1. "Our three branches of government are celebrated on Arbor Day." LOL! I heard AOC can count to potato.

  2. Too many policies to funnel wealth to the top, and it's not trickling down. Corporate tax cuts were a complete dud, for example, at least reverse those.

  3. If they give these illegals welfare there won't be anyone with money to buy anything. Businesses won't be able to afford to pay employees. Everyone loses.

  4. Flames of jealosy my butt, when big money leaves politics then maybe the people will calm down.

    Kennedy you sound like Rachel Madow, reading from your boses script.

  5. Uuuuh no. Populism doesn't mean that the population gets exactly what they want. It just means popular issues are addressed by leaders. People are able to change their perspectives after being educated on the finer details. If the media were doing their job, the public would be far better educated on these issues and Democrats and socialists wouldn't stand a chance.

  6. Alexandria, Sorry but just because socialism has the word social in it, it has nothing to do with social media!

  7. PRAYING Jesus Christ, Jesus show yourself mighty to your people, Lord there seems to be no way out, no way to fix things, no ways of solution, but Jesus you are the solution, you are the truth, you are the love and forgiveness, you are the author and finisher of all great things. Jesus if you can raise a nation up and take it down in a day, then Jesus can you not heal our nation and our people.Yes you can,we praise the name of Jesus. Jesus, quickly reveal yourself to us, that is best for each one of us, touch us the only place that you know and can touch, Jesus can you not minister individually to each person, the only way that they can be ministered to,. Jesus are you not greater than any and all calamity and evil, Jesus where a man sees no way out, your spirit testifies that you Jesus, you are the only way out. Jesus you are the author and finisher of all things, great and small. Jesus help us receive your perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of the cross. Jesus you told me that if we could fully receive and understand the love and forgiveness of the cross, we would be transformed as a new spirit, a useful witness for Christ Jesus. Jesus we pray that you answer this prayer, that we receive THE FULL PORTION,of your perfect love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.Jesus we praise your perfect love and forgiveness. Jesus we pray for personal and professional revival Lord Jesus not only does it have to happen in our heart, it has to happen in our family and in our workplace,,, Lord bring us to where your people are, there's no greater ministry then in our own families in our own workplace, Jesus show us the way to your fullness. Jesus you said, to pray for the greatest gift to prophesy to strengthen, encourage and comfort our people, to help raise them up. Jesus we repent of godless chatter, a lack of faith. Jesus we need the faith the size of a mustard seed to plant our faith at the altar,Jesus you will grow our faith. Jesus help us be the great communicators of your love and forgiveness, your faithfulness. Jesus Christ we pray that you come quickly, we need you and praise your mighty name, Jesus our Lord and Savior. Jesus come quickly, Jesus we cry out for repentant heart and spirit, seeking the perfect love and forgiveness, found only in Christ Jesus. Jesus is not the simple gospel, can be as simple as, the perfect and perfecting love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Jesus is this not available to all people saved and unsaved. Jesus we pray for this great awakening, correction, direction pointing to Christ Jesus, as Lord and Savior. The name of Jesus is above all names, the name of Jesus identifies the God we serve, the God that can save, forgive us of our sins, and love us into eternity now and forever. Jesus cannot the zeal of the Lord accomplish this great revival, harvest this great harvest and free our people, from captivity of the world and the evil one. Jesus not all is lost, but always gained, we hear that this is the greatest time and harvest, that the world will ever see. Jesus, Jesus, quickly come. Jesus we are standing in victory and not in defeat, because the victory was won on the cross let us praise your great name the name above all names, Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord, amen and amen. I AMen

  8. The bubble burst, the cryptopyramid collapsed.

    Cryptocurrency holders on the Canadian exchange Quadriga lost access to their savings due to the death of its founder.

    All investments of fools in the crypto pyramid disappeared.

  9. The dems will do something extreme during Trump's STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS …my suspicion is they will all ….STAND AND TURN THEIR BACKS ON HIM …as that is the ultimate act of defiance ,and they are just that extreme !!!!

  10. Socialist lunatic democrats are into redistribution, they take from those who work and give it to those who refuse to work.

  11. People are pissed at you for using the term Populism and Socialism in the same vain…
    You know damn well that America is run by corporate crony capitalism…
    There are too many monopolies in America…
    Anti-trust laws are not enforced.
    Populism is what you get as a result.
    Socialism is what gets pitched….not everyone is stupid enough to support socialism.
    But populism and socialism are not one in the same……

  12. Kennedy, I don't have tits and a vag….you must have taken them from me.
    So you owe me…
    I expect payment twice daily.

  13. I make less than 100k a year, but I dont understand penalizing millionaires for being successful. I applaud them yet the left hates on them and then dreams up schemes to take their money. It's pathetic!

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