Jreg Says Trans Rights

We must secure a homeland for our people and a future for white children. But also, Trans rights!
—Excellent communist propaganda again Good work! Keep spreading the message!
—Haha! Another great one!
—Nice one! You show those lefties whose boss

  1. I'm telling you, in a few years, when Stalinism and NazBol ain't niche enough anymore, there will be people unironically identifying as intersectional National Socialists on the Internet.

  2. Im not quite sure wtf this means but your videos are funny and youre not completely stupid so im gonna subscribe and see how far the rabbit hole goes lol

  3. You're too good I can't watch too many of these without wanting to move to Antarctica and start my own state

  4. I was in an anarcho-communist/anarchist discord, and they said "Say trans rights" And then I said "Trans… Rights?" And they're like "Why do you say it like that!" and then I was like "Because I'm wondering why you guys are purity testing on social issues. We were talking about a communist state and at no point at the debate anyone brought up trans rights." I didn't say that exactly because I'm not articulate, but you get the picture

  5. thats communist propaganda kill all the centrist jews
    long live the libertarian capitalist conservative estate

  6. Is this mocking all the people that just repeatedly say "Trans Rights" on twitter? Cause god that's getting old quick. Not trans rights, cause that's not getting old, the people who JUST say that over and over again and get cheers is getting old. I also want to say "Trans rights trans rights trans rights trans rights trans rights" give me my likes please, I need the validation or I'll literally die and get killed by trump who is literally worse then Hitler and the devil combined, he is literally super Hitler satin.

  7. Enlightened centrism in nutshell. I'm enlightened enlightened centrist and I don't accept any ideas whatsoever!

  8. help this comment section is full of irony and sarcasm and political groups that I don’t understand (MANY OF YOU WILL THINK IM BEING SARCASTIC IM NOT PLZ HELP)

  9. Yeah, I genuinely can’t tell who he’s mocking here. Maybe it’s the viewer for trying to sort him into a box?

  10. I propose that each family be permitted at most one breeder of each sex. However, to incentivize transition for any other offspring, to help control population size, breeding individuals may not masturbate or engage in any genital based sexual activity. Kept in chastity until seminal extraction and artificial insemination. Only non-reproductively viable transitioners may engage in sexual activity and orgasm.

    If you wish to have more than one breeding decendant of a single gender, you'll have to purchase a non-transition license from the ancaps. However, licenses for exemption from mandatory chastity will not be permitted.

  11. I just stumbled on your channel and your content is like going to the water park but the water isn’t water it’s mayonnaise but it’s not even a water park it’s just a shroom. I’m not sure to subscribe or run away screaming.

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