Lawrence: No Republican Contested Evidence Of Trump’s Impeachable Conduct | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Trump only cares about winning. that's it. He doesn't care if it's sensical, reasonable or anything otherwise. He just wants to win. he has the maturity and brain capacity of a 5th grader, but his compassion is less than that of a child. His sentiment is that of a psychopath.

  2. Professor Johnathan Turley is incorrect with this assessment, the American people have been living with allies stripped of our sanctioned support since September, I think the public is saturated enough by December. #LockHimUp #MoscowMitchIsNext – and he slipped himself up, an immediate impeachment is exactly what the "president" doesn't want, but more than half the country has already made up it's mind.

  3. Watching this video one will see that Trump has definitely impeached himself by obstructing
    the justice process itself:

  4. Can ya feel it? Can ya feel it all slip slidin' away? You were THAT close to taking out Trump! Go ahead and have a good cry! Then throw yer head back and scream…."MAGA!!!"

  5. Is there evidence that needs to be contested? I haven't seen any yet, just insinuations and assumptions. If we look at Trump as Innocent until proven guilty, none of this sticks.

  6. Prof Karlan (the crazy eyed woman) said Trump should be impeached just for GPs and for naming his son "Barron:"!!……

  7. 3:06 absolutely right. Exactly same strategy trump employed when they took advantage of Comey's announcement of Hillary's new investigations before the elections. That did it in for her.

  8. Frankly, anyone who is in danger of being left behind by this impeachment proceeding needs to just go to a special school or something and stop holding the rest of us back.

  9. In other words. Take a few more months to 'investigate', and by the end we hope the election is over so the president can directly attack the constitution, making himself and his coconspiritors unimpeachable/beyond the law.

  10. There were 3 constitutional scholar. Turley is a turd. Turd testified in favor of the Clinton impeachment. Anyone for the impeachment of Clinton was just politicking. If Clinton was worth impeaching, where are we with Trump? Don't pretend to be unbiased Turd.

  11. Allow me to be the first to congratulate Speaker Pelosi. Well done, ma'am! I would have bet that you either didn't have the balls or weren't that stupid! Glad to say I was wrong!! Now, on with the show!!! ….MAGA!

  12. Whether Trump gets impeached or not does not change the fact that the systems we're living under in America are utterly broken. The problems that gave us Trump will bring us another Trump.

  13. I predict this unstable president will be encouraged to resign before Easter and that an alternative (Hopefully not Pence) candidate will be chosen!

  14. How can this escape the news??????????
    TRUMP ANNOUNCED 250 MILLION IN HELP TO UKRAINE, THE SAME DAY RUDY GIULIANI TRAVELS TO UKRAINE TO DIG DIRT ON THE BIDENS!…..This stable mule will keep going back to the corn field until the someone sends it to feed the lions IMHO

  15. Impeachment and electing a new president won’t be enough to get the world to trust us again. We’ll also need to put safeguards in place to ensure a president can’t get away with this type of behavior ever again.

  16. This piece of swill who touts nothing but his agenda expects us to believe his vomit! Try stating the facts a Democrat loaded education panel pushes impeachment…such bias statements! You are a joke and always will be.

  17. Republicans in office seem to lie the same way that normal people breathe air! Blatant liars, democratic or republican do not deserve to be in office and should be voted out in their next election! None of these politicians are above the law and if they can not or will not follow the laws as all of the rest of us have to, then they do not deserve to be in office because they are no longer doing the job they were hired to do, represent Americans interests instead of putting their own agenda ahead of the rest of us!

  18. Subverting the Constitution is impeachable. Bribery, Extortion. Giuliani was never authorized to speak on behalf of the United States.

  19. Come on! I know I'm not the only American out there who, at least three or four times a week I say something like: "I can't believe this is happening" or "is this really happening?" or "what the heck is going on? or "wow I don't believe this"…
    Exhausting is the new winning?
    The emperor has on no clothes! how is it that 60 million people see a beautiful tailored suit? stop worshipping this reality TV star. he is a horrible human being who does horrible things!

  20. Wait longer? That would give Jim Jordan even more ammo related to the 2020 election. (Plus I heard Jordan will be busy with his knowledge of a separate lawsuit related to the Ohio State issue for knowingly ignoring the pedophile doctor issue after being directly informed of it).

  21. Liberal democrap Prof Karlan said she crossed the street to avoid walking near Trump tower. And she's the democraps' unbiased exspurt witness?….lol

  22. Professor Turley, America cannot afford the risk of allowing djt to undermine our form of government for another minute, let alone months.

  23. "The Framers" didn't care what the mass of Americans thought about impeachment (or anything else). In fact, they considered them stupid rubes that could be easily duped by a demagogue. That's the main reason they created the Electoral College. However, it became corrupted over time, and so put one into office in 2016.

  24. "What I've taken this to mean…" from the legal scholar.
    If this was his intention, he is guilty…
    I presume…
    And people are stating these things as fact.

    So far that is what Congress working with. Please send this to the Senate for trial so more information can come out. Circumstantial evidence and conjecture are not a strong case.

  25. It’s all a reality tv show to Trump. He wanted Ukraine to announce an investigation into Biden, he didn’t care if the investigation was actually conducted or not. He wanted Mexico to announce that they were going to pay for the wall, and “then we’ll work it out,” he said on the first call to President Peña Nieto. He didn’t care what actually happened to the wall, he just wanted the Mexican President to back him up in an announcement.

    He doesn’t care about corruption, he doesn’t care about the wall, and he only cares about his base because he needs their votes. If he’s re-elected in 2020, he won’t need them anymore and I will enjoy watching him sell their core beliefs out to the highest bidder. Trouble is, that screws all of us.

  26. Evidence doesn't mean anything to Trump defenders.. unless it defends Trump. Sadly for them they have no evidence to defend Trump so they resort smear campaigns and intimidation.. like a Russian mob.


  28. When asked what her favorite Bible verse is, Nancy said her favorite is "the word"! lol…The WORD?? .. This only makes sense to a politician.

  29. I think they need to get Colludy Rudy on the stand. Also Mick "we do it all the time" Mulvaney. Yeah there is a chance they would risk doing time for perjury and take the hit for Trump but it seems the repugs want more first hand witnesses and Trump has them all under a fake illegal gag order. Yes it will take time but one or both of them might sing right away rather then become bunk mates with Cohen.

  30. Slowing down and spending more time in the courts is useless when the head of the justice department is Trump's lackie and the Supreme Court has a majority of Republican justices.

  31. lawrence please no sexual scandals you are on the forefront of having balls i first starting watching you to gain sanity about this administration

  32. I'm with the fourth judge. He's right. Those who have not testified must be subpoenaed to testify. Only then will the whole story be known.

  33. So people thumb this down because they dont like the content of the message? Like a way to say "I'm angry about what this video tells me".

  34. Makes sense to me. Defending Trump at this point is a fools errand propped up by his chorus of sycophants and toadies. There is no reasonable defense of what he did, oth erwise we would have heard from his legion of stalwart defenders by now.

  35. Jonathan Turley seems to forget what he said around the impeachment of Bill Clinton, where he was only too eager to impeach quicker rather than later.
    Jonathan Turley knows very well that Trump has committed impeachable offenses, but he has been charged with stalling. He stops short of claiming the impeachment process is a witch hunt because he knows that would forever destroy his reputation as a professor in constitutional law.

  36. This whole legal procedure has been a polymic banality. The undercurrent is the assertion that a stutory techno-directive was assuaged. Patently flummoxrd, away from every precedent heretofore established. The commission will reveal any day now! Then we'll see!

  37. 2016 while you idiots were praising and licking Hill arrays Clinton Swearing as God is our witness Hillary will be our next president trump will never ever ever be president I pulled 3 coins from my pocket flipping them in the air I said how many terms well our next president get heads 1 tails 2
    2 of 3 wer tails 2 Terms 1 last flip
    Who will be our president heads trump tales Hillary to of 3 heads Looks like my coins were correct on the president judging by what I have seen so far my 1st call to terms will be correct then we will get to spend the next 4 years listening to main stream media whine and complain and wonder why it happened And you only have yourself to blame To be totally honest I didn't vote for either one I had a right in I voted for Arthur shag nasty It would have been better than either one of those 2 clowns However I knew Hillary wasn't going to win For the obvious reason everyone else has overlooked the reason trump one is the same reason Obama won against Hillary because enough people were tired of 2 families taking turns running the country Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush Clinton somebody else needed a turn now we would have had Bush Clinton Bush Obama Clinton Bush Clinton that was too obvious and the people said no we will put trump in office keeping Bush and Clinton out again

  38. Thanks for making this point clear. Success or failure of an illegal act is not relevant to the consequences of said action. The very attempt to do said action is all that is necessary to make it illegal. Extortion….whether successful or not, is still extortion. Period. Bribery is still bribery even if it is or is not successful. The release of the money makes no difference to the fact that Trump attempted an illegal action at all. No matter how the Republicans try and hammer this out, it is still doomed to failure. Trump did it. He admitted it. He's done it since on TV in front of the whole world. He now has to pay for his criminal behavior. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW IN THE UNITED STATES. NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT. Article 2 or not.

  39. 7:01 Technically speaking, Andrew Johnson got exactly what he wanted from his impeachable act – he got rid of the Secretary of War. Of course, that time around it was Congress who was in the wrong, not the president, so it doesn't really fit the spirit of the example.

  40. And the 43% Trump Sycophant Band still hold on to him!!! The CRIMINAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE! November 03, 2020 cannot come soon enough to remove this rotten family out of what used to be a respectable HOUSE! Nowadays, it stinks to high heavens!!!

  41. I just heard Fox's Sean Hannity told his pro Trump viewers that Ukraine and Russia are interfering in our election. Which means Fox News is now getting their sources from Russia. Hannity should be arrested for using sources from Russia to brainwash Americans with a false story that Ukraine with no evidence is interfering in our election.


  43. This guy smirked – justifiably, to be fair, given that Trump's only in office due to universal foul play on the 2016 "Democratic" cough gag spit – the whole damned thing is a farce! I'd be sneering too!

  44. Whether or not Ukraine was suited to receive US aid is NOT DJT's call! Congress approved it and that's all that's necessary. DJT had absolutely NO right to hold up that aid. Whether or not they eventually received the aid does not change DJT's offense.

  45. Hey let me just chimed in. Hey Lawrence your contract is secured for next year you're going to get a lot of money what you don't have to be a pitbull! I think you might be drooling! You sure that's not a sign of? Short some sort of bonus?

  46. So honestly has anyone actually come forward with first hand knowledge of the Ukrainian phone call? Or bribery? Or any real crime? So far all the witnesses have just sounded like people who think orange man bad.

  47. Can anyone please quote the actual quid pro quo between Trump and the Ukrainian president?
    Please quote the exact quote of quid pro quo.
    Not what you think was said.
    Not what you heard was said.
    Please quote the actual quid pro quo.
    Please reference page number, paragraph number, and sentences involved.
    Thank you.

  48. Not one witness has come forward with any actual first hand knowledge of anything. One guy heard a rumor from his cousin's girlfriend's brothers nephew's aunt who had a hairdresser who knew a delivery guy who had a step father who may have been in the Whitehouse that day and he had a bad feeling about it, and that rumor was enough for an impeachment that Democrats have been trying to get for 3 years. Lol. Awesome.

  49. 35 million still has not reached Ukraine!!!!! Gop frauds are as guilty as dump if they keep defending his criminal behavior!!!!

  50. Almighty GOD ever protects and preserves the TRUTH – so we will soon be shown the TRUTH about what has been happening.
    BUT ..there is none so blind as those who REFUSE to see.

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