Keyu Jin, LSE Associate Professor of Economics on China and the Evolution of the Financial System

so China is going to be the world’s
first systemic emerging market. this new paradigm brings a set of new issues to
bear the analogy is that when large ships set sail no matter how carefully
they’re navigated and how skillfully there they are steered their wake will
create turbulence for the rest of the world for their other ships and that’s
going to be what should happen when China opens up and becomes larger now I
think we’re wrestling with an issue which is setting domestic policies
against international imperatives and the world sometimes has double standards
on this the US Fed policy asserts that it bases its policies on US interests
not on global interest but of course the US Fed has significant impact on the
rest of the world so how realistic is it that we asked China to base its
financial policies on the world interests rather than their own

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