JUGAAD Series for UPSC Mains || Civil services || IAS - SOCIAL ISSUES Related Questions

hi everyone so welcome to sleepy classes so this lecture is on jacquard series and this will have a keyword for social issues so let's start so basically the keyword is he sold and where he H stands for health e stands for economic s for social or occupational leisure and E for environmental right so whenever you have questions on let's say problems of old age you can apply this keyword we will see how then gender cure her young children through rural urban yeah the problems of urban cities right and lastly on caste etc then you can have problems of people living with HIV mental patients etc so lots and lots of ways in which this keyword can be applied so let's see how firstly you have health so old age make a higher my rapist we have problems of like we do not have old age killer geriatric care available in every hospital especially the primary health centers right so there is this problem of Triple A that is they do not have availability accessibility and affordability of geriatric care or you can also put written in a way that they the geriatric care the whole facility it lacks the funds functions and the functionaries ticket so these are also the problem sociated with the health of old age then when we talk about maternal and child you know that we have higher aid incidences of high mmm uh hi I am our infant mortality rate and high MMR so these problems are there right mental we have come up with Mental Health Act urtica so you can actually see the problems which arise then people living with HIV status Swach Bharat how that is related to the health in rural areas in urban areas in cities decay and then you have MDGs STDs also had health as a goal right then we have economic old-age my economic year problem here basically life expectancy has been on the rise to get but at the same time there is decreased purchasing power and this is a problem which is evident with respect to old age TK so that creates a lot of problems for them gender maquillaje we have a glass ceiling to get Bing colorized Asian pink colonization of women here they are restricted to jobs like teachers receptionist nurses etc differential wages seem calm killing women are given less wages lower class but upper caste ticket up here a problem may be a key upper caste he him but because let's say Brahmins ticket they do not have reservation charts Jessica B apne they cocking it leads to mobilization of a reservation especially in charts in Haryana so that is a problem that arises then when we talk about rural areas we see that there are lesser Economic Opportunity so it leads to migration right and then what are the social problems with respect to old age old age mechanic since they are disconnected from their social network especially after retirement it creates a lot of loneliness psychological problems then what happens is that they in they have this tendency to interfere in the household chores such is not appreciated in present individualistic urban areas and amongst the youth so that creates a lot of problems between the old age on the youth then there is also increased crime because they are more vulnerable they are easier to overpower okay and increased nuclearization of families has also led to this phenomenon of old-age homes when you talk about gender gender making social issues when k started at a right even when they are born to get feticide here then then when they are born – Iago kana cumbias raha hai less nutritious food cooking Oh male child is always preferred for that education skills Kalyan co-come preference these Athiya they are mostly confined to domestic chores there is lower participation and decision-making etc so these are the social problems with respect to gender then cast me a script up job says dig my even if they get jobs let's say reservation K through uncle jobs Millia so there is always the stigma attached he gave enough there at higher don't go hamesha they are looked down upon mostly indulging in menial job stick is a manual scavenging etc rural areas making a rural areas my social religion caste land relations karpachev patriarchy these are four five issues that define rural areas my social issues it is a religion health Oh interfaith marriages are not appreciated he kale and relations were hot strong epic trio ki Baraat strong here rural area Smith office Cooper coffees other lick sucked and could say then you have occupational always Makaha it post-retirement since there is increased time so there are psychological issues to case significant reduction in stress because no or less income and when we talk about gender there is issues like harassment at workplace creches new they take a commuting is a problem safety is of problem night shifts woman they are not given night shifts for a lot of reasons right and caste miserable vodka they again a script of her status attached her lower caste class Network PK the lower caste last net worth making a hip gay Jo lower caste say here because they do not have access to good education Hanna Tokyo thank you eat last meal over here as a theist this is a problem they have when we talk about rural areas we have a Greek er we have this problem of migration TK feminization of Agriculture child labor tribal displacement etc right then we talk about the leisure leisure making hey old H my voltage making a public spaces are shrinking ticket to Sookie parks in urban areas poha take America also keep a sledge working opportunities for hot come a family time make erotic age okay but chair they are working all day all night so they don't they don't get to interact with them who opportunities from ho gaya gender ki baat karu to social control waha women chaotic a the type of games they play Takeo CC gender roles decide who shot them safe Tiana so any leisure activities are restricted in the name of women safety then the kind of leisure permitted like smoking if done in spaces public spaces or private spaces by men ticket that might be up sheeted or Luigi's a girl woman Caruso she's looked down upon right then cast maquillaje lower caste a socially ostracized EK ghettoization that is a phenomenon and whiskey bar lastly we have environmental environmental maker old age key problems they kaito hama rapist hair since there is for air water quality in urban area so they are highly vulnerable to problems associated with them then there's also phenomenon of interior air pollution then gender make a high eco feminization Jesse Grahm Chipko movement keepeth Kareem ticket though it was not an ecological movement it was an eco feminization moment UK basically I take Reiki yoga fuel would loss Hokage trees KO kut carrying hey Tony one case are they hug those trees right a good draught I got don't go to such okay water line up Attica so this is an environmental issue TK then they need smokeless Shula because of the environmental effects of the Shuler's right and then rural areas making I had displacement on the loss of radiation occupations to care so it's why I say because agriculture make a icky Omni the cactus island in people a hairy culture Etna product profitable nanite news my productivity decrease her a year so some key issues give us a displacement here so that is a problem of rural areas and they migrated to the urban areas putting pressure on those areas together so these are the issues then we also have problems like child labour tribal delays displacement etc so again up America Joe key word here that is he sold or up is called different different or smell a Cossack the entik a tsuki Agora baat karu he sold key to his Co again old age may Hannah problems of cities etc etc Malaga Zakia so I hope this lecture is helpful to you thank you so much for listening

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