Joe: GOP Came Up With Laughable Defenses During Hearing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Unfortunately, most of this is all for naught, as the Fox News crowd will never hear this or even want to hear it truthfully. When a majority of them also believe in Qanon, there’s not much we can do.

  2. Legal definition of bribery: Bribery refers to the offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving of any item of value as a means of influencing the actions of an individual holding a public or legal duty. … Solicitation of a bribe also constitutes a crime and is completed regardless of whether the solicitation results in the receipt of a valuable gift.

  3. Here is what is mind boggling we have all these ignorant people criminal administration running this country. These people think that if they call other cultures dumb and ignorant that automatically makes them intelligent. Dmf……

  4. If tRUMP thinks he is innocent, then allow first hand witnesses to testify. I urge everyone to send an email to the white house requesting that the administration allow Mulvaney, Bolton and Pompeo to testify at the House impeachment hearing. The public wants to know if their president wantabe is a cook.

  5. He prove that Putina and russian is a threat to Ukraine and the rest of the world and that Trump is a threat to American national security and the world and that why the white house and russian puppet GOP was try to stop him from speeching at the hearing.

  6. It’s funny how things are going over at Fox. The Real journalists are actually saying that Trump should be impeached. The entertainers of which there are many, are all still supporting the conspiracy theories. It will only get worse from here.

  7. Let's NOT forget that every day that the aid went undelivered was a day Trump was helping Putin in his war against an American ally….  That in itself is treasonous.This was "military" aid that was withheld, not just food stamps or medical supplies.  This was military equipment intended to fight the Russians on the war front.  Can you imagine FDR telling Churchill, "Hey Winston, I realize your soldiers are being pushed into the sea by the Nazi war machine, and we're prepared to send you ships and weaponry to fight Hitler, but before we do, there is a favor I need. Can you have your decoders look into whether Hitler said anything nice about me?"

  8. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. The premise of the inquiry is that those who hear the testimony have the common sense to understand the facts. Unfortunately, many are either unable to understand the facts are are deaf to the facts.

  9. If Trump was so concerned about corruption why use his own attorney when he has a Dept of State, a Dept of Justice, and the FBI? If Trump is innocent of bribery and treason, why block evidence and testimony? If the GOP care about Justice why fight the impeachment rules they established in 2015?

  10. QuoteMSNBC has inserted a false conspiracy theory as a political operative FOR 3 YEARS. For 3 years MSNBC has been the platform for an enormous and disgusting lie. MSNBC has conducted an extension level event. A rank obscenity. The prestige the media earned is no longer theirs." — Lee Smith "The plot against the President"

  11. Those two witnesses presented themselves very well and is the blueprint for how professionals are supposed to perform in the face of political nonsense. For all the good Mueller did in his report, his impotent performance basically made it a waste of two years. I wish he would’ve modeled after these two guys.

  12. They throw all that out there hoping it will keep people from listening. If people don't listen they will not hear the truth. I also believe they hope their outrage will keep others angry and keep them from thinking for themselves.

  13. With all trump lying when can you believe he will ever tell the truth, he has proven to be untrustworthy….United States deserve better

  14. Trump supporters are either either really dumb or worship Trump like some cult-like figure and put him ahead of the Constitution and rule of law. The GOP politicians are spineless cowards who put party ahead of country. Vote every single one of them out!

  15. Mika is so annoying and beautiful. She reminds me of a too pretty little sister. Trump messed up when he was mean to her; Joe is like "you were a sleezeball to the wrong Princess today". Joe hates him.

  16. Another school shooting! How many Republicans took illegal donations from the Russian NRA??? America—Letting your children be shot dead and injured is domestic terrorism.

  17. Did they watch the hearing? I was really disappointed in the democrats. Please god tell me they have more than this. If this goes badly we will loose everything. 3rd hand info. Were are the people who actually said it? What are they thinking.

  18. I don't believe our founders wanted us to fight each other..but rather come together with different views and become one America…This unprez has done everything possible to make our country like a school yard fight one group against on my side SMH… AND THESE REPUBLICANS ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO HIS GRUBBY LITTLE HANDS

  19. -"IRS? Hi, you have to stop your Witch Hunt after me and your fake demands for my taxes. Yes I'm withholding my taxes from you, get over it, but after you sent your Witch Hunt threats, I remembered I hadn't payed them. I will be able to release the funds for those taxes, I just need you to do me a favor, though. I expect an official apology from you for your horrible threatening letter you sent, and a deduction to my taxes by 50%. Then I will be in a position to make the payment to you. I would like to thank GOP for the precedent KTHXBYE. "

  20. But but Obama but but Hillary but but her e-mails but but Bidens but but Berizma! Lmao! Republicans got no defense! But but there is witness coming forward against tRump yes from his own administration lol. Smh! Republicans GOP hit an all time LOW!

  21. Some people learn from studying history, apparently these modern day republicans, including Trump, haven't even learned by living through it.

  22. They have only the "Queen of Hearts Court Defense" left.

    1. "You're guilty!"
    2. "Off with your head!"
    3. "Case closed!"

    Newsflash, "Republicons", this isn't "Wonderland". It's reality. You got no defense for Trump. You lose.

  23. Trump and the republicans don't have to follow the laws while he is president and citizens don't have to either, the laws are more like guidelines

  24. It is a convincing argument that the military aid WAS ONLY RELEASED AFTER THE SH*T HIT THE FAN and Trump's extortion shakedown was made public.

  25. Trump will go down as one of history's worst villains once all his vile deeds are eventually uncovered. It will probably be an ongoing process during the next 20 or 30 years. I firmly believe his wrong doing goes that deep.

  26. As laughable as the defenses from apologists and deniers were, the cult-like mentality pervading those voicing for t-Rump won't budge. Moreover, the Senate Republicans will shut this down.

    Real change starts at the voting booth. Sorts like Trump, Graham, McConnell and Jordan were voted in by a majority of those who made the effort to vote. We each need to vote every time, every election, without fail. If not, we will have more of this.

  27. One thing about the last 3 years of constant investigations have shown is the next Democratic President had better be operating room clean.
    Of course the Republicans won’t have MSM backing them so it will be more difficult.

  28. I’m not as happy about the way things are going as Joe and Co. To read the runes you have to flip your view and and see how things look from the other camp. When I do that, I see muddle and exaggeration – claiming more for Taylor’s testimony than can be justified. Taylor looked old and reluctant, a bit like Mueller. Kent was better, but far from decisive. The smoking gun is there all right, but camouflaged by Republican lies and misdirection. It’s going to take more than that to finish Trump off. We have scotched the snake, not killed it. Let’s see what Friday brings.

  29. The whistleblower did nothing wrong! He did the right thing! That's why he is protected! Donald Trump has nothing to fear, if he did nothing wrong. 🙂

  30. Let me see, who do I believe 2 men that have impeccable records of public service and decades of honorable family military history or one arrogant, draft-dodging loud-mouth that is a known and confessed liar?

  31. The GOP hearsay argument is toothless because hearsay is ANY out of court statement being offered for the truth of the matter asserted…and there are like 30 hearsay exceptions.

  32. I can't stand Jordans voice and his fast paced rant style tactics. U can tell he's the Golden boy for Republicans to muddy the waters with conspiracy theories

  33. EXCEPT when he got caught with the canary in his mouth ???

    Rep. Jim Jordan questions Amb. William Taylor during impeachment hearing

    Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee, presses Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor over how he formed his 'clear understanding' of linkage between U.S. aid to Ukraine and an investigation of the Bidens. Google it ????

  34. Almost all the Republicans showing who they really are: money worshipping, selfish pigs protecting their spots at the trough. Vote them out.

  35. I've been reading testimony transcripts, following videos of others involved in this fiasco and putting an accurate picture of how all this ends. In my opinion, Trump will be lucky if not only do officials use the RICO act to take his wealth, but also charge him with war crimes in the end. Because his crimes run so deep, anything is possible. Tax evasion at this point is just an after effect.

  36. My anger is so over done when I listen to survey numbers
    when the country is almost evenly split on impeachment and removal from office.
    It should be lopsided to impeach. After watching the impeachment hearing, my
    take-way is: Trump is guilty in a crime that violates Americas interest in
    supporting Democracy; Trump essentially is, was, and will extort future deals
    for military aid if the Senate does not convict Trump. If Trump Does this same
    thing to enough counties, that is a basic ingredient to a World War. It also
    means this Senate of the Republican Majority is posturing for a New World War,
    not a Civil War.

  37. Meanwhile, judges are being nominated….. Keep your eyes on the prise would be my advice. It rhymes too, so it must be true. (That statement makes mores sense than the current logic of pundits. That's because he gives them their judges, those bandits.)

  38. durring Mueller, wasn't there a big thing about Rudy Guiliani's phone being in Ukraine, and Rudy claiming that he wasn't there? and now we find out that he was?

  39. The Republican senators are so cowards to accept the truth that the country comes first, and they call themselves conservatives! They know nothing about God. Most of them are big liars, theives, cowards and disgraceful. At the end nothing but the truth prevails.

  40. Thing that just makes me think "hate ages you" is how much younger the 72 year old ambassador looks than the middle aged Republicans questioning him look. I mean some of these guys are less than 50 and they look like the ambassador should be holding the door for them and helping them off the toilet.

  41. The nitty gritty of the impeachment is glaringly simple. The king of corruption is very worried about corruption in Ukraine namely, the Bidens. He withdraws the appropriated military aid until the Ukraine president begins an investigation into the Bidens. Meanwhile hundreds of Ukrainian solders are dying because of shortage of ammunition. Americans know that the very last thing Trump is concerned about is Ukrainian corruption. The world is laughing at this ongoing spectacle.

  42. pathetic Republican defense like a "dog chasing its tail" for all to see and hear, now and for the history books. Republican party is slowly imploding

  43. The MOST IMPORTANT issue I have is the Republicans hammering their position that conversations were "Hearsay" by 2nd and 3rd parties, BUT they discount Trump not allowing 1ST HAND participants to testify, WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? If Trump did nothing wrong, if his people did nothing wrong, then he could easily make EVERYTHING go away and make the Democrats look like fools by having the actual people who had the conversations come forward, under oath and give testimony of what happened and what was said……….AS LONG AS TRUMP STONEWALLS THE PROCESS HE LOOKS GUILTY IN MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. When catching the kid in the middle of taking the cookie out of the jar, just because he puts it back, doesn't mean he's not in trouble for breaking the rules of the house.

  45. Loved Chris Wallace's comment about how Ambassador Taylor's voice sounds like Edward R. Murrow. Taylor could make money reading the alphabet.

  46. The Republicans have pretty much admitted that they will not vote to impeach their fearless leader and this before the evidence has even come out. They are not interested the truth, they are only interested in disrupting the Democrats.

  47. Both Mr Kent and Ambassador Taylor were very professional and believable. For the Republicans to use another claimed Democratic (Biden) abuse to justify Trump’s behavior is wrong and sick. I do think Biden should drop out of the race based on his son, Hunter, taking a $50,000.00 A MONTH salary that looks dishonest to me. I saw him in an interview and he is as dumb as daffodils. He should be made to prove his worth or give back every cent ($1,000,000.00?) to the Ukrainian people. Lots of luck getting anything from that Roue! Drop out Joe! You’re done! Trump, ironically, wins again!

  48. Republicans need to stop denying the facts. That's a very week strategy. Admit to the wrongdoing by Trump, bit the bullet, and do what must be done. What else can be done? Remember, history is recording this for posterity…

  49. How many more true American heroes are the swampy GOPs willing to throw under the bus in order to save the individual they 'all' previously called a danger to the country?

  50. I love when Joe credited the honesty of the Republicans about how they said they weren't going to study the issue, read reports, etc. and they have in fact not done these things. It is funny when politicians promise to do their job with ignorance and apathy, and that's one of the few promises they keep. It's tragic when ignorant and apathetic voters keep putting them in office. It's refreshing when someone with Joe's background (is a moderate conservative, was an active and office-holding Republican who quit the party when it abandoned so many ethical principles that he couldn't stomach the garbage) makes these points. Sometimes I disagree with Scarborough, but I respect his integrity and his efforts to be a competent and conscientious journalist. Mika also seems to be a truly decent person who values a free press with ethics, who fact-checks and tries to give viewers accurate information.

  51. We have Crimestoppers, crime tip lines, CI's, etc. In any investigation, none of these people are required to testify. The police use these tools to get warrents and make arrests. The whistleblower's testimony is pretty much redundantcy. No Hearst, but we need the hearsy. It's about revenge…nothing more, nothing less.

  52. What do Republicans think they'll earn by their illogical undying defense of a criminal president? Certainly, Trump's not going to reward them. And, even if he would or could, how would he do that? None of this makes any sense!

  53. I think this people waste a lot of time trying to remove the president there's not resulted anyway about this not too many evidence not too many votes to remove from Democrats no body knows if this people say true or lying without evidence is nothing to win here

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