Karl Marx: From Capitalism to Communism (In Hindi)

  1. And sir in a communist society it's all about how to sustain ourselves.. But every human has other demands also… He wants more money.. More ways of happy n satisfied life… If he will earn 3 time food.. Then the society will never progress.. As everyone will think then that we just have to earn eat n repeat..

  2. Sir if we all do a work wht we love to do or in which we feel free n satisfied then there will be a lot of things in which maybe no one or a very few are interested in doing.. Nd as a result our majority of the population will not be able to get it na.. So isn't this a better option serve for a particular company to which many could get access n then earn money according to ur work done nd then make a little investment in the field of ur intrest… The only problem with capitalism is that workers are not paid well.. M I having a valid point sir?

  3. Sir plz ek video base and superstructure k topic pr bhi bna dijiye
    Ap bohot ache se smjhate h
    Thnx for this video

  4. Wow what an explanation..I thought that I am listening a story and the whole theory is completed I learned everything in a very enjoyable manner….

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  6. Bro upcoming time you are a India's no.1 educational platform.. keep it up..you are doing great but my feedback is choose topic always educational purposes not marketing need purpose..

  7. What an excellent work! This is most easy yet technical explanation of Karl Marx thoughts! I have a question to ask. What I understood from the video is there will be moneyless world if capitalism abolished according Marx. Is it?

  8. I don't have words to explain how amazing your teaching skills are. It's commendable. Keep teaching us and help us to understand history better πŸ™‚

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