1. The man has a backbone, & he's not afraid to stand up holding himself up on it. Admirable that he speaks up being the most famous & hugely rich to boot. FREE THINKER W/OUT BRAGGING ABOUT IT. THAT'S WHY HIS MUSIC IS HIS OWN EXPRESSION. He's not mean. Can't help admiring & loving him.

  2. I’m starting to agree with Kanye West more and more. Maybe George Bush doesn’t really care about black people after all

  3. Of course he's crazy, he's in hollywood. In fact, we're all a bit crazy. It's not a curse word, it's a fact. But he's one of the sane ones in his circle. The people bullying him really don't know their left hand from their eight. I'm sure Kanye is a lot more tolerant to their ideas than they are to his. What I've noticed with Conservatives is they tend to talk more about principles, which are rules that apply to everyone.

  4. I may hate rap and not be a fan of Kanye’s music, but Kanye at least is no brainwashed typical “black lives matter” rapper.

  5. Has anyone noticed after Kanye West made his final monologue while on SNL, now no one can say their final monologue on SNL or they just cut if off so it not seen on tv .

  6. His hat says he's in favour of discrimination and intolerance. That makes him the bully. Bullying bullies isn't a thing.

  7. LMAO pathetic snowflake. Kanye is a dumbass of the highest order. Irony completely lost on him, just as it is on most of the derpy conservatards on this channel.

  8. Kanye West makes a good point, Your political affiliations doesn't make you a good or bad person, your actions do. You can't claim high moral ground while bullying others who disagree with you.

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