Kellyanne Conway warns Democrats: Be careful what you wish for

  1. This reporter needs to work on her interviewing skills….She keeps interrupting Kellyanne when she is making her points….The reporter needs to realize the interview is about Kellyanne giving the information not hers.

  2. She is not doing Trump any favors, she is talking so fast, barraging people, that they get over loaded. She needs to chill a little.

  3. We the people want all of these Franchise murders the hell out of all system of administration for profit slavery. The system run aground as a unconstitution-al Vatican-Mafia-Franchise, a venue of Statutory policy from a foreign venue District-Of-Columbia-slave-Planataion, period.

  4. The MSM keeps throwing out.."Hunter and Joe Biden have been exhonerated time and time again"…REALLY!?? WHEN!?? … BY WHO!?? Joe Biden is ON VIDEO…BRAGGING about HIS QUID PRO QUO!!

  5. Really ? there is an eyewitness that saw Adam Schiff crossdress and then commited Pediphilia untill the little Black boy was Dead ,that makes him a Crossdressing prediphile necrophiliac Those DemonRat animals really have no bounds that They will not cross

  6. John Bolton really wanted Saloemani
    killed. He argued and fought for it. THEN Trump killed Saloemani. Bolton then said ok, Subpoena me I will testify. He got what he wanted and now he will back Trump all the way.
    Very clever.

  7. A million dollars for no show job! It's not only he didn't know anything abt anything, they gave him a feed b/c of father's name as a power broker (also Dems like to give out taxpayer money to other countries, which is an insider enemy hobby by itself), he wasn't even living on that continent! No show f.n "position" from daddy's pants.
    Yes, he should be subpoenaed – that 'lil Hunterchik!

  8. How about we snoop around Schiff's documents and close associates to see if his motive for this impeachment is political interference with the 2020 election?

  9. This is literally I can do crime if I'm in charge because I'll trash all the evidence and shut everyone's mouths that are involved AND since you can't prove it, NOT GUILTY… This is pathetic coming from our heads of state. No need to ask are we better than this because OBVIOUSLY from these Republican voters we are not… At bare minimum Trump should be removed because what he stands for doesn't align with 2020 American democracy.. Looks like he's a more pompous version of his father, WHO BY THE WAY WAS A KU KLUX KLAN MEMBER. We as Americans should want that in office, HELL NO…..

  10. I feel sorry for Hunter Biden, something tells me that if he can't flee, that poor man could commit suicide with toilet paper before he can testify. After all, he is one of the nails in the democratic coffin.
    Of course one should not cheer as long as the snake still crawls and bites, the battle will only be over once the snake is beheaded.
    Pelosi & co must be prosecuted as soon as possible and put behind bars.

  11. The wicked witch has spoken. How dare she even mention MLK, seriously, that name shouldn't even come out of her mouth. Martin was a socialist and all you idiots hate we socialists *though you have no clue what it really means. Hope her husband divorces her, the only adult in that relationship. Wondering if Omarosa meant her as the BJ queen in the White House.

  12. I wonder how discovery figures into this ?? My guess is this will be thrown out. Where are our FBI, CIA, and DOJ ? F'N democrats.

  13. Did Trump do something wrong? Almost certainly yes.
    Is it impeachable? Probably not.
    It should be as Tulsi Gabbard said, if the people disagree, or think Trump is doing a great job, then it should be through the election process.
    There are things could be impeached for. The problem for the democrats is they would have to admit the last few presidents should have been impeached for the same offences.
    The Military Industrial Complex.
    Did you know in that famous speech it was going to be called The Military Industrial Congress?

  14. I find Kelly-Anne Conway amazingly attractive. That voice makes my knees wobble. I'm over 60 and can live with her maturity.

  15. The "impeachment" of President Trump is about two things and two things only!

    1. Stopping him from being reelected

    2. Hiding their crimes and protecting themselves from prosecution and prevent the public from discovering the truth.

  16. It’s true. Conservative women are infinitely more attractive than blue haired land whale SJWs. God bless these conservative ladies.

  17. Isn't that beautiful… The entire world (with a small exception) loves this guy… I mean President Donald Trump. My question today is – What is wrong with the American journalists. Did they got too much radioactivity into their brains… ? You just saw it Kellyanne had to elucidate this little Journalist lady without neck, about what is going on with this stupid Impeachment. My God. How much ignorance can you get? Trump is right. There is something utterly wrong with the majority of the journalist from the USA… I just can't believe that they are all RED-DEMOCRATS… And if they are not, just for a supposition… then the have all a loose brain… or, they had not the slightest interest, as what has been ongoing in the USA for the last 20 years… God! That is what one could call a total social degeneration… or a generalized hard-hitting decadence… The USA will have to start to clean up their fundamental base with qualified NEW teachers, right up into their University-system

  18. Impeach Nancy Pelosi. I'm sure one can find a lot of impeachable offences if they just scratch the surface – let alone digging deep.

  19. Kellyanne Canway is a very smart lady 🌹 her judgement is well-balanced..🙏 she has a clear mind. It's a good thing she is in president Donald Trump's team. Democrat leadership and their clowns should be ashamed of themselves regarding that stupid impeachment 😀😃👎👎👎 and that's a joke on their part 😂

  20. The first witness should be Joe Biden , then Adam Schiff , then the Whistle Liar , etc … You start out with the main criminal , that being Quid Pro Joe , then those who covered up for him . The democrats are liars , cheaters and thieves who were using corruption in Ukraine to make themselves and their friends and families rich . They are the criminals that's why they are trying to take out President Trump .

  21. What do they think will happen if these scumbags Senators vote to impeach Trump you think we're all going to stand for that give out of their minds Ronnie and the rest of the Rhinos you better get your s*** together you'll regret it you'll regret it brother

  22. Relevance could be argued for Hunter Biden. That should be another trial. Schiff needs to be called as he has claimed possession of secret evidence from day one. Nadler may also be called to show malicious intent and abuse of power. The house must replace these managers or default. They are NOT exempt from being called.

  23. Sorry but the Democrats has made a mockery of our government since the president was elected by constantly questioning everything he said and did. I was a Democrat but not anymore.


  25. Calling the show trial by the stupid old senile woman and her two psychotic cohorts a "kangaroo court" is an insult to kangaroos.

  26. There should always be a cross examination to determine the truth. A simple one sided story never provides the truth. Of course within a governmental process there is no cross examination to determine the truth. Truth seems a lost cause when dealing with a governmental process.

  27. When is someone going to smack KellyAnne Conway on the other side of here face with that shovel. Or was it a bus that reversed into her?!

  28. Graham covering for Bidens by not letting Trump lawyers call witnesses.

  29. FOX cuts Kelle Anne Conway off when she calls out Democrats hypocracy in accusing Trump of violating Constitution while they are violating his Constitutinal Rights of Due Process and denying the People their Constitutional protection of God Given rights of second Amendment.

  30. The first thing that these hosts like Sandra Smith are interested in is promoting themselves , the last thing they are interested in is Trump being defended , no compelling story in that . The only reason they have guests like Kellyanne Conway on their shows is just to get us to watch .

  31. Democrats had enough evidence to impeach our President. They all signed it. But when it gets to the senate they can’t prove it? How did they arrive at an impeachment in the house? A blind person can see the evil in the democrats plan. How dare they. Had enough of these evil, unAmerican people.

  32. It’s because they know there all guilty they cover up all there crimes they committed with Ukraine they have there hands in the corruption in Ukraine

  33. Making violent genocidal threats isn't freedom of speech so Iowans need to make a citizens arrest if the feds won't.

  34. Kellyanne is Fired Up!!
    Tell'em whats bout to go down!! Justice,
    Spoiler alert…
    God wins!
    The best is yet to come!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020

  35. Once the trial is done, this whole sham should be brought to the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. President Trump could be absolved of this impeachment by the House. That would really burn their biscuits.

  36. i agree with conway; lying is not a crime; all of humanity does it and those that do it well succeed monetarily;

    trump is not the devil; he is a prince of subterfuge.

  37. Facebook made me fill out a survey before I could see this content. They asked why I wanted to see this content. Multiple choice answers to check off. Fyi

  38. I just finished my resume. I don't have any experience in finance but I am applying for a CEO position in Bank of America. My expected salary is $900k. I will not accept a penny less. I will wait for my phone call. I'm "Hunting" for a CEO job.


  40. This is Election Meddling at It's Best and it Has Nothing To Do With The Russians ! But Everything To Do With The Democrats ! Period !!!

  41. And in fact what actually happened was exactly opposite of what Kellyanne said. The White house counsel had absolutely no defense and instead whined about process and lied about the President not getting a fair trial in the House. Of course in the House trial, the defense said at the time that it wanted no part in it at all and refused to produce any witnesses at all, and yet they were STILL given equal time to argue their case, but instead used it to complain and criticize the democrats. Wake up America. You are being led astray by the king of liars and hypocrites. This is not a partisan thing – this is a terrible man that is occupying the Whitehouse that brings shame and disgrace upon the entire country.

  42. IM CALLING ON ANDERSON COOPER could you please put a person on your show that's vote was influenced by the Russians in 2016 Ive listened to all this but never heard of a single individual who changed his/her vote because of this?? thanks

  43. What really irks me is it was BIDEN himself who admitted Qid-pro-quo on national TV, but somehow he is off limits as far as asking about corruption. What, are we supposed to just ignore his blatant lying to us all, just because he is running for President. Where I was raised, he would have been tarred and feathered on a rail, for being completely corrupt. But somehow this jerk gets a pass, but President Trump has 'NOT" broken the law, but yet the law books are thrown at him.

    So someone tell me how anyone can justify Hunter Biden and his Dad bad conduct, especially on national TV. What are we supposed to just ignore our eyes when listening to Biden's own words? I think not! Now maybe Hunter didn't do anything specifically wrong, but his Dad sure did. An investigation should have been immediately started the moment he stupidly admitted on national TV, that he would not give the money until he got someone fired.

    So we are supposed to believe the media as there is nothing there, there? What a crock! Hunter was put there specifically for a line of communications and approvals between the corruption of Ukraine principles in that business and Biden being the one that "O" character put in charge of all things Ukraine.

    I guess politicians like Biden, figure the American public would just let this slide, which is why they get so bent out of shape when anyone questions their families dealings. Don't know about you guys, but personally, I would open every aspect of the "BIDEN" family business dealings and expose him for what he is and has become? A Corrupt Politician, PERIOD!

  44. If it’s true that Hunter Biden should testify if he has nothing to hide, so should Trump, Bolton etc. I would love to see that, Trump would lie in the first few seconds even if the truth was better

  45. This impeachment sham is just a bargaining chip of the Demon-rats to prevent Trump from ordering investigation on their Ukraine corruption saga…..
    So powerful……Of course with the help of few Republican senators ……

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