LBS -  Location-based Advertising

antonio is proud of the regional food he serves in his restaurant located in the historic center but he is struggling to show people what's on offer and stand out from the crowd he decides to try a new form of advertising based on location people in the street walking towards his restaurant can see the menu using specialized apps Theo and John are looking for a tasty and local meal but don't know the city they decide to use a restaurant app and get notified of Antonio's special lunch menu they love what they see and immediately know that Dantonio is what they were looking for galileo will add more satellites to existing constellations and make positioning a lot more precise especially in urban areas this allows geo targeted advertising to be more relevant and effective how to bring the proper information the end user is interested in to the end user and this is the question we have more smartphones by now or more mobile phones then we have people this is a huge opportunity to have access to people to provide them with information and you can see such kind of applications already such as location-based services such as navigation solutions on your smartphone and you make use of it and with the quality of signal of course you have more secure services you


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