1. Trump offered 3 things,
    New trade agreements, tighter immigration and an end to the wars. He did this in a racist way and some people who agreed with above looked the other way because they deemed the issues more important.

    In polls most people agreed with these issues, and the fact that Hillary was an all-time weak candidate made it so he won.

    His base is based on racism. That I would agree with. Probably a good percentage of the people who voted for him in the primary are racist to some degree.

    Stricter immigration isn't racism, it is economics and common since, if your goal is to make Americans better off. I am a progressive and would never vote for Trump but I wish the Dems would reach a compromise on the border, like a wall and a path to citizenship.

  2. No sources in the description, clickbait title, spam (polite or not, still spam) on comment sections of other political commenters. No matter if the substance is fair when the form is highly questionnable.
    Also, you'd better talk about click farms instead of Indian tech wizard in your comment.

  3. I agree with your assertions & I also agree that Kyle would agree with you, too. His general point, as I understand it, is that Trump harnessed the discontent with how Corporate-based (and beholden) the Established Parties have become…not necessarily that those that voted for Trump were doing it for Economic reasons Primarily. I'm sure that it factored in some for those that weren't aware of how abysmal his business history has been. Trump did, however, perpetuate the myth that immigrants are replacing them in the workforce (as opposed to the truth that Automation is the main driver), which blurs that line between Cultural Anxiety & Economics.

    That being said, I appreciate the work that you're doing in encouraging the conversations needed to move Our Great Country forward. Keep it up!

  4. Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore are part of the Jim Crow Left, a group of people who erode identity politics, resulting in the revival of white supremacy on the left. That's how there are racists like Richard Ojeda, Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden running for president as Democrats.

  5. It's not a fact; it is the results of a study conducted by politically motivated actors. PRRI is hardly what one would call a disinterested observer. A "non-trivial" number is pretty vague, & there is a ton of data that refutes this thesis. Let me know if you are interested in seeing it. There are vast areas of this country where there are no black people, and to suggest these people are primarily motivated by bigotry towards a group they have had little or no interaction with is simply incorrect. The fact is many whites could give a fuck less about black people at all, and that is the real issue. To quote, the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. White folks aren't, by in large, voting one way or the other because they fear black people. Some of the racial identity narratives pushed by the ID politics crowd are revealing a type of narcissism and or paranoia within the black community that pushes the idea that whites base their actions around fear of and how to manage the black community. While I can understand why some people would feel that way given history and the bullshit black citizens continue to have to deal with, the fact is most whites just don't give a fuck.

    As far as stating that lack of support for Sanders indicates a lack of interest in populism by Trump voters is a false equivocation. There is a whole checklist of reasons a GOP supporter wouldn't support Sanders that have nothing to do with populism or racial identity.

    As far as black pundits catering to whites, while there might be some cases of that like brain-damaged Jessie Lee, many simply don't believe in the identity politics narratives . Why accuse them of pandering? If you want to get your channel going a good idea might be to pick one of them & offer to debate.

    All that being said, I haven't read this specific study, but its source is suspect. Again, both PRRI & the Atlantic have always been more interested in shaping public perception than reflecting public opinion/interest. If you post a link to the study I'll try to find some time to look over it. Always post the links, dude!

  6. This data makes me believe tulsi needs to push her war message harder to make Bernie adopt it even more than he has our foreign policy by both parties the last 50 years has led a mass migration because we destroyed Latin country after Latin country if Bernie or tulsi can tie the immigration problem with our foreign policy it could bring in more people to their side

  7. Keep up the good work, Jason…we need one of these channels and a commentator for every district in the country, if possible. That’s how we change hearts and minds, not through continuously lost elections.

  8. A damn good catch, Jason…awesome job. It would be interesting to look at some other studies, but by and large, I think this corresponds a lot with what we see out there. It particularly irks me when Kyle puts a blanket condemnation of all “identity politics” and sneers at “social justice warriors” as if those people are not every bit as important to the progressive cause as the principles and economic issues he keeps harping over. Frankly, Kyle has a blind spot where it comes to racism/sexism/prejudice, and I think the same is true of Jimmy Dore. This may have something to do with the crowd they walk amongst, although I could be wrong about this; not being of a different ethnic identity, they are oblivious to the many more nuanced ways in which racism and sexism played a role in 2016.

  9. Hey man checked out your video from one of Kyle’s video. I don’t think Kyle is necessarily wrong or misleading with this topic. I think he’s just trying to make a point that not ALL whites voted based on the racial issue. However, I believe there are a greater number of the “deplorables” then what people realize. Still thought the video was well laid out and presented. Audio could use a tweak or two. Keep up the good work you earned my sub.

    Edit: really agree with your point on the voting for Bernie over Trump.

  10. So what is the conclusion…should Bernie pander to white cultural anxiety to get elected? Also, did those studies break out those that voted for Bernie in the primary and then went with trump in the general? I don’t remember the figures for that switch, but there were a good amount that did do that.

  11. Only advice (and for the love of god, this is not a comparison) don’t go the Tim Pool route and criticize left commentators instead of pointing out te measurable harm of the right wing. I don’t believe Kyle intentionally is misleading on this topic.

  12. Hey, I’m a fan of Kyle and I think I discovered you in the comments of either him or David Pakman. After watching your channel for a few days I subscribed. I saw that you didn’t mind calling out Kyle or anyone else, and still made sense out of things. That’s good because it shows the echo chamber mentality isn’t the same in progressive circles as the right wing seems to think it is, which is hilarious coming from them honestly. Keep it up man, I know the audiences can be fickle, but most should be able to understand valid criticism.

  13. My friend a family member of mine thats ex KKK voted for Trump. I will say after watching the news after the debates he said that if another black president gets in office he says the niggers are gonna take us white people out and enslave us. I suggest you get away from the Republican party and not support candidates like Joe Biden so they can help black racists and white racists.

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