Jordan Peterson’s O.C.E.A.N. Model Explained: A Presentation

I recently felt inspiration flow through
me for no reason and decided I had to tell the good word about OCEAN the
psychological profile developed by Canadian psychologist Jordan B Peterson.
OCEAN is an acronym that stands for openness conscientiousness extraversion
agreeableness and neuroticism. These five traits are the only things that define a
person. They were created three billion years ago as jordan peterson himself
crawled out of the ocean and laid the eggs of what would one day become humanity. I’m gonna be diving deep into these five terms and explaining what each of them
openness: as jordan Peterson has explained in ancient Sumerian writing openess is
quite simply how open a person is to new experiences the opposite of openness is
closeness and the two exists on a linear spectrum like this. open people are more
likely to have more sexual partners be more creative and do drugs, I myself am
open and as a result I you know I’ve done drugs and I’ll never forget the
first time I tripped—Jordan Peterson appeared to me he appeared to me just
out of nowhere and he stared he stared at me and he said something something
slow “Bucko” he said. open people are more likely
to get distracted they’re more likely to view events as abstractions of those
events and as ideas rather than concrete events themselves close people tend to
do better working within confines so they would probably enjoy the stability
of a nine-to-five or a long-term monogamous relationship. it’s funny I
actually used to be a lot more open but ever since I accepted Jordan Peterson as
my Lord and Savior I’ve become a little more closed. now whenever someone
challenges any of his ideas I defend them online.
overly open people just don’t know what to believe and overly closed people
believe what they believe so strongly that nobody can convince them otherwise
Think for example like flat-earthers or climate change deniers that believe
what they believe despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary
Oh Jordan
Peterson’s a climate change denier guess it’s not real
Conscientiousness is your
desire to obtain status in society highly conscientious people aim to climb
to the top of corporate ladders make as much money as possible become famous or
just get everybody to admire and respect them; low conscientious people aren’t
going to die of a stress-induced heart attack at the age of 35 as jordan
peterson has sadly predicted my future will be
as my personal best friend
mentor and lover Jordan Peterson told me personally men are more likely to be
more conscientious than woman and this is because of genetics and definitely
not because of any social conditioning at all. what’s that JP? oh he also says he
wants me to say that this is why you typically see men in positions of power
and all this is unrelated to any ideas of sexism in the workplace, thanks JP. I
myself am a fairly conscientious person I actually used to be less conscientious
before but ever since my god Jordan Peterson told me that if I didn’t
achieve my biblical destiny I was going to be devoured by postmodern neo-marxist
chaos dragons so gotta succeed to learn about extraversion I actually astral projected to the Jordan Peterson realm where his essence had consumed an entire upper dimension communicating to me through the air that I breathed he explained to me that if meeting people gives you energy then you tend to be
more of an extrovert but if interacting with people drains your energy then
you’re probably more of an introvert and if you’re a mix then you’re an ambivert
Extroverts are more likely to have many friends that are not very closely
connected to exhibiting extraversion while introverts are more likely to be
extra virgin but it’s okay Jordan Peterson says I’ll get some in the
afterlife I actually used to be more of an extrovert like I would go to parties
and I meet a bunch of different people but ever since my visit to the Jordan
Peterson realm I stopped wanting to leave the house
I’ve stopped eating I’ve stopped sleeping I’ve stopped being able to
Agreeableness as Jordan Peterson in lobster form explained to me in a
dream one night is once propensity to agree with others
on the surface that sounds like a good thing but people who are too agreeable risk losing their
identity to whoever they’re talking to at the time and getting taken advantage
of but people that ask them for things for example when Jordan Peterson
appeared to me in lobster form he told me he wanted me to make this video he
wanted me to make all these points and tell everybody about them but I didn’t
want to but I did it anyway because I’m overly agreeable and also because I was
worried that he would decapitate me with his monstrous lobster claws
6 headed snake deity Jordan Peterson actually told me that more conscientious
people are more likely to be less neurotic at least when they’re doing
that which achieves goals for them I myself was not neurotic at all until I
saw Jordan Peterson’s true form some people say that if you think that the
myers-briggs personality test is bullshit then you have no reason to
think that the ocean test is valid just because Jordan Peterson mentions it a
couple times they argue that personality tests can provide helpful labels for
people taking the tests but that these tests should be used to describe traits
of a person not prescribe how a person should act they say that people define
themselves as open or conscientious or extroverted or agreeable or neurotic and
then act in the way that they describe themselves as because they want to
uphold their identity and that’s dangerous because we should let people
be however they are and not try to control them Jordan however Jordan
Peterson who at this point had become one with the universe and thus melded
with my very mind told me that these people were wrong and they are wrong
they are I was going to disagree but I can’t I’m just too agreeable and now
I’ve been reduced to not but a combination of personality sliders
I’m no longer a person instead I’m simply the embodiment of an archetype
the archetype of the god Jordan Peterson who will one day rise from the ocean and
lay waste to mankind babbling words that no one can understand I need to clean my

  1. I’m willing to submit to my new best friend/mentor/lover/messiah Jordan Peterson as long as he will be a part of the centricide.

  2. @4:34-.-But The big five (which is what it’s actually called) scientifically proven to be better than Myers brig. This video explains it better than I could’ve this comment: But the most important reason is The fact that the big five are a lot more stable than Myers Briggs.

  3. I'm completely open and have never gotten laid in my life and have never done drugs except weed once or twice.

    Maybe that's because I don't live in Colorado but out in the rural bum-fuck-middle-of-nowhere all my life.

  4. The radicalisation of the left led to the right being more united, which is actualy not a good thing because regressive right wingers like Peterson are garbeging the progressive right with religious fanatism and radicalise it

  5. I'm too busy getting Thuun fond of pornography and trying to think the minds of it's pets are too delicious to let be extinguished from the cosmos. Someone else handle the snake god.

  6. give yourself over to the petersonians and your ungodly children will live forever in the great obsterpot off to coast of Toronto Canada

  7. Ok man, i think you are misinterpreting my boy. He clearly describes Openness in page 278 of Maps of Meaning, and you don’t understand Neuroticism at all. For that I’d recommend skimming over the Communist Manifesto when you were 19 and then writing a couple hundred hours worth of lectures and talks and youtube videos about how awful it is.

  8. amusing satire, I got quite a chuckle from it. Still can't understand why people have a problem with the idea of figuring out what you personally want to do in life and then striving to accomplish this goal. shrugs the world may never know

  9. We should always only trust experts in the field which they are expert in. Somebody could be a flat earther, but also a very good marital councelor, for example

  10. When Jordan Peterson crawled out of the primordial soup, was he in lobster form?

    Nvmd I have my answer later in the video

  11. In case anyone is wondering, OCEAN is a real psychological thing that has nothing to do with Jordan Peterson. In fact, unlike stuff like Meyers-Briggs (INTP, ENFJ, etc.), it is actually based on statistical analysis of large-scale cross-cultural (not just WISE!) personality test results. So these are actually relatively reasonable ways of talking about personality; if you're you're willing to ignore the details and only look at the broad strokes, you can't really get better than OCEAN right now.

    (also Peterson's a hack)

  12. You see because every other thing you say is a joke I don't when you're being serious or making a genuine attempt at satire. I mean the conscientiousness part was just straight up wrong but I don't know if it's just a joke… bro.

  13. This isn't even his concept though. OCEAN was created by psychologist Brian Little… I learned that in grade 11 psychology.

  14. I'm a level three lobster acolyte(It means i already castrated my dad with my lobster claws, getting over my daddy issues) and i agree with 100% of this wise words!

  15. Not sure who you're mocking more here – the stupid takes by mainstream leftists of the guy, or some of his weirder followers.

    Also, AFAIK, he doesn't say that there's a difference in conscientiousness between men and women. I might be wrong tho.

  16. Funny that a lot of jP dick riders love the laziness or depression video you made think you aline more with him on politics than you like to let on none of these videos ever make any actual statements just jumbled sarcastic skits over and over a lot like Jordan Peterson he just makes more money for them and more people buy his bullshit because of his jumbled word talks about how everything that is a hierarchy is good it's just yourself who sucks and should conform to your society and try make lots money too get laid a lot too yeah haha

  17. Bjorn Lomborg and Peterson don't outright deny humans don't have an effect on global warming. They argue the severity. That's not the same as outright denial.

    He also never argues O.C.E.A.N is an end-all or that he came up with it, he said it's a good tool and he studied the political implications of it. Other than that I like your video.

  18. Ah yes, the political thinker with no understanding of statistical tendencies and how the mathematical concept of “tendency” differs from the political concept of “tendency”

  19. I'm not sure if Peterson inventing the Big 5 was part of this deep dive into the O.C.E.A.N, but it's been around for quite a while.

    10 points for a Lovecraft references. Is Jordan an idiot god? Or is he a malicious avatar?

  20. Geez, this OCEAN thing is a load of horsecrap. You'd probably be better off typing people using the five Mana Colors from Magic: The Gathering.

    …I'm blue-red-white, by the way. In this order.

  21. Holy fuck that was the best thing related to Jordan Peterson I've ever seen and that's including the 100s of hours of his content that I've heard so far.

  22. I still don't understand why people do or don't like him so much. Why is he famous? He's certainly not the most controversial figure in his field. I feel like I missed something.

  23. I think the point of this personality test is more to see what could be the cause of certain things. It’s basically a diagnostic tool for therapist or if you want to do “therapy” on yourself. No one should take this for their identity as these factors are subject to change over your life

  24. Watch YouTuber Dr. Todd Grande. He explains OCEAN better and uses examples of how it can be used in psychological assessment.

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