1. I get it's specifically about Russia but this really reminded me of Bill O'Reilly. The over all style and strategy. This was in 88' I believe, 30 years ago! Fox before fox existed.

  2. 90's over the top political satire is more moderate and reasonable than alex jones in 2016. you know.. alex jones, the guy the president of the united states called on the show to help promote placebo pills and told he wouldnt be disappointed by his presidency. the guy who is too crazy to have custody of his own children but have the attention and admiration of the president of the united states. you know? the guy who invited harress and death threats on the parents pf children who were murdered on a school shooting that could be avoided with common sense mesures the president actively prevents from being taken… you know that guy.

  3. Trump supporters say it’s like the Democrats today. The Democrats say the opposite. Maybe both are behaving like this. On one side you have the Trump Alt-Right supporters claiming there is a conspiracy of the deep state to topple Trump with the help of a far-left organization known as AntiFa and that the Democrats wants communism for America when they propose universal healthcare, gun control and racial diversity. The liberal Democrats say that Trump is a racist buffoon that made deals with Vladimir Putin to help him win te US election in 2016 and that now the Russians have a puppet ruling America.

  4. Well, in that time it was a bit paranoid to think that cultural marxism was able to gain supporters. Now is a total different story. Even though, it's a tremendous skit gratefully played by this awesome comedian. I wish comedy these days were so deep.

  5. This comedian/propagandist didn't get the latest NPC software patch. You are now supposed to think everything is a Russian controlled conspiracy.

  6. after reading the comments, it seems that everyone thinks this is a parody whoevever they personally are against. Does that make this good satire?

  7. MacCarthyism.
    The destruction of a political enemy because of the truth of their message.
    Kavenaughed sub tactic of MacCarthyism
    Destroying the character of an opponent thru false accusations to shift public opinion see MacCarthyism

  8. And one of my clicking on because this guy just generally populated a sleeping dog yeah ok then I send me look at your facial and you go ahead with a scalpel and take off certain layers of your skin and steak in very deep with a nice walk and a nice takeoff certain layers like Hannibal Lecter itself and eating away at your side cheek to mention there is nothing to eat away can I turn myself to the left cheek to the same process into your jaw falls off

  9. Long live Democracy. Too all the millennias who think communism works, my family lived in it, it doesn't, it's dog shit, and it fails.

  10. For those who may not know … this is Dave foley as part of the Canadian comedy show called kids in the hall (1986-94 if I recall correctly). This show was also produced by Lorne Michaels of SNL fame. Worth a look for those not familiar. Dave would later appear in a few US based tv shows. I am only mentioning it because , as some made a joke of this being a younger Alex Jones … some actually think it is. Just making sure you got the story straight, and appreciate the joke, I did.

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