1. Kim called Trump "dotard". "Fool with low IQ" seems to be a higher-upper of "dotard'. Joe Biden must be pleased.

  2. (second post attempt)

    So now Biden supporters will mock non-Biden-supporters as North Korean sympathizers, right? [looks at top comments] Sigh.

    The DNC is going to fuck us all again just to have a corporate-friendly democratic candidate. I don’t want creepy grandpa Biden or any other corporate-tool. Sanders, Warren: yes. Stop being insane, America. Do something DIFFERENT for a damned change. Stop licking the boots of corporate America!

  3. Laughing cat aside,
    it's almost indistinguishable from Trump.
    The only reason Trump is not enslaving millions and starving his country to death for his own gain,
    is that he's in America.

  4. “This is my ‘brother in self gratifying masturbation
    from another Nation’,
    serving a dish to my mentally starved… some REAL NEWS !!” – Trump

  5. Donald "DICTATOR WANNABE" Trump approves his mentor Un Jong Kim's criticism of Biden criticizing his mentor Un Jong Kim.

  6. Stephen is true moderate (ha, ha haaaaa) giving equal airtime, well ragtime to Democrats and SOB KJU and his friend in our WH DT

  7. Omg This is rich! Though I do agree with Biden, I think this will hinder N Korea relation next term. 🙁

  8. Aaaaah the panda has spoken.
    How can one so despicable cast aspersions on other politicians.

  9. The United states deserves criticism from the world. We cause a majority of the issues.
    Our leaders are weak on both sides of the political parties.

  10. That means we should vote for Biden if Kim doesn't want him. ROFL I love they got a Korean drummer.

  11. The dangers of being spoiled to the core. I can still remember the Cuban missile crisis, when things could have gone either way. People were scared to say the least. In those times (if my memory serves me right) there still was common sense associated with politics. America is still a superpower, we still have the bombs, and Donald Trump is the president. People I am frightened down to the core and I don't know why. My best bet is living on my Social Security I have to live in the house being run by a crazy person. This person loves to play with guns and anything else he can lay his hands-on. If I had a girlfriend I would not want to bring her to my house. This person has no problem standing up at the dinner table unzipping his pants to show everybody including the guests what a big man he is. I thought his weapons only shot paintballs now I have found out he has real bullets to play with. I thought about leaving his house and moving to another house possibly in Thailand but my money won't stretch that far. He doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke but he does play golf. He is a bubba from hell and friends with the South that loves pretending he is a free spirit that lives in the Harley-Davidson business. The things I heard him talk about would even scare the zits off the ass of a Cossack coming out of his house in mother and country. He keeps saying a good guy with a gun can kill a bad guy with a gun all in the belief that he is one of the good guys. One thing is for certain he does love his pussy. Girls around the globe now know how big his hands are. They have even invented a hat they can take off to show respect in his presence. Somebody told me he was intelligent but it was a mistake. My mistake, it was Donald Trump beating his own drum telling me how intelligent he is to himself. The only thing John F. Kennedy did was nail Marilyn Monroe on his birthday. John F. Kennedy is no Donald Trump or I am sure he could have done better. John F. Kennedy did save us from nuclear self-destruction, what I don't understand is how he did it? Did he or did he not unzipped his pants in front of Nikita Khrushchev during one of their meetings at the White House. Now that Donald Trump is president should we thank him that we are still alive? Or just tip our hats that he is keeping the seat warm for Jerry Springer. When it comes to the apprentice or the Jerry Springer show, Jerry Springer can show up Donald Trump any day of the week. When Jerry Springer unzips his pants there's not a biker in the country (that can actually ride a Harley Davidson) that wouldn't cry their eyes out that they are beholden a real man's man.


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  13. wow, kim slams joe biden, I thought China is backing joe biden, maybe theres something going on between China and NK.

  14. Trump bows Saudi Instead Jesus
    Trump got money and supports as terrorists as Malek Salman,Netanyahu
    Trump sacrifice American soldiers for Israel
    Trump is economic terrorism
    Trump genocides 80 millions Iranian with prohibited sell oil
    Trump rips deal negotiation UN, 5+1 and Iran

  15. Breaking news: I got a new nickname for Stephen Colbert; SC. Burn!

    (I know. This would make me popular in at least 49 states. And maybe New York too.)

    #D'oh! (and the state of Springfield.)
    #[Productive]youKyle! (and Parker and Stone state*)

  16. America is just trying to provoke a war. So far all countries but America play it smart. I really hope he decides to attack Iran, he would dig his own grave, big enough to take all Americans with him.

  17. Reagen would be proud of how simple and rhetorical the left wings sense of humour has become. Trump would probably find something like this funny.

  18. Kim comes out to talk peace and the media humilulates him talking about how he cant afford the trip then Trump recites some shitty speech.
    All they had to do was say hey thanks for coming, i hope we can move forward in cooperation and peace… lets start off with a non-aggression pact to offically end the war then will talk big trade.. but for trade u gotta hold off on ur nuke research.
    This is all they had to do…
    But the media pisses him off and he goes back to being the bad guy.

  19. The fattest leader of the most horrific regime and the most impoverished nation on Earth. A criminal and enemy of civilization: NK can't stop the US, but we can turn South Korea into an island even as we continue to push the bounds of human endeavor. NK has lost, as Evil should.

  20. Kim Jong Un has the sickest burns, and I'm not just talking about when he pours acid onto his dissenters.

  21. Why are Democrats offended when people talk truth about Biden …. Fuck Biden he was segregationist he wasnt helping with Anita Hill at all his crime bill in 94 was disastrous he even called blacks predators …..
    And now you guys get upset when they say he has a low IQ ?
    Stop sucking establishment dicks

  22. If you are over 40 in North Korea, you need to die already. There's no more food and medicine for you.

  23. This is where we are with something as important as politics. Most of the time these jokes help me get through this nightmare. But not today. We're going to see the end of the world.

  24. So now North Korea is better at pointing out shills than the late night shows. And Fox News is giving time to the actual candidates. This is upside down town.

  25. Is this grownup behavior. This shit has got to stop. High school is over. Satire is funny but when is America going to wake up

  26. Cory Booker's bald head resembles our missile..the difference only one is a it toward the White House. 😂

  27. Kìm Jong un mày kg sợ Chết hả dat Nước khổ nghèo mà còn lat so với các nước khác quá xa xỉ mà còn doi chơi với ông trum dì doi do Con ôkê

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