Killer Mike Believes Trump is Invigorating United Activism | THE CIRCUS | SHOWTIME

  1. Well I like killer mike but he knows nothing about human manipulation and the role it plays in politics. Socialism is immoral and so is Bernie Sanders. The very people Bernie Sanders complains about, his ideas support them. For example over a decade ago we went into QE 1 and that was a result of a relationship between central banks and the federal government printing to much money and not having the reserves to back up the printing press so they artificially pull down interest rates so they can control the circulation of new money being printed. In 08 Bernie single handedly gutted the bill that held those bankers responsible. The reason banks love social spending is because it gives them a monopoly on the money that's printed and how it circulates through the country. The real reason Bernie pushes for universal healthcare is to give those bankers more of a monopoly over the money avenues. Socialism is always immoral because you give the top elite in a marketplace a monopoly over the markets. In America these monopolies are ran by bankers and the Keynsian model. I love killer mikes music and I think he is a genuine person but he knows nothing about economics, psychology, and socialism because if he did understand it he'd understand how immoral those structures are especially when the private banks already own the federal government through debt and the private sector through banking and money monopolies. Wake up because things are going to get worse before they get better bc the banks push divide in our country so they have no physical and intellectual competitor's. This has happened to multiple nations throughout history.

  2. noun: Nazi; plural noun: Nazis
    1.historical: a member of the National Socialist Workers' Party.
    Bernie Sanders is a nazi
    NAZI: abriviation is National socialist cause in German S's are Z's. Its right in our faces. Wake up america! Hitler told the Germans that the capitalistic Jews were the reason for their problems and socialism will solve it. They were called the brown shirts. Hitler got them from the slums on Germany and told them to fight the Jews. Makes me think of these antifa groups. Antifa=the brown shirts. Look it up!!!

  3. unfortunately the only issue I have is that Mike thinks voting frees you…when it actually enslaves you more

  4. I didn't agree with Bernie's policies, but one simply cannot deny that Killer Mike knows what he's talking about. I believe he makes positive change, and lets face it, Bernie Sanders was so much better than Clinton and Trump

  5. Seriously, when is showtime going to air yesterday's episode on amazon. I have work tonight. 😕

  6. Three minutes in, this got good. Killer Mike is on point with what is happening, and what is felt and where we should be going.

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