Joe: Why Is GOP Trying To Track Down Whistleblower Identity? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. I Say Impeach that Demented lying Conman Babbling Bullshitting Trump ,then LOCK HIM UP in the nut house because he is nuttier than a fruitcake .

  2. Here's more of what you won't hear from these two love-crossed trolls: Lt. Col Alexander VINDMAN attempted to edit that transcribed phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president.  On whose authority?  He also very well may have violated federal law when he admitted to sharing read-outs of the document with several other secret operatives.  Where's the outrage, MSNBC?  It's non-existent, just like your Neilson ratings.  More proof you're nothing but FAKE NEWS, and Americans are seeing it more clearly every passing day.

  3. If Drumpf's 'Jackboots' discover the identity of 'The Whistleblower', he (whistleblower) will be in custody at Gitmo the very next day based upon trumped up charges [see what I did there?] by AG Wm "Mr Magoo" Barr. At the very least, the whistleblower, his family, his friends, his doctor, his mailman and his dog will make the #1 spot on the next Faux 'News' Daily Character Assassination Schedule of the "Unholy Trinity", Hannity, Limbaugh and Ingraham {list ordered based upon increasing IQ/descending personal attractiveness} Hannity is DUMB… and Ingraham is FUGLY!

  4. So when you see everything that was said on the call then you the man on the other end of the call that says nothing was done wrong what must these other counties think of this country of loons.

  5. Death by a trillion cuts #fakepotus&co will undoubtedly have a tough and rough road ahead. It is exactly what they deserve, including the GOP. I’m a departed republican vote 🤯 and hoping Guantanamo is what they all get at the end, 🤔 within the next year so this drama ends soon?

  6. Trump is confident that the senate will acquit him and he will use this as an election platform to say he was vindicated from the witch hunt. i have a sinking feeling this is only season 1 of this reality drama.

  7. Trump want the whistleblower's name so he can go after their family. He will demand the whistleblower recant everything or trump will smear or worse. Trump will threaten to physically hurt the whistleblowers kids, spouse, go after neighbors anyone and everyone. I suspect this has something to do with why so many well established lawyers and politicians have be "converted". Trump needs to worry about Putin. Putin isn't going to let trump sell him out.

  8. my thing is all those self-righteous Christians use the lure their morality over me. are now bowing before Trump at least there's an atheist I can think for myself

  9. because much like the children at the border The whistleblower has to pay somebody has to suffer to make Trump and the Republicans feel better even though it won't help their current legal problems

  10. Why?


    If they can find the source, they can influence the outcome of testimony in an official impeachment.

    Of course this will be by 'muscling' folks illegally.

    Not sure you all know this or not, but that is the way mob crime operations work.

    All for money and power.


  11. Prosecutor: "We have a tape and 30 witnesses who saw the defendant murder his wife." Defense: "Yes, but who called the cops?"

  12. The Christian Death Cult of Tall Tales and Fabulous Fantasies, led by their Orange Fascist Messiah, must now stop their Theocracy from humping our Democracy!

  13. Why is it that all of the INNOCENT people (witnesses from other agencies) are the ones who are resigning?? Shouldn't that be the action taken by The President?? He is, after all, the law-breaker.

  14. I don't know whistle blower# 1 identity. But I do know whistle blower#2 identity= The orange big mouth bass trump!!

  15. I mean, I HATE trump and his corrupt right wing cronies and billionaire bankrollers,
    but I LOVE the fact they're destroying America's credibility and influence on the world stage.

  16. Game over a$$holes. The whistleblower is a 33 year old cia operator who worked under, guess who, JOHN BRENNAN, also worked for Biden… And that folks is the ballgame!! Not to mention that Schiff knew this 2 weeks prior to announcing this whole scheme, takedown attempt #234!!! Thanks Schiff, you just completely ginned up the base 1000% … Its on now..

  17. Why Donny and the Reps. want so badly to find out who is the Whistleblower? Because they can't fight the facts and the truth. they could only fight with screams and abuse, the messenger who brought the truth into the open.

  18. Trump in trouble and panicking. Don't know who is worst in lying, Trump or republicans. No difference! They're all liars! GOP trying to track down whistle blowers? What for? To scare mafia style?

  19. The goal is to doxx the whistle blower so that a red hat to murders them and their family. The message is if you speak up against the Chosen God Emperor you die.

  20. A deranged Trump supporter will try to harm the whistleblower if his name is released. Why keep defending a criminal?

  21. Dumbocrats latest impeach of the week scam. Absolute hypocrites and liars. Sure, Biden etc. are beyond reproach.🤓👍

  22. Morrison corroborated on what's said by Vindman, the former ambassador et al too. But Morrison, like Trump, said: It's all perfect. I am just worried it could be LEAKED and used wrongly! LOL!

    In Trump, the Mafia, and Fox New's world, "perfect" conversations about quid pro quo need to stay secret! Only the guilty need to have their conversations exposed; but Trump and the GOP and CON and Fox… they're the good guys with just "perfect" and "all legal" activities and conversations, so those activities and conversations must be locked up.

    If that is not an Alternate Reality of the GOP's own creation in the age of Trump, I don't know what an Alternate Reality is…

  23. ,, ??? Everything the whistle blower said happened, has happened now, so…" … so "we" know "everything" ??? Interesting for something not public.

  24. Whenwe ask why, let's not forget that unfortuanetely, the Republican answer is to try to destroy the life of anyone who dares do anything against the POTUS. This in iteslf should be a crime!

  25. How else can they concoct a story about that person and demonize them
    That’s exactly what they have in mind but you can’t swing at shadows so they’re DESPERATE TO PUT A NAME AND BACKGROUND STORY TO THIS PERSON SO as TO SELL THEIR MANUFACTURED DEMONIZATION.

  26. If this was an everyday tv murder case, Trump has said that not only does he know were he buried the body, but also how the person was killed. He would then tell the jury to just look at his confession tape to prove he is innocent, because he never said the word murder. "I never said he was murdered. I just said that I alone buried him in a field after he was shot 6 times in the back."

  27. The constant repetition of "quid pro quo" to describe what went down has trivialised it; what happened was extortion, and should be described as such. Quid pro quo is not necessarily a bad thing, in and of itself — though in the present context it certainly is. Extortion is more widely understood to be a bad — a criminal — act. Forget the debate about quid pro quo…it doesn't help.

  28. They think they can get Donnie off on a technicality, by saying that the original whistleblower didn't cross every t and dot every i of protocol they will look to expunge Agent Orange's own confession from the public consciousness as "inadmissible". This is the current state of the vestiges of what was the Republican Party – power at any price.

  29. Thanks you for helping his re-election. The crime syndicate called the Democratic Party is exposed , nobody should ever vote Democrat again for any office

  30. I scrolled through the Videos they recommend on the Right. Every Single Video, going 20 down until I stopped was a Trump hit piece. The media is pumping out Anti-Trump rhetoric at a Historic Pace and his polling keeps rising. Maybe the opposite approach would help actually defeat Trump. You know, honest News without an agenda being pushed every segment of every night. That's why Corporate News is dying, Joe Rogan gets more viewers in a single 2 hour Podcast with a Stoner than Rachel Maddow gets in an entire Month. Rogan is getting 250 million downloads an episode, plus all the Youtube views and re-uploads. Probably close to 500 million. Cable News is dying thank god. People like Rachel shouldn't exist, puppets for the elite.

  31. Why? Because dictators are paranoid about their underlings. Traitors must be rooted out and taken care of!!, so say the dictators.

  32. Last week the Democrats disliked and tried to smear Tulsi a war vet and one of their own, this week's people can't say anything against vindman only because he getting payed by to lie about president trump , the liberals are so corrupt for trying to impeach a productive president, wipe your tears and get over 2016

  33. Everybody knows this "whistleblower" worked for Brennan and Biden. He was just a partisan leftist, not a real "whistleblower."

  34. Watch " Laundomat" Pay attention to Bidens' state of Delaware in the movie. He needs to go away. His corruption is going to destroy our case.

  35. I find it hard to believe the GOP doesn't know who the whistleblower is. They may not have been officially informed, but surely any PI would be able to ferret out the identity. We really should assume the GOP knows. Even better would be to make the information public.

  36. These people can’t even get their stories right bunch of lies this President is being targeted he’ll overcome it and take election watch!

  37. The design of any Whistleblower program is that anonymity remains throughout the entire process. Disciplinary actions are based on the independent results of the investigation. It's not that at the end the Whistleblower must be revealed before disciplinary action can be taken against those found to have engaged in wrongdoing.

  38. It's the Russian underwear model 😆😅😄😄😃😃😂😂😂😃😄😅😆😆😅😅😄😃😂😂😉

  39. Why lock the transcript into a secure server? I hope Eisenberg has an answer next week. Imagine these people have sworn an oath to the constitution. All of them from Trump to Pompeo to Bar. Shamefull.

  40. Easy question, since the fake dossier, the hail mary letter against Kavanaugh, and the hysteria to overturning an election, America would like to know who this person is and there potential bias against Trump.

  41. I thought Harvey, an administrator for David Nunes, already outed the whistle blower! If any thing happens to the whistle blower, I wouldn't want to be Harvey or Nunes, they will be charged as accessories to either felony assault or murder!

  42. Judging by how the vote went yesterday, it seems the Republicans are not serving the people of the US. They are serving only themselves and this is a very very sad situation we find ourselves in.

  43. Watch the Republican's next moves closely. Does anybody remember the Rodney King Riot? The Los Angeles cops got acquitted by repetitively showing the incriminating video until people got tired of seeing it, then moved the case to a court in Simi Valley. Simi Valley is an upwardly mobile Hispanic community that grew out of severe 'Brown Flight' from 'Ghettos' with mixed racial demographics.

  44. Because go figure, he is a Democrat… he worked for biden and he was also involved in the with the Russian hoax .. shocker

  45. The GOP are trying to track down the whistleblower's identity, because dead men tell no tales. They have a price on his head.

  46. OK, humour me. What defines him as a "war hero?" He has received NO commendations for exceptional service or heroic behaviour. Stop exaggerating and eulogising the ho-hum activities and duties of this very ordinary desk-jockey Lt. Colonel.
    He has a lot of toffee wrappings on his tunic and they are ALL for merely "being there" apart from getting a (minor injury) P.H. when he was in an armoured vehicle in Afghanistan.
    This b.s. reporting reflects poorly on the US Armed Farces and demonstrates a thirst of the ignorant and needy citizenry for someone whom to admire.

  47. Because that's how Pugnants work, they need a person to attack.
    It's driving them bonkers.
    Maybe they'll go back to blaming Obama or Clinton for all their failures.

  48. Keep believing the hype all you Morning Joe brainwashed minions… get real, sorry this coming from a dude whose girlfriend /intern mysteriously passed away in his office and looks very suspicious .. How do you listen to "news" people that HATE the President and believe they are not biased???!!! They don't even hide their disdain. You all are on the wrong side of history.

  49. 500 pages of newly release redacted documents ordered by a judge clearly tells the full scope of all who was covering up for trump. Mike fynn was in fact talking to Ukraine officials on behalf of Trump to find dirt on the bidens. In fact the report showed Flynn made more contact than any one. Conspiracy at its highest level.

  50. Question: "Why is GOP trying to track down whistleblower identity?" – Answer: "Because bullies intend to bully" GOP has no legitimate answer to scandal except to attack those who reveal their crimes. Bullies going to bully.

  51. Very little, if anything, has changed since Trump was elected. Millions of Americans knew Trump was a crook and voted for him anyway. Now after nearly 3 years in office, he's much worse than we could have imagined and yet these millions still support him even though he's is, without a doubt, the most corrupt and inept president in in US history. All this fuss about impeachment and removal from office is going nowhere; millions will still vote for him in 2020. It really is up to American citizens to ultimately decide Trump's fate and the future of this republic.

  52. Everyone knows if someone witnesses you committing a murder, the first thing you do is murder the witness………then the murder never happened right ?

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