Дарта Фобоса после битвы при Явине через 85 лет, тогда ему было около 20-25 лет, следовательно Дарт Деймос родился в 65 году после битвы при Явине. А в описании к данном видео написано, что события вообще разворачиваются за 3500 до сюжета фильма.

  4. would love to see a suite to this. too bad you guys killed off the mercenary-jedi/sith-like dude

  5. блин, классно, конечно. но с чего вдруг цвет-то меняется, даже по новому канону, единожды выбрав цвет, его уже не изменить

  6. Looks and feels great, congratulations! Massive props for the choreography and the one-off characters. The bar patrons look all so differently but detailed, even if we see them only once, which is something even major films often don't bother to do. It's just a bit hard to decide who to root for with basically every major character being ruthlessly evil. On the other hand, that's a welcome refreshment from the canon films' black-and-white morality.
    One thing that keeps me wondering, Darth Deimos wasted two or three opportunities of killing the bounty hunter by waiting, why did he do that?

  7. Someone pulls a blaster, the rest of the bar watches like it's a show, but they scream and run the second someone starts with the lightning.
    Seems legit.

  8. That's so great; the bad guy is really charismatic and the sabers fight are amazing! When will the episode 2 go out?

  9. Интересно, что думает Лукас о том, что не только стал Легендой с большой буквы, но его фендом просто приобрёл религиозных людей, которые называют себя ситхами и джедаями и даже людей которые фильмы вот такие далают? Дерутся на мечах и создают вселенную которую почти можно потрогать?:)

  10. А фильм я бы назвала полноценным. Высокий класс. Молодцы ребята! Игра понравилась и сам фильм.

  11. Does it seem like that only for me, or did the Sith let more than one opportunity slip to kill the bounty hunter? Other than that, an amazing film! Hope to see more from you guys and gals!

  12. the duelling of darth deimos was a very makashi appilcation in the duel against the force user with blue lightsaber when i was analysing

  13. А можно вопрос? Зачем вводить этого охотника за головами, прописывать ему историю, характер. Раскручивать как персонажа до показа серии, в самой серии показать его супер крутым бывшим джедаем с таинственной мотивацией к действиям и вот этому его внезапному переходу на тёмную сторону (Которую, к слову, актёр, играющий Деймоса, если я верно помню, останавливает одной рукой) и сливать его в первой же серии просто потому что "А этот нет."?
    Ах да, и это вечное "Черт возьми, ты его убить хочешь, или поиграться!?"

  14. a nice sith swtor story, but a lightsaber user will never use a blaster too, this is a bad mistake
    but otherwise not bad, I like thesith swtor storys, cool outfits, fx and co – ps: sith rules

  15. Why is the trailer done in English (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VogGQkRpMVU), and yet the movie is in Russian, with English sub-titles? Why not do the entire movie in English. English is the universal language, after all.

  16. Парень с синим мечом напоминает мне Аттона Рэнда из КотОР 2

  17. I absolutely love the man who plays the sith he fits the role perfectly I would love to see him in a movie he deserves recognition!

  18. That was one of the best fan saber battles to date and an interresting story to go with. Part 2 is a must see can't wait.

  19. Потрясающее техническое и визуальное исполнение. Если бы хоть бы в половину такого усердия отечественному кинематографу… эх, больная тема…

  20. Wasn’t Darth desmois the dark council member on corellia? If yes then I always thought he looked older like 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s

  21. Охренительно, ну почему такие актеры не играют в наших сериалах и фильмах? Почему на наши фильмы тратят миллионы, а в них нет такого качества как в этой команде. Желаю вам развития.

  22. This was absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! 🙂 Undisputably one of the best and most professionally made SW fan films I have ever seen 😀 When is part 2 coming out?

  23. Far better than the Last Jedi garbage. I guess us fans are the ones to try and keep the Star Wars Universe true to the path it should go. You guys do a great job.

  24. This is a galaxy far, far away. I doubt any of them would understand English. Points for accuracy there. (Actually, my English speaking brain is just creating a reason to justify the foreign language, even though the real reason is that the people who made this don't speak English or are speaking in their native language.)

  25. да и силу б по больше использовал а не заламывал руки

  26. I like Darth Deimos's lightsaber techniche,it's very fluid,and he can change from two handed style,to one handed..
    He is quite a SITH

  27. Sad when fan films are better than some high-powered corporations garbage. Or maybe that's a good thing. Looks like we gotta save Star Wars ourselves. Keep it coming!

  28. Looool Russian Voice in Star Wars is epic!! Dafuuuq i dont know that 😀 Im German and Germany is some kind of boring.. English too.. But russian is fcking badass haha

  29. the dude who played "the bounty hunter" in the video's CLEARLY a fan of "devil may cry" which is made even MORE blatantly clear considering that his name's "dante redgrave" 😉 😏.

  30. Not bad, not bad. Странно, что мало просмотров. хотелось бы продолжение видеть

  31. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssssssssss! Great story in my fav era of Star Wars! Great choreography, photography, story telling, animations, dialogue, all of it

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