1. How dare he take up a political purge based on a conservative group's pushing right before an election. What is wrong with the process is that someone who is believed to have moved is contacted at the address the state believes they moved from and not both the one they are believed to have moved to and from. Anyone that had any small amount of common sense and wasn't corrupt would realize that is why so few of these voters have responded to a purge notice. It would also help if the purge notice had some color besides white and didn't look like a piece of junk mail. This is par for the course in Wisconsin where if your ideas and policies can't win you can always cheat your way into office. How else do you explain a state where 46 percent of the votes equals 64 percent of the seats as a result of gerrymandering.

  2. Ozaukee county needs to recall judge Paul Malloy. It will take signatures from 25 percent of the number of people who voted in the governor's race in Ozaukee county last election.

  3. The group with the great sounding name pushing the suit Wisconsin institute for Law and Liberty has ties to ALEC, the Bradley foundation and the Koch brothers. This is about anything other than the rule of law.

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