Law & Order: SVU – Benson’s Harrowing Hostage Conclusion (Episode Highlight)

– I didn’t tell her – Agh! [screams] I’m sick of you
lying to me! – Ow! Joe, listen to me. This is better for you. You don’t need her. We’re so close. We’re so close
to getting out of here. [phone ringing] You tell Tucker
how we’re gonna do this. Your terms, Joe. Your terms. [phone ringing] – Hey, Joe? You got what you wanted now. The money, the car, the choppe,
the plane… but now
I’m gonna need something. The kids, Joe.
Okay? – No. We’re all going
out of here together, and if anything happens,
everyone’s gonna die with me. End of negotiations. – I’ve kept my side. We’re gonna need
at least one kid. – Fine. When I get into the car, I’ll give you the little kid, but I’m keeping my girls. [Tess crying] They’re taking me out,
aren’t they? – You keep your gun to my head, and they’re not gonna try
to beat your trigger squeeze. That, I know for a fact. – So we’re not letting him
drive out of here. Nobody shoots till
I give you the green light. – Hold on, Chief, okay?
He’s lost his girl. He comes out, he sees
massive PD presence… Maybe we ask him
to lay down. – What?
Take a knee? That’s not your call, Tucker. Thanks for your help. You keep him talking
as long as you can, but ESU’s got this now. Is that clear? – Okay, Joe, just keep your gun
to my head. – Oh, you’re not gonna
have to worry about that. Now, let’s go. – They’re coming
out of the garden level. [suspenseful music] ♪ ♪ – We’re gonna go up the steps.
Nice and slow. – Okay. – Hold your fire! – It’s okay, honey.
We’re almost there. You’re doing great, guys. It’s okay.
Nice and easy. – Get back! Move! Get back!
Now! Farther back! – Wait for the green light. [safety clicks] – The kids are going
in the back of the car. – You know, Joe… Joe, we don’t really– we don’t really
need the kids anymore, right? You keep your gun on me. Why don’t we let the kids go? And just make it
about you and me, Joe. I’m all you need. You and me. Go… go. – He’s letting both kids go! – Okay, that’s great, Joe.
Come on. – Thank you, Joe.
– All right, come on. Come on.
Keep going. Keep going,
keep going. – Get in.
– Okay. I’m getting in. I’m just gonna let Tucker
know the plan, okay? – No, I’m gonna tell Tucker– – Take him out! – Lieutenant! – Secure his weapon! – I got it!
– You all right? – Come on.
Come on. – It’s over.
– I’m okay. – If you say so. – He was dead
before he hit the ground. – Where’s Noah?
– We’ll bring him. – But where is he? – Okay, he’s
with Lucy right now. We’re gonna find him
for you, okay? – Lieutenant, just
take care of yourself first. – Okay. Tucker… Thank you. – For what? You did a great job
in there, Lieutenant. Let’s get you out of here. – Come on. [indistinct radio chatter] [siren blares]

  1. Omg!! Did anyone know that balled headed white cop with liv played chuck’s dad on gossip girl omg!!! How in tf did I not notice omg!!😂😂😳

  2. Saw this one how about the one with Lewis who kidnapped her and held her hostage great episodes she beat Lewis like a rabid dkunk

  3. I seen your shows nono 😂😂😂😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😂😂😎😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. She is such an amazing actress even now honestly she been through hell and back and she is still going honestly watch svu every day

  5. This episode is one of the few boring ones in SVU. The plot gets dragged out for ages and you just get bored after a while

  6. For God’s sake Mariska stop whispering your lines in pivotal scenes. It’s ……not acting. Your job is to make us believe yet you resorting to that whispering voice seems as if you don’t know where you are in the script. Just RE-ACT.

  7. When I first saw the sneak peek of this scene, how she went backwards, I thought maybe SHE had been hit.
    Amanda, Munch, Fin, Elliot… but not Liv. (I know there was season 11 but that doesnt count. Kevlar.)

    I feel like she has had everything but being shot without kevlar.

  8. Wanna know something crazy? Not only does Joe represent William Lewis in a way, but Roxy was a red head. Who were the women that let Lewis escape and defended him? All red heads. Really good writing. It’s like Olivia was finally defeating him.

  9. Mariska is just so damn good as Olivia Benson. There are not enough words or awards for her performance week after week season after season. She is brilliant.

  10. Liv was most impressive too in the episode where the lunatic killer made her play Russian roulette…man, what acting!!! Awesome!

  11. No no no joes character was in Chicago he was drowned I don’t like this Olivia benson was in Chicago with amaro and another detective helping with a rape case then I watch this it doesn’t add up

  12. In remembrance of Elliott Stabler, Donald Cragen and Munch 😔 the show was way better with them on there. (they are not dead)

  13. All black or African American or Spanish staff or India’s oceans staff at chestnut hill hospital that don’t wish to be respectful to me 168669777 call Philadelphia police Auerbach and don’t treat me save yourselves I report everything to the EEOC .

  14. She always try to be there to save others from getting kill or hurt ,she is brave ,if it was me I would be too nervous and scared.

  15. Now them detectives on Law &Order don't never do karate like Walker Texas Rangers ,but they are brave to handle their case all the time.

  16. People are saying they want Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler back on Law&Order:SVU but I don't want him back because in my opinion she grew and became a rounded person after he was gone, she moved up in rank, had meaningful relationship like with Ed Tucker and other and she became a mother.

  17. How is her hair always so good like seriously her hair be good even after something like this and my hair be a freaking bird's nest 1 second after brushing it
    Like OMG

  18. I Love this Show…Yes. She's One Heck of A Women…She gives a Lot! Takes A Lot! But Won't bend…. Never Gives up, On What's Right!!👆👌🌠

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