1. Worked for 15yrs with J.L … They treat you like a twat and silence you at work and on social media. The general public are totally blinded by their bullshit and propaganda, don't ever work for them, certainly not as a delivery driver .. you'll regret it !!!

  2. Not communism but distributism it owes itself more to Chesterton and Belloc rather than to Marx and Lenin

  3. Unfortunately they've always been bad, I remember my Mother having trouble with them in the 70's, they were set up with a bad attitude, and it's continued to this day. Whereas John Lewis were set up ethically, and that has continued & flourished. Good luck in your next job, which I advise you to go & look for today 😉

  4. Amazing company. I work for Dixons Retail and they are more like communist Russia. I feel sad in my job and I can't wait to leave it.

  5. Unfortunately I think you've fallen in to the trap of being caught up with a word, in this case 'Communism'. The concept itself is wonderful, basically, everyone gets an equal share; in practice, as with all wonderful ideas, people go ahead and mess it all up! However, in the case of John Lewis, with careful and thoughtful implementation, and a touch of capitalism for good measure, communism does indeed work & for the good of all.

  6. anybody who believes in communism should stick their heads completely in their ass and waddle towards the blue bus…

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