Jordan: Democrats never admitted they were wrong on Russia

  1. Russia are not your enemy usa….they are human….the non humans are in the uk…..royalty are not human pelosi is not human….

  2. Tucker, i would argue that you can support America AND Russia.Both countries do good around the world,and it's easy to support both if you look for the good in their deeds.

  3. Just think how much more President Trump and Congress could have accomplished for the United States citizens if the Democrats would have been willing to work with President Trump instead of attacking and opposing him?

  4. No reason to admit anything. Russia interferes with the 2016 election to get Trump elected. Trump tried to hide the fact as he is doing again with Ukraine. Many people around Trump are in jail. Trump is not because of being president as Mueller said. These Republicans, Trump and Fox think if they just keep saying these lies you will believe it. Like strums tild you…. don’t believe what you hear and see just believe him, your imperial leader.

  5. BREAKING NEWS: A new production of The Mikado.
    Cast: Poo Bah – Chuck Shumer
    Katisha – Nancy Pelosi
    Lord High Executioner – Gerald Nadler (He's got a little list)
    More members need to be cast. Suggestions please.

  6. I'd love to sit down with each and everyone of you. To hear your side of the story. What your facts are. These "puppets" have agendas and I'm willing to bet, democrat, republican, Color, creed, etc….. none of it matters. No one in this chat is on their agenda. If u were, u wouldnt be here. We can fight, argue, bicker. It only allows the hatred to propagate. And the void will be filled. The nature of politics is for the greater good. Less we lose sight of what matters. For order to take hold, we must all agree on certain principles. Truths that we hold to be self evident. Dont forget who you are or what makes u human. The answer does not lie in one man but in mankind. You are all amazing. Never forget that. I wont.

  7. matter what President Trump does, A.I. and automation is making 50% of all laborious jobs, go away. Period. Their end game is population reduction. Pitting one group against another is brilliant stratagem. Any wonder why 63million Americans have 400 million guns and 8 trillion rounds of ammunition…? After we do their bidding, then they come for us. No my friends…Get right with Jesus, and hit your knees and beg The Almighty for His Guidence..a crimson TSUNAMI is on the horizon…..

  8. Democrats are the scourge of the earth. they have no integrity with very poor character. They are liars and cheats. and have become the enemy of the American people.

  9. The Democrat should never admit that they were wrong about Russia collusion, because there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

  10. Some Americons are incapable of being embarrassed by hideous idiocy of tRump. They are avid faux "news" viewers who have been psychologically manipulated into thinking bad is good, science is wrong, us Americons vs them Americans – instead of USA vs USSR!!!

  11. After more than three years of treasonous 'resistance', Trump deserves a restart of his first term in 2021. Followed by another four years which he will win in 2020, and serve from 2025 until January 2029.



  13. American Government has gone corrupt, it’s worse than a Banana Republican. Soon the Latinos will be leaving USA, and going back to South America, for ripe bananas, not rotten American Bananas.

  14. Ya know we the people are 63 million who all voted for President Trump. We wont let media and dumbocrats RUN THIS COUNTRY

  15. Democrats will never admit they were wrong.
    They're like Fonzie in that classic show "Happy Days" where he could not say that word, "Wrrrr…"

  16. GYM jordan conveniently 'forgets' that mueller found 10 counts of obstruction of justice by Trump and his minions and was prevented fomr going further because of AG Barrs interference; muellers efforts also led top the indictment, and imprisonment of 3 of trumps closest pals and aides….

  17. It wasn't that they were wrong; they just failed in painting that picture. They paid Russians, Ukrainians. They approved visas to people banned from our country, all to setup Trump and spy on his campaign. Even after the election, they had spies in the White House. They also denied investigations into their own corruption. From HRC emails to crowdstrike and Burisma. These people are evil.

  18. What Obama and Biden did makes Trump innocent they say whataboutism never has been a successful defense in America

  19. Why is it that up to now, the republican and or white house have not provided any concrete evidence that will prove the innocence of the president. All they do is attack,whine and lie.

  20. For this man To ask what is wrong with Putin shocks me, Putin is a brutal dictator and a huge threat to democracy and to American security, this is acknowledged fact and TC needs to be called out on this, He is a very powerful commenter and he is doing a disservice to all Americans and your allies by going down this pro Russia rabbit hole.

  21. Exactly, look how much Roswell Rachel Maddow is still doubling down on her lies. Something needs to be done in reference to these lies and the bogus claims of the media these days

  22. We would have good new trade deals, improved immigration, and be out of wars but the democrats block everything Trump tries.

  23. You should all read Volume II of the Mueller Report. He couldn't charge Trump with obstruction ONLY because of DOJ rules. If you read the report, you'll see he laid out the case that Trump should be impeached based on the Constitution.

  24. Two clowns: one with tan tie and light blue shirt,and the other with burgundy tie with stripes and striped light blue shirt…( Who has more to gain ; Russia Ukraine,or these two clowns.

  25. Tucker 63 million plus will vote Trump in again !! We will have the House , Senate and Presidency! 😳😎🇺🇸😘

  26. Dems were wrong on Russia…just like Republicans wrong on Hillary and Obama. Trump might still go to prison though..but not Hillary.

  27. Maybe because the investigation found Russian interference and criminals?
    Republicans never said they were wrong with investigating Hillary's emails.

  28. No but seriously this is Donald Trump we are talking about here people! Were any of you tuned in before he won the presidential disguise? Seriously, no trolling here how many of you are aware of his business model 5 years ago? Using bankruptcy laws, debt and other very untraditional and in few cases illegal ways for leverage? If I would have been good friends with any of you 5 years ago and told you I just heard Trump was being investigated for some illegal business dealings you or anybody else wouldn't have thought twice about, you would have said "it figures" and went on with your day! How many times have we all started watching some infomercial and bought it and it was merely a piece of junk with some very appealing and flash packaging! I'm sorry you were sold something from DONALD TRUMP MY GOD PEOPLE THIS IS SO REDICULOUS ITS FUNNY😀.. COME ON WE ALL HAVE BEEN FOOLED AT LEAST ONCE INTO PURCHASING JUNK BUT JUST NOT IMAGINE THAT INFOMERCIAL WAS THE ENTIRE ELECTION!!! COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS REDICULOUS ITS DONALD TRUMP WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!!

  29. Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation may be planning a Canadian invasion to search for the Ark of the Covenant. Which holds the answers…

  30. The only meddling Russia did was give a former British spy working for Hillary Clinton the content of a fake dossier to be used against then presidential candidate Trump. You can call that meddling, but it was Hillary Clinton who sought it and paid for it.

  31. "Ukraine on Fire" > documentary by Oliver Stone > Soros ORANGE and MAIDAN revolutions turned Ukraine into drug/weapons/slave/Uranium smuggling hub and DNC piggybank

  32. The russian conspiracy!!! Except the Russians are enjoying their american uranium!!!! Thanks hillary!! You hypocritial psycopath!!

  33. Go Jim Jordan ! The Republicans have really stood together , and are some smart guys !
    It’s important for Americans to hear , and they know the truth when they hear it !
    Conversely, they know LIARS when they see one because they’ve watched Hillary for so long . Add to that list , the corpulent liar Vindman , his smirk betraying him along with the clever craftsmanship of Holmes , lips curled with delight delivering what he thoughtwas his bombshell , seeking approval of the Master craftsman who created the whistleblower and circus , Adam Schiff .
    America knows , they see – Good job Jordan , McCarthy, Nunes , Stefanik, et al !

  34. Jordan lied about Obama. Obama provided 100 million in security assistance and defence and military equipment, medical supplies and more.

  35. Oehhh, the Trumper in chief, who changes his outlook as soon as there is something to reape. Loves Putin like Tucker…. It was not Trump but congres donating aid to Ukraine. Trump tried to stop it…

  36. lets see- while he was assistant coach jim jordan looked the other way while the team physician for the Ohio State wresting team molested some of the wrestlers. yeah good old jim jordan is a really fine role model….NOT!!

  37. I think that we can all agree that the ONLY reason the Dem's haven't "backed up and admitted they're wrong" is because they lack the integrity to do so.

  38. We shouldn't be at war with any of our countries my dad was an engineer in the last world war he spent time away from the family but said he was doing a building job which was strange on two points because although he was a qualified builder my mom had to help him with his math because he wagged from school but and let me explain further because there's a lot of information here that if you put it all together makes for good reading and by the time I have finished writing this report I will have nowhere near have finished what I want you to know but just for brevity here we are, my dad said they never could hypnotise him in the army so you can assume he was wanted for some kind of special project. His mom was the first to have Octuplets obviously they all died but their was something she said that rings off my tonge right now and that is that they looked strange they had a look about them, anyway they all died she pulled on the wieght so it obviously had a big reaction with her and she had to fashion a dress out of a parachute. My sister was born with resus negative blood and carried a card around with her. I had a gift I couldn't explain. Please help me out here I'm just telling you what I know I could right all night long.

  39. Don't worry about Russia don't worry about Ukraine I've got things under control so if anything can go out of control our team can head the debates in super time I hope I haven't caused any upset but our planet is priceless as I think you'll agree.

  40. How can anyone still support these devil worshiping demonrats? I just can't wrap my head around how these completely insane people think.

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