1. Communist democratic h!!!arre madarchod tumhara baap Stalin democratic tha? GOL GOL jawab deta h bhadwa madarchod.

  2. capitalism is best we see Russian fall , North Korea fall ,and we also see rise of india ,as well as usa etc

  3. I agree with Kanhaiya on everything but not this.

    If millions of corpses in the 20th century is not enough to convince you that it is a faliure, if Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Laos is not enough to convince you that it is a faliure then I don't think anything will.
    Additionally communism wants to do away with inequality but I'll like to quote cutting edge psychological research here, stating serotonin levels decide how high do we deem ourselves in the social "order". Not only humans are bound to be unequal beings but even lobsters have this order, chicken have a pecking order and so on. This trait exists in us,(was given to us by our water harbouring ancestors and is older than tress) though more mildly than other beings makes reaching a state free of inequality a disastrous thing to- just like they tried to play with nature in the movie "Godzilla". Every progressive organisation is unequal in its making- like the growing countries of Africa or even our own country- the fight is to uplift the lower people to increase the general standard of living. The communist ideology can't do this because it won't happen without free markets. A socio capitalist ideology like the one that already exists is a wonderful idea- but needs to overcome roadblocks of oligarchy, etc.

  4. पागल है क्या ये? Rss कहां से आया बीचमे?
    ठीक है अगर rss के बारे मे कुछ जानता ना हो, लेकिन कम्युनिझम के बारे मे तो कुछ जान लेता, इसके आजू बाजू इतने कम्युनिस्ट गधे जो फिरते है। 8 साल तक बस इसने यही पढाई की? इतनी तो मैने 8 दिन मे कर ली।

  5. Bc ye Kanahiya apna alag hi Communist ka definition la Diya.Actually ish chutiye ko election larna tha Jo ki lar RHA hai ab ye.Sala opportunist tha.Lallu ki party ne laat Maar ke nikala 😂 to phir leftisto ke god me gira.

  6. Best joke ever "Highest form of humanityis communism!!!! " this man needs to reread communism… Please read history of communist countries till date…… So he will realize how much humanity is there in communism!!!
    And this is how such people misguide illiterate! people

  7. Communism kahan successful raha bata do bhaiya….these commies are the biggest facists and hypocritical people…..dangerous guys…they all are anti Hindu from their hearts…

  8. to kanhaiya bhaiya aap Savarkar ji ke 100 sal purani bato pe kyu atak gaye ho
    aaj ka RSS aur 1925 k RSS me bahut farq hai isiliye aapki RSS ki, aur Hindu nation ki interpretation me bahut farq hai

  9. Communism is highest form of Humanism 😂😂😂lol
    Isliye…China me 70 million Russia me 20 million aur Ukraine me 5 million Humans ko mara gaya…What a Communism..Hats off Kanhaiya Bhai…
    Jai Hind Vande Mataram

  10. Communism does not create communal riots.
    Communism shuts the monopoly of the big capitalist.
    Communism promotes the business of small and medium scale enterprises.
    Communism believes in socialism, for the eradication of poverty we need a communist approach.
    Communism is for equality
    So a communist is a purely large-hearted,liberal, optimistic person……..
    And a fascist…is a self-centric, illogical, blind faith ness, radical religion centric…..andh bhakt……..nothing else

  11. What a con man…. so he agrees that communism is not relevant today, but instead of saying it straight forward, he is saying : "the basic principle of Communism is fluidity of ideas"… No boss… the basic principle of communism is "shared control of the means of production". IF it does not look relevant today accept it and move on… why do you have to still justify..

  12. let the commies it the floor., let the commies hit the floor., let the commies hit the flooooooooooooooooooor. fuck communists.

  13. Single party rule in China for last 35 years
    Is this democracy?? Is is transformation? Are you joking?

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