1. Would you ever become a politician and why do most politicians become lawyers? Much love💪🏾

  2. You’re my one of the best favourite YouTubers because I am lots of learning from you. I am studying University of London as a external programme law student👨‍🎓. I live in Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️

  3. Thank you so much for your videos am joining in August though I feel am not so prepared for the much reading and the grading .

  4. Should elected board members of a racial student group, e.g. BLSA, NALSA, or CHLSA list these positions on a resume? I can understand why employers might not want to know (or are legally prevented from knowing?) a student's race. However, these positions require a lot of time and provide a lot of responsibility – two things employers would be interested in knowing about.

  5. I find your videos very informative and helpful 🙂 Gotta give credit to you if I ever fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer

  6. Moot Court is definitely a big booster on your resume. Participating and doing well at an international moot earned me a paid summer internship last year. Although I didn't have the best grades out of those who applied, I stood out more with my grades and extra-curriculars combined.
    I didn't get much experience at law review as it was only reintroduced in my final semester but I did play a key role in getting it up and running again.
    I think you should always look for an opportunity to take part in extra-curriculars at law school. They're not as important as grades but like I said they boost your resume and can give you an edge over students who may only have good grades.

  7. "it's like law and order in real life… But still fake" haha I laughed so hard 😂
    Great very helpful video!

  8. Could you explain why mock trials are not as much of a resume boost? I want to be a prosecutor wouldnt mock trials prepare me better than law review?

  9. I would like to pose a hypothetical. You are working in recruiting for a thematically specialized law firm. Let's say for the sake of this hypothetical that this law firm specializes in securities. You have two final candidates with the same grades from the same institution who you're considering hiring. They've got the same amount of relevant background. They bring the same identity diversity. Basically, all else is equal about their personal and academic and professional backgrounds. They both have law reviews on their resume. Candidate A has a specialty law review that is relevant to the subject area of your firm. Let's call it "Securities Law Review of Institution X." Candidate B has the overall institutional Law Review on their resume. Let's call Candidate B's, "Institution X Law Review." There's only one job, so you can either hire candidate A or B. Also, for the sake of the equality, let's say they had the same duties/responsibilities/title/publication prestige/publication quality/professors' credentials with whom they're working/etc. at each respective Law Review publication. Please explain your answer.

  10. I don't have any intentions of going to law school, but I could listen to this guy talk about it for HOURS on end.

  11. How much would you say which law school you go to matters? I know geographically it has some effect but besides that. I really wanted to go to UCLA, but because of the accelerated program I am in, I have to go to my school’s law school (University of Kansas School of Law) . And what advice would you have for potentially transferring while in Law School?

  12. Hey, I'm currently a student in undergrad and I'm thinking of doing law school somewhere down the line. However the monetary commitment is a bit discouraging and I'm not 100% sure if I want to go into law. Is there any way or extracurricular I can participate in right now in undergrad to help me get a better understanding of what I would be getting into if I do choose to go to law school and become a lawyer? I'm hoping it would make my decision easier in the future when I'm at the crossroads between applying to law school or doing something else

  13. Actually, the most popular extracurriculars in my law school are the legal clinics. For example, I got to participate in an international trade law clinic, mostly WTO related, in which we worked with the Ministry of Economics in my country. Aside from that, it is possible for us to become teaching assistants or research assistants on our third year – which are also quite popular extracurriculars (although paid) here if you have the grades for it, aside from law review and moot court (although we only participate in international moot court competitions, such as Jessup, Vis, etc.).

  14. So if I want to be an intellectual property lawyer, should I do moot court? Am I understanding that correctly?

  15. Are there students who have been mentored by someone, such as a relative or lawyer they met at an internship, who has prepared him/her for law school to such an extent that they already know what to expect and do? Kind of like if you take a german class after you have stayed in germany and became fluent.

  16. So, I was arrested and jailed on pretty serious weapons charges, facing not less than three to ten years in prison. I had no one to throw my bail because no one knew I was arrested. After a week, a friend realized I was missing and made calls to family, hospitals and finally the sheriff's office and graciously bailed me out.
    I hired a lawyer based on my bail bondsman's recommendation. The case never went to court because the only witness, the guy I shot at took off because he had a couple of outstanding warrants. So, I was let go.
    Question: How could I have been better at choosing a lawyer? Should I have asked about extracurricular activities? I was under a lot of stress, how many lawyers should I have interviewed and how would I have found them? It seemed that most of my friends relied on public defenders, or their mothers hired the lawyer.
    Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

  17. +LegalEagle Great video! Two questions for you… How prestigious are other journals (e.g. Real Property, Trust, & Estate Law) to prospective employers, and what are the benefits of being involved in the Student Bar Association?

  18. I don’t have a degree, I’ve never been involved in law or pre law, I’ve never considered being a lawyer let alone going to law school. But DAMN if this guy done make me want to go

  19. Question: How does an international student study to pass the bar. In my country (Roman law not Common law) you go straight from high school to law school (5 years). The study methods are quite different. Suggestions?

  20. I’m 35, not livine in the US, not wanting to go to law school but I love to hear him talk 😂
    He’s also very handsome 🤗

  21. I wonder. Do professionals read Law Review journals of universities to stay updated of the events of their field or is it not so useful ?

    It's really fun to watch your videos ! As someone who doesn't drink, I guess I would find it hard to survive.

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